Unresolved Concerning FlightOfSwords

Nov 12, 2005

    1. I thought this was the most trafficked place to put this.

      FlightOfSwords has not posted since Oct 20th, and there are quite a few people waiting on commissions from her. She had mentioned in her shop thread that she was having some difficulties, and assured us everything was just waiting to be shipped.

      Does anyone have her phone number or know how to contact her other than by email?

      Thanks! :grin:
    2. I just heard from her today. She has been very very busy..
    3. Good to know..
    4. *poofs*

      I am here. I am soooooo sorry things have gotten so hectic. And in fact, everything is so crazy around here (family troubles) that I'm going to be offering a full refund AND a free tshirt to whoever doesn't want to wait any longer for their orders. It may take me a little bit for the refunds, as I have to send them as I get paid, but I just don't have anymore time to finish my orders.

      I feel terrible about all of this, and I was even putting off saying anything about it because I was so worried about my reputation on the boards, but I've reached the point where I'm stretched so thin that I no longer care if anyone hates me or not. I just need some order in my life and if my reputation must suffer, so be it. I'll be posting this to my commission post and hopefully not too many people will throw tomatoes at me....
    5. That's good of you! Hope things get straightened out soon for you.
    6. I don't mind the wait at all really, so keep mine on that list alright? :)
      it's good to know you're fine :)
    7. I dont mind waiting. My girl needs clothes and if I were to get a refund, I need money so bad I'd just spend it on normal things, rather than more clothes.
    8. I emailed you. :daisy
    9. as I already mentioned in the e-mail.. I'm waiting too..
    10. How long of a wait until all the orders will be filled? And how long will it take to get refunded?
    11. it seems to me like making a post like this, explaining your hard situation and offering a refund is only going to make you have a better reputation (especially better than dissappearing without telling people!) so really, I respect you for it, and I hope that things get better for you soon. I know the feeling!
    12. I've been contacted by the almighty Aimee herself! I bow before you and humbly accept your well wishes. ^.^
    13. I too, have nothing against things coming up and life taking over. For anyone having trouble, and update now and then goes a long way.

      I have no personal ill feelings and would not consider your reputation at a loss over this.

      You had said in August there was just one pair of pants left to make. If it's easier on you, I can send more money for shipping to help out and you can send what's been made, and take your time on the rest. :grin: I really like your work, and hope things get better soon.
    14. *gives hugs for cindy* Keep me on thelist baby! I don't mind wating. *more hugs* its no good when life takes over everything else, but if anything the people of DOA understand. :D
    15. Whew, I was actually getting a bit antsy too and was going to e-mail her. But I'llhold off on emails for now to keep down the clutter ^^'
    16. FlightOfSwords asked me to post for her.
      She has lost internet connectivity for the last two weeks, and it will be out for at least another two.
    17. Thanks for the update! Poor thing, one thing after another. I was worried when she didn't appear again. Pass along some hugs and holiday well wishes! :)
    18. Hm I wonderded where she got to, I'm gonna call here and say HI.

      Thanks for the update Hermes!
    19. Poor girl! Send her lots of hugs from us!