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CP Delf Discussion Part 10

Jun 21, 2016

    1. Hey guys!
      I received my tan/tanning Lishe today and I am in love! I hope to be more active in this thread :)


      Also, the Angel Soo spam in this thread... :D so pretty!

      ------ Added notes -------

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      DoA Wiki: Cerberus Project, Delf
      DoA database: Luts A-J, Luts K-Z
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    2. Your girls are gorgeous. Just curious- does your ari's resin feel different than the others?

      Ahh, she's gorgeous. I'm jealous!!
    3. I love your Lishe! Aah, so beautiful.

      Some of you may remember me putting a Miyu on layaway, which I did and paid off and she's been home for a few weeks now! I absolutely love her. She desperately needs a new faceup more my "style", but I need to wait for her eyelashes to come in. Do I need to take any special precautions when removing her current faceup because she's older? I am a newbie and have only removed one other faceup, which was a 2015 Minifee so I'm not sure if I should go about it differently.
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    4. Its been ages, but I still have my darling Yuuki and my lil luwen head, Fluke :)
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    5. Such pretty Lishes! :aheartbea
    6. Lishe is always gonna be my fave mold <3
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    7. Her resin does feel different, and it's a really different color!
    8. My Goth boy Manfred being dramtic, since he's out during the daytime. ;)


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    9. Ditto!
    10. Yesterday I took a group shot of all of my SD resin who are together and home at the moment. Not all are Delf, but quite a few are :) Missing are my Dreaming Moon, Regular Moon, Dreaming El, and Vampire Elf El who are all either bodyless at the moment (from newcomers stealing) or they are at the spa! My Tanning El, Christmas Elf El, WS El, & two NS Els there are all Delf heads though some are on Feeple60 bodies, and the Mirwen in the front is on a Delf body.
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    11. Your crew is amazing, Ravenwolf!
    12. Wow, Ravenwolf, what an amazing dolly family! :D

      Just posting a quick shot of my Moon, as I haven't taken many photos of him lately. ^^; He's trying out my white fox outfit, which was meant for another doll... but I was surprised by how well it suited him.
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    13. Woww, he is amazing! He reminds me of my favorite anime character Sesshomaru from Inuyasha!
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    14. Got to love that list of Els and Moons... Shame you don't have them all in the same shot! They all look fabulous.

      And since there was a conversation about Lishes and how much people like them, here are mine (or at least, all the SDs):
      It reminds me that I need to retake it, since two of them have been to the spa and returned with new faceups.


      If you're curious as to the list, it is thus:
      back row (starting with pink hair; left to right): Delf Dreaming, Delf Art Dear My Lady, Modded Delf Dreaming Elf 05, Delf on F70, Delf Art Lupinus (incomplete fullset;
      Middle: F60 tan; Delf Art Perennis (in front of Lupinus) & F60 WS
      Front: Delf Elf 06 WS, Delf Tanning, modded Delf Dreaming, Delf Elf Vampire WS, Delf Dreaming Elf 05 WS, Delf Elf 05 WS & the floating head is a normal OE Delf
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    15. TeaPartyRevolution, that is AMAZING!! I am actively trying to find a Delf Lishe, seeing her in so many different forms is fantastic. I can't pick a favorite.
    16. My one SD Delf is a 2006 Lishe Elf. She is my favorite of the CP/Delf sculpts. This photo is about 6 months old. She has new Mako eyes - I need to take more photos.
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    17. Thank you so much @Nebula and @keelerleah Love your Moon boy!!!! I've had a lot of trouble getting my Moon's to look/feel just right, but hopefully soon!
      @TeaPartyRevolution Thanks! Yes I will have to do that again when the rest are finished again :) Always love seeing all of your beautiful Lishe girls too.
    18. Here is my Lishe circa 2006. She is my favourite sculpt and the only one that I have never even thought to sell. :love

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    19. Aah! So many gorgeous Lishes. She looks amazing blonde :D
    20. @Waynelandres, I know how you feel. I told my husband he either had to promise to never sell Kirah after I passed or put her in the coffin with me! LOL!