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CP Delf Discussion Part 11

Aug 19, 2019

    1. LOL, I know too many people like that :mwahaha
    2. When my single friend who does lab science talks about his job, he seems like the kind of guy who is very serious about safety. He always has some interesting stories. Lock’s got too much of an interest in non-ethical things to take the time for lab safety. XD

      But speaking of Impldoll bodies, I recall Tonboko’s Vampire DES is on one too. It’s pretty cute and worked pretty well, I was surprised.
    3. Oh yeah! Lol, I almost forgot! I believe the seller said she was custom colored. She looks fab, even if the neck is a touch short compared to the gazelle like ones of the original type one bodies.
      Just took a quick photo of her since I am on my lunch break.
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    4. @Tonboko wow, she is gorgeous! Dreaming version too! Amazing :love