Chibi Unoa discussion part 3

Jun 15, 2012

    1. Very cute! I love the green eyes, they go very well with the skin color :)

      I never added finished photos of my two, it took a lot of work! I went with their decadent faceplates which a lot of people seem to mistake for Lusis and Sist. I made them some dreadlocks with ombre hair, kimonos (I wish I was a better seamstress sigh), and gave them very glittery face ups.

      [​IMG]Unoa Chibi Pix by Dottie, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Unoa Chibi Poe by Dottie, on Flickr
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    2. Selidor and Sour_Dotz: Congrats on your new girls! They look amazing! My new fairy skin with extra lilin face plate just came, too but I can't decide who to send her to for a face up. Not brave enough to try and do it myself :(
    3. @Sour_Dotz They look great! The colourful faceups look lovely with the wigs.

      @bajib Congrats on your arrival, too! I’m doing the same thing with mine. I can manage the wig and clothes on my own, but faceups are beyond me.
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    4. i absolutely love how you did this, she is amazing and so even too, do tell, i am in love with her. i want a paradise but not tan enough for me i think :(
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    5. Oh thank you very much! Here's my tips for dyeing resin things to get them smooth. Sanding isn't always necessary, and that's up to you. and then when you finish, it really helps to have high pigment PanPastel colors to blush them with in order to hide any awkward spots.
    6. I picked up a little metal chair at Michael's yesterday that's just about right for my Chibis, so I thought I'd share! It was on sale in the spring items for about $9.

      Unoa Chibi Chair

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    7. Super cute!! Love her style! :D
    8. I need to get pictures, but at Target, there's a new line of dolls called the Glitter Girls. They have light-up shoes that fit our Chibis!
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    9. Hello! I recently put together a MiniFee/ Chibi Unoa hybrid, and I'm enjoying him very much. :D He has beautiful default hands, but none of the Alchemic Labo Chibi Unoa option hand parts catch my fancy, so I'm now looking elsewhere...

      Has anyone tried any of the Doll Legend 1/6 option hands on their Chibi Unoa? I read that the hand ball joints are about 1.2cm wide, and the hands are around 3.8cm long, which seem to match my Chibi's default hand measurements, so I'm thinking they might work.

      EDIT: Answering my own question here XD Adding the link here in case anyone else was curious!
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    10. That is so cool! I'm glad you managed to get a picture to share.

    11. Can someone possibly share the stringing institutions? I lot mine round the time I got my chibi so I've been stringing her weird for a year :/
    12. I can send a photo of them to you if you still need them, please PM me your e-mail address ^^
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    13. Thank you for the offer, that is very kind of you! Luckily though I found the box my stringing instructions were in :thumbup and thanks again :whee:
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    14. It's been about a million years since I've been in this thread. I sold my Chibi off but now I want one again (because that's how I roll). Can anyone point me to or take a pic of their Chibi with a YO sized doll, standing, so I can see the height diff. My old one was with Minis all the time, I can't remember how drastic the height difference is with a YO.

      I've been looking around - including my old photos - but I can't seem find anything.

      EDIT: I found one picture...I think they're too tall for what I need. I can't win with Chibis!
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