CP Delf Discussion Part 11

Aug 19, 2019

    1. The other option would be to make a meetup thread and put the poll there with a link to the thread here. An outside link might give us more control though.
    2. I finished Hraban's skull shirt, and due to mistakes I had to work around, it came out better than I originally planned. :lol: But now, he has a full outfit of his own that I made. :)

      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      I'm interested in joining a CP Zoom meetup, and so is my partner, @gelfling21. But, I know that free Zoom is only for around 40 minutes of chat time. I think that, if someone else volunteers as host before the 40 minutes us up, the clock starts all over again. I'm not sure, but I read an article on it a couple of weeks ago. You might want to look into it.

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    3. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 Hraban's outfit looks great! So cool and colorful! :D

      Feather's outfit was pretty cute so she wants to share :)

      [​IMG]Outfit by Emily, on Flickr
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    4. I haven't been to a meet in a long time, would love to go to a Zoom one. Keep us updated with any information and let me know if I can help.

      And as for too many Delfs... My current list is 13... (not counting F70s etc... then the count would be a bit higher)
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    5. Looking at your delfs has sustained me while I've been waiting to be able to do Stella's faceup :XD: just finished her yesterday.


      I would totally be down for a zoom call if that's still something anyone is considering :)
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    6. Congrats @SacredMonsoon! You've had her head for such a long time, I bet it feels wonderful to finally have a body for her. :thumbup Feather's outfit is really cute too. :3nodding:

      @cocobash1019, Stella looks wonderful! I too love her outfit. :kitty2

      Right now, its Noriko's turn to have me attempt to make her an outfit. This was the first incarnation of Hraban's skull shirt.

      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      Its too short and the armholes are too big, but I figured that I could make a LBD (Little Black Dress) from it. Now, to find a tutorial as to how to add darts....:?

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    7. Amidst all this chaos that's been going on, I found something to celebrate: I finally have my holy grail outfit for Bambi! I've been coveting one for at least 5+ years and I got soo lucky when popped up in an auction. :fangirl:

      When it arrived today, I wanted to scream from the top of the roofs :aheartbea

      Here's Bambi in the outfit :aheartbea:aheartbea It's been such a long, looong wait

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    8. Thank you @Ryuichi Sakuma 13! I cant wait to have the body i want for her so much, she'll be perfect. Now if I could just settle on a proper name, her old one isnt right anymore. :whee: and Noriko's looking lovely, good luck on her lbd!

      @clowve Aw Bambi is so pretty! I love her soft face and the outfit is spectacular!

      I'm amongst the dolly stuff like crazy these last few days, planning purchases and what to do. I love getting back to my beauties and their awesome clothes:XD::D

      Here's a lil pic of my unnamed girl for now :dance

      [​IMG]Fluffy Fluke ♡ by Emily, on Flickr
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    9. @SacredMonsoon Thank you! And wow a Luwen! Havent seen a Luwen in so long. Considering how rare it is to see one these days, really makes me miss CP dolls

      Thanks @cocobash1019 ! I'm still over the moon about it. It still feels so surreal :aheartbea
    10. Nice outfit @clowve, congrats!

      I know what its like to want a grail outfit and finally get it. I wanted a fer for Noriko for a long time, and when she got it, I'm pretty sure I danced around the house! :dance

      "Nameless" looks really sweet, @SacredMonsoon! Are you going to give her a different color scheme than Feather? Like lavender or sky blue? The contrast would look pretty cool! :3nodding:

      I'm looking at Noriko's future LBD and trying to figure out what I want to do first. I really think that this is going to be a challenge for beginner-me. Its a good thing that I'm stubborn and determined. :evilplot:

    11. @clowve yes! Luwens are pretty rare! Im glad to have mine! Do you plan on getting anymore delfs?

      @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 thank you! I am yes, her colors are beige and white! At least so far thats what i have planned, white wig and beige clothes. Im hoping she'll become her own person once she has a body and faceup! :)
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    12. Adriana says hi:


      I was going to steal her body for my AES head and yeet her heads but she has other plans. She has a dreaming head that I'm pretty sure has basically never seen the light of day - It's whiter than the OE head and body and there's 0 eye putty residue in the eyewells. That I might pass along since I'm almost certainly never going to use it but who knows lol.

      She's gorgeous.
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    13. @Ian-KunX another lishe! She's beautiful! Adriana is a lovely name! Welcome to the delf thread! :)
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    14. Here to announce that my luwen has a name! Her name is Snow :D she will be on a zaoll body and her colors are beige and white. She also loves bunnies. :XD::celebrate

      [​IMG]Snow by Emily, on Flickr
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    15. Congrats, @SacredMonsoon and Snow!

      Ugh, I am having so much trouble with Noriko's LBD! :doh:|*_* I'm currently waiting for a pin that I want to base the dress on to ship. Don't mind me, I'm just venting. I'm glad that Noriko is such a patient lady! :kitty2

    16. Thanks @Ryuichi Sakuma 13! Oh no! I hope Noriko's dress gets finished for her! I'm sure it'll look great! :XD:

      It's been quiet out there in the delf thread! Anybody care to talk about your best dolly outfit? I know mine is Feather's fer! I love her fer so much :D
    17. Mine is probably Ember’s fancy outfit here, bought from Luts when it was on sale. Ignore the photoshopped wings and feathers. lol

      [​IMG]Angel by Thyme Willowbrook, on Flickr
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