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COCO TRIBENew bunny randy and halloween event

Oct 30, 2011

      We have New bunny Randy is released.(26cm bunny)
      She have a new skin colour Beauty White!Look little bit pink and not need add up special colour fee.
      Come to visit her.^^




      Halloween event
      1) ALL skin colors are available
      2) Buy any 26cm tall or smaller size BJD, get a Halloween special gift (pumpkin) for free.
      3) Buy the New 26cm Rabbit BJD, get a Halloween special gift (pumpkin) and also a pair of free hands & feet for free.
      4) Buy any 1/3 BJD, get a "make-up", a set of hair-accessories, and a Halloween speical gift (pumpskin) for free.
      This event will end on 11th Nov, 2011
      Also, our NEW KIRAKIRA site was changed URL as below.


      This is a note from KIRAKIRA

      Hi! I'm Sanki, is KIRAKIRA's NEW staff, we are apologize we have slow work on KIRAKIRA.
      About 3 months ago, Sin is need to move her store, Rebuild the online shop and our flickr group of KIRAKIRA and hacked by hacker.

      She got to do everything alone, also she need to work with styling, make the doll's outfit, post the doll and etc...

      Is too busy to her and finaly she can't reply the E-mail on time, and the doll's has been delay.

      But now Sin have a new staff and help her, so Sin can do more jobs on KIRAKIRA.
      We are apologize for all delay and late reply of E-mail.

      Now We've a new facebook group:

      If you have any questions, you can leave a message on facebook. We will check the group everyday.:)

      And now Sin wants apologize to all, So from now when you buy a COCO TRIBE of AMBER SIZE dolls,Sin will make a fine designed doll outfit as a gift to you, I hope you will like us and continue to support KIRAKIRA.

      Thank you and Happy Halloween. :)