Chibi Unoa discussion part 3

Jun 15, 2012

    1. Thank you guys! Many of those kish shoes look very cute, I searched this thread and found a link to debs adorables on ebay with tons of kish 14" shoes that i think i will definitely buy some pairs!
    2. I have purchased shoes from Deb's Adorables before (ones sized for minifee) and found the quality very good for the price.:3nodding:
    3. I officially have a Roron (in purple) and a Lilin (in paradise skin) on the way! :D

      I've always admired these girls, but I didn't think I'd ever be able to get them. I know I'm probably in the minority, but I'm kind of excited that the dolls from UnoAlchemy's January sale are coming as unstrung kits. I enjoy assembling stuff, and it will be just like putting together my Lusis back in the day.

      Now, I just need to plan out their looks, while I wait.
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    4. Lucky! I ordered a blue Lilin and purple Roron but no shipping notice yet D:

      I desperately wanted them when I saw the photos at Halloween but held back. Seeing later that they were on sale was the push I needed to go ahead :D
    5. Congrats! Hopefully they'll ship soon! Mine haven't actually shipped yet, either; I just paid my invoice yesterday so they're reserved. I kind of bought them as a birthday present to myself, so, I'm hoping they get here by my birthday at the beginning of March.

      I honestly haven't been paying attention any to bjd releases in the past couple of years (because if I don't see it, I can't want it), so, when I happened upon a picture of a tan chibi girl, and then later the Halloween girls, at the beginning of January, I was sure I had missed out. I was really excited when I discovered that they were still available and on sale.
    6. I paid for mine about a month ago and am starting to get antsy waiting! Hopefully they won't keep us waiting too much longer, but I'm sure they got a ton of orders in the new years sale ^^
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    7. Oh, Spam I can do. I've been sick for a long time so dolly play has been cut down a lot.
      Chioma wants a new outfit.
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    8. @Blablette @Rosslyn Your girls are both adorable!

      I will be sure to spam mine once they come in and get put together and painted. No shipping notice for me yet, but I'm trying to be patient by figuring out wigs and outfits. :whee:
    9. I actually got a shipping notice late last night, so hopefully Monday or Tuesday I'll have two new little dolls to play with!
    10. @Sour_Dotz Eeee! Congrats! :D

      You ordered quite a bit earlier than I did, but if you got your shipping notification, hopefully mine won't be too far behind!
    11. Been awhile since I've been in here. Congrats on all the new Chibis coming in, especially the special colored Chibis!

      Got the rough mods done on my blue Chibi, Tansy! I opened his eyes and made them a touch more symmetric, as well as removed his eyebrows and the flashing in his mouth. Just need to sand everything smooth!

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    12. Aw thanks! I really owe her some more camera time.
    13. I got my Halloween Chibis in today and they're so lovely! I love the resin quality :D

      [​IMG]Unoa Chibis! by Dottie, on Flickr

      I did unfortunately forget to order alternate busts for them :...( I guess in my head I imagined their busts the same as Lusis/Sist, but it's Lilin with the big bust! I'll have to see if I can still get those =X
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    14. Awesome! Did they come assembled, or were you just really speedy at putting them together?

      Hopefully, they'll still have some extra bust pieces available. I ordered my purple Roron at the tail end of the sale, and they still had all the extra faceplates I wanted. I'm kind of kicking myself because didn't think to ask about the elf ears, though...

      I ordered Lilin about two weeks before Roron, so, I'm guessing they'll ship together, once they ship.
    15. They did actually come assembled, which I wasn't expecting but was a nice surprise :) They're quite loose though, so need a little work for posing until a restringing. They each came with an extra hand parts, the 'splicing' or folded together hands.
    16. Wow, that's a nice surprise on both counts! I guess I'll just have to wait and see how mine come in. :thumbup
    17. Woo! I woke up to a shipping notice this morning! I'm actually not sure if it's both of them or not because the tracking info was only sent for one of the paypal invoices, so far. Either way Lilin is definitely on the move.

      Edit: Yep, just Lilin. She's perfect, and will hopefully have a face up by the time her purple sister gets here.:D
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    18. Roron shipped and should be here early/mid this week. :whee: I haven't settled on a wig or outfit for Lilin (She's stole my Lusis' here), but she now has a face, at least!
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    19. I ordered a paradise skin Roron with some Lilin faceplates from the recent Unoa order, and the parcel arrived today! The box was pretty damaged on the bottom, both the outer shipping box and the inner Unoa box. It looked like maybe someone (customs?) stuck a knife in it, or it hit a sharp object hard, but luckily there was no damage to the doll. There was so much flash on this faceplate that the eyes were completely filled in, so I had to cut/sand them open, and sanded off the eyebrows at the same time. Now to find/make some proper clothes that fit.

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