Combined Weight of All Your Dolls

Apr 10, 2016

    1. Hi,

      I had a strange thought the other day. I am packing to move and while the last move was every doll in their individual box, this time my gang are going into storage for an unknown time. I wanted to put them in plastic bins seated facing each other alternating with fabric around them, but then I realized, wow, even with this method, the bins are going to end up weighing at least 60 pounds each. Then I did some calculating. Um, I have a LOT of dolls. Ouch.

      So here is my question, not how many dolls we all have, but if you were to add up the total weight of all your dolls, how much would they weight! O_o
    2. Haha I've never really thought about calculating the weight altogether :XD: Wow, I dread to think what my crew would weigh.... I'd be crushed for sure lol :lol:

      Hmmm let's see... 4 EIDm, 2 EIDf, 1 SIDm, 1 SIDf, 1 YIDm, 1 YIDf, 4 JIDf, 3 KID, 2 BID and a handful of tinies...

      *starts typing furiously into the calculator*

      Ummm... :o About 28000g (give or take a couple of hundred for floating heads and spare bodies) so that's about 61 pound :sweat Ok maybe not crush worthy at only 4 and a bit stone, but maybe I'd pull a few muscles lugging it around ;)
    3. I've thought about this, because our collection here is mostly 60cm and up, and the old particle board bookshelf they used to sit on fell apart when we tried to move it to replace it like it was already coming apart from the weight of them. :o
    4. Out of curiosity and boredom, I weighed them all to get an exact weight. I have one 70cm, one nYID, 11 SD range, one Minifee, one YoSD and one SD head. My total weight (with clothes) is 50 pounds, 4 ounces.

      Funny thing I also noticed, the weights within the SD range seemed to correlate with company prices. My two Volks boys weighed the most, followed by Luts and my Impldoll hybrid and Mystic Kids girl were the lightest by over a pound (compared to the heaviest). I knew my Volks dolls were heavy, I just didn't realize how much heavier!

      I probably should have considered this before designating their rooms on my shelves. I just realized I tend to have the heavier dolls towards the top shelves.
    5. About 500 grams :lol:
    6. Combined weight of all of them...
      More than me but less than my car?

      I could probably carry the whole "smaller-than-1/3-scale" portion of the crew at once without any trouble if I put them all in a basket of some sort... They're small and pretty light and there are fewer of them than the larger dolls. Even in adding the mostly-off-topic horde of small-scale "Critters and Beasties" wouldn't make them overwhelmingly heavy. We're probably talking average-sized watermelon territory.

      I know I can carry all three of the EIDs plus my Herculean Spirit Doll guy at the same time. I've done that. Adding the two gangly Doll Chataeu guys who round out the "Really Big People" part of the collection probably wouldn't be a problem, since for all their height they're very skinny dudes. Not a lot of mass added there... All together, they probably weigh about the same as one of my big clay flowerpots when it's filled with soil and plants.

      The "regular sized" 1/3-scale gang would be the problematic ones. They range from feather-light (My "might as well be made of ABS plastic" OnlyDoll-) to old-school arm-busters (Volks guys, I'm looking at you-), and there are a lot of them. I think the most I've tried carrying at once, back when I was rearranging which cabinets I had everyone displayed in, was six at a time. That wasn't easy. With a big box or a basket I *might* be able to carry one or two more, but even so... It would take a fair few trips to move the entire crew. They represent the lion's share of the total weight of the collection. All together, all at once? They'd be like trying to move a big sectional sofa or my antique china cabinet. NOT something one person could tackle on their own.
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    7. Probably around 8-10 pounds for all of them. Having yosd and smaller bjds does keep the weight down, and my Dollfie dream is really light being vinyl.