CP Delf Discussion Part 11

Aug 19, 2019

    1. LOL, I know too many people like that :mwahaha
    2. When my single friend who does lab science talks about his job, he seems like the kind of guy who is very serious about safety. He always has some interesting stories. Lock’s got too much of an interest in non-ethical things to take the time for lab safety. XD

      But speaking of Impldoll bodies, I recall Tonboko’s Vampire DES is on one too. It’s pretty cute and worked pretty well, I was surprised.
    3. Oh yeah! Lol, I almost forgot! I believe the seller said she was custom colored. She looks fab, even if the neck is a touch short compared to the gazelle like ones of the original type one bodies.
      Just took a quick photo of her since I am on my lunch break.
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    4. @Tonboko wow, she is gorgeous! Dreaming version too! Amazing :love
    5. I hope it's ok to ask here, my sister is selling her Luts Delf Tanning Lishe and I want to know if it's a fair price if I pay her around 500€ for it? Thank you if you can give me any opinion.

      [​IMG]Lishe by Kaisu, on Flickr
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    6. Well, personally I think it's probably a pretty fair price. If I were buying her, I'd think I was paying a little much, if I were selling her, I'd feel justified in the price because she is no longer made and she is in a more rare tan skin. But I think she should be in very good condition, no UV exposure (even skin tone). I think you would have to find someone who absolutely is desperate for this model and color to go higher, and it may take forever to find that person who is willing to pay more. Plus her faceup looks rather faded unless that's the look you like as well.

      But also, with my sister. If I can, I always want her to feel like she got a great deal, even if I know I overpaid. But if both of you feel either good about the price, or if you both feel you're giving more than you should, then it's pretty fair :D
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    7. @IngieBee Well that's what I thought that it might be ok price, I know there's been great deals on old Delf out there but there seems to be less of the old tans around. I've basicly had this dolls for years now in my cabinet out of daylight and the face up has faded (MSC changed to greyish, as it is very old). I will need to check out any discoloration as she's had these clothes on for quite a long time. I might want to change the face up now that it is very faded after I've paid her. And like you, I want to give my sister a good deal and don't want her to feel bad, she has the box and papers in UK and she'll bring them for me during Christmas when she comes for a visit. :) Thanks for your input, it's appreciated. :)
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    8. My Yder, Shidare's new wig arrived today! :kitty1 I want to try some modern looks with him and he seems to be taking to it very well.

      I've got a proper photoshoot for him in another look in the gallery HERE.

      @Tonboko your girl is GORGEOUS
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    9. The sweater is a nice informal look :) love his cropped hair too! :D
    10. Your Yder is beautiful @kagami!! I love the pink!

      Here's an oldie of Feather, wow I miss her...
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    11. Where is Feather? Am I confused? I've probably forgotten? @SacredMonsoon
    12. @IngieBee Feather is at my moms house packed up at the moment. I'm hoping to get her back soon.
    13. @IngieBee Thank you :cheer I need to get my hands on more clothes for him to fit this new hairstyle!

      @SacredMonsoon Feather is so beautiful!! I hope you get her back soon so you can spam us with new pictures :D
    14. Oh, sorry @SacredMonsoon , college, moving, all those things are both exciting and disruptive but also temporary. :thumbup

      @kagami er um ACBJD.com is/was having a sale ... IS! just checked :sneaky:sweat:eusa_sile:chomp: LOL
    15. You gotta know, I'm evil that way. I do feel guilty, but with a deep love of spending money and limited funds, I need to live vicariously through others. So the guilt gets pushed aside LOL.
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    16. @IngieBee .... i went and bought some things. *_* :chomp::chomp::chomp::chomp::chomp: :cheer
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    17. Oooh, yaaay, can't wait for pictures,!!!!
    18. Thank you @kagami!! I can't wait to take new pics of her! :D
    19. :XD: I am super excited!!! I just sent in my payment for a tan Dark Elf Soo!!!!!!! My Elf Soo trio is becoming a complete quartet!!!!
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