CP Delf Discussion Part 11

Aug 19, 2019

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    2. Congrats Layn! Lishes are delicious!
    3. Yah, super congratulations, @Layn! And what adorable boys, @kagami Shidare is amazing, and Charlie is adorable :D
    4. Here's some Feather for the new thread!

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    5. She's so beautiful :love
    6. Thank you! I love her dearly!
    7. So I am starting to casually amass a collection of CP Delf heads. :drool I found a Juri 2006 for sale cheap, then a Nanuri 2006 for cheap. Now, some months later, I have come across what I think is a mislabeled Juri 2005 and a Nanuri 2007. All of them would average out under $100 each.

      The problem is, I am going to need at least one body for them to share!! :lol: This thread series has been helpful in that regards... looks like I am going to have to wait for an old Luts OR CP secondhand OR any Fairyland body. I think I can blush to resin match whatever I manage to get... but I do want a similar aesthetic.
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    8. I have a few floating heads as well. I am considering Guu Doll bodies for them as they have some of the same "feel" to them as the old Delf bodies and they offer resin matching. Nothing beats the original Delf bodies though!
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    9. I have never heard of Guu Doll, but you're right, their bodies are lovely and have a similar aesthetic! Thank you for the suggestion!
    10. Agh, I don’t want to front page share, but I want to share my boy. I finally was able to change out my new El’s eyes (with Tonboko’s help showing me how the headcap works), and so my Hemlock is looking more like himself. I ought to start buying nice eyes in the bigger sizes if I’m looking to get more Delfs in the future. My first Delf, we thought he was a Shiwoo when we bought him in excitement, but nope, he’s an El. He’s perfect for reshelling my former Minifee Seorin’s character as a standalone doll. This is Hemlock “Lock’, I didn’t realize until now how much I missed him
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    11. He's awesome @Pandy !! I love El's and Lock is so cool!!!
    12. Yay, @Pandy ! It is your El-woo making his debut!

      We need a giant CP photo shoot day for sure now!
    13. Haha, thanks! :XD: He needs a fancy outfit for a shoot. Maybe I’ll order him something from Taobao.
    14. @Pandy he looks great! I miss the days of seeing El's all over the place. Everytime I see one I get nostalgic.
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    15. Here's some old Feather, I can't wait to take pics of her again once I unpack.

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    16. Oh! I wasn't getting notifications, wasn't watching the thread :doh

      Feather is gorgeous @SacredMonsoon

      @Pandy I just love Els, and Hemlock is amazing, what happened to him that he gets a white eye? Magic?

      @mephisto , at least for my girls, I have to say I am happiest with my new Luts type 3 body. It looks essentially just like the original and I have found that it's easy to match the lighter skin tone of the new Luts Delf resin using white pastel, or if you have an air brush, even better. I need to take new pictures of my crew!

      Also, Fairyland did reissue the Juri 05 head in 2012, it's a Juri12 and has some very supple differences. I think it was a 'legal in-house recast' making it ever so slightly smaller. I believe those would be shared on the Fairyland thread and they have FL60 neck adapters I think??? The 05 has the annoying (to me, LOL) head cap hook receiver thingy. Anyways, I absolutely love that sculpt and if you find one, 2005 or 2012, I'd say grab it :)

      Here is my Juri05 on the new Luts Delf type 3 body (type 5 is also a very good poser) with head lightened to match by AngelToastb But I've done it with other dolls and pastels.

      This isn't her wig though...
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    17. Thank you @IngieBee! Your juri is so pretty too! Whats her name?
    18. @SacredMonsoon , ROFLMAO. Ummmmm her name is Juri05. I'm realizing just how awful I am at this! I love dolls, loved them since I can remember, but their names, who they are? I can only laugh. I am missing something in the brain. I'm probably the only person who ever got a 'D' in drama and was actually trying to do my assignment, LOL.

      Thus, no names....yet! And generally I've always seen them as extensions of myself. I never bought boy dolls until recently (and I love my boys!!) Maybe because I didn't relate with them? But since I've become self aware, I've decided to work on this, ahem, apparent lack of imagination, LOL. Thus today, I am going to give my Juris a freaking name!!! LOL

      Let me think....
    19. I would like to add one more body suggestion, well two really.... My Juris 07b looks perfect to me on the slightly taller Supiadoll 60 dj body (not the most recent, and it has it's issues, but I took it from her once, and gave it to a Supia head, but she wanted only that body so I had to buy her another, LOL.

      But the cheapest option and I really like these bodies, is to buy a batch of Impldoll model bodies, special order color for $50 one time fee, no limit to number of pieces, at least not when I did it. The bodies are around $220 each and really very good, fit Fairyland/Delf clothes perfectly (Fairyland F60). Impldoll matched my sample exactly, I was super impressed...

      Here is a link to my first model body which was very pink, and how it poses
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    20. The short story is that it was the result of a blatant disregard for proper lab safety. He ought to be less flippant about it after, but nope. :lol: