Chibi Unoa discussion part 3

Jun 15, 2012

    1. @Hyperion I've got a doll that's dark seafoam blue, but photographs light baby blue. Sometimes these fantasy resin colors do strange things!
    2. My boy arrived!:celebrate I'm hoping I'll have some motivation to do his mods and basic maintenance this weekend. @aernath you were not exaggerating when you said the extra eyes were little saucers! Holy cow I have no idea how these will fit in anyone's eyewells.:lol: I'm also thinking his restringing is going to be tricky - his legs arrived very loose, likely to make it easier to change out his faceplates. He absolutely cannot stand on his own as he is now, though. Urgh, I wish AL would just switch to a magnetic faceplate system.>.< Oh, and I am now awash in Unoa mouth pieces - I got a set with the full doll and another set with the Lilin faceplates!:XD:
    3. @Kimchi Bahaha! You got a mouthy doll! lol
      Man! I would looooove it if the faceplates were magnetic! I can never get the elf ears to sit right, and they make the faceplate sit a little wonky. I should be fine if I sand those tabs a little...(is lazy)
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    4. Man, I guess I might be the minority that likes the wedge-on style for faceplates. Magnets always have me worried that they'll fail and I'll lose hands/faces out in public :shudder

      Chibis galore! I haven't thought of a name or anything for my blue girl, but I'm super excited to customize her! :D
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    5. What size of basic BJD clothes fit a chibi unoa? and what are some basic pre made doll clothes that fit well? Would barbie clothes fit?
    6. Barbie clothes are way too small. Minifee tops are often a good fit. MNF dresses and pants can fit too, but may be too long depending on style.
    7. What clothes fit a Chibi Unoa best?
    8. Try the first link on the first post of this thread. It helped me.
    9. Do Unoas or more specifically Chibi Unoas need special eyes? I'm thinking about how you can make their eyes move in the head with a little mechanism. Do I need special eyes? If so where the heck do I get them?
    10. The Chibi Unoas at least just need eyes with a stem, because they sit in the mechanism. To my knowledge, most glass and some acrylic (very rare) have stems, but if you're not sure, you can always ask the eye maker. I hope that helps!
    11. Thank god! I found the most perfect eyes but war really worried if they would work! thanks so much <3
    12. No problem! I haven't played with mine too much yet, but I was really curious about that eye mechanism myself. I think you can also just use flat type eyes as well and totally ignore the mechanism but I haven't tried that yet so I'm not certain
    13. You can remove the eye mech from all Unoas and just install eyes as you would for any other BJD.:)
    14. I make flat backs so I'll try that without breaking the bank
    15. Yeah I never use the eye mechanism.
    16. I'm still having a hard time finding shoes to fit my girl. The only shoes I own that fit are the resin shoes that came with my Lusis, but high heels don't really suit my chibi. Does anyone have links to actual shoes that fit? Every Yosd sized shoe I see has inner measurements of less than 5cm and every MSD shoe I find is at least 6, which make them too big. None of my Yosd or MSD shoes fit her either, poor thing!

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    17. @Botflybaby I'll check the 1/4 and 1/6 shoes I have and let you now if any fit. Luckily, my boy will be able to go shoeless without it looking out of place with his overall design. Also, so wonderful seeing a done-up blue chibi! All I've seen so far have been the pretty purple ones.
    18. Jujusdollymall on Ebay sells shoes by foot-length.... Shoes sold for the 14inch Kish Chrysalis dolls also fit, although sslimmer styles fit better (Doll Shoes, SLIM* 58mm COPPER Girl Dressy - fits 14" Kish | eBay), and is you do a search on Etsy for "unoa chibi shoes" it somes up with a selection form sellers who make them.

      EDITED TO ADD: Oh yes - and Boneka shopes are great (57mm x 24mm wide - 057N - Boneka Tradition), although will fit better with socks than on bare feet.

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