CP Delf Discussion Part 11

Aug 19, 2019

    1. It's hard to say. You need to find out the size of clothing from sellers. I have a stretch dress for Dollfie Dream. But it's small for Delf. Although you can wear it
    2. Pretty sure it's Nina. The face matches and looking at the faceups they match the ones on the Nina models: lutsdoll co.,ltd., lutsdoll co.,ltd.
    3. My Buyee boy finally arrived! It was such a long wait. He was packed so poorly with only a little bit of bubble wrap and cushion, but he’s not broken anywhere I can see. He is floppy as heck, I don’t have eyes in his size, and his faceup is terrible, but I’m glad he finally made it home. I’ll have to decide what to do with him.
    4. She isn’t one of the traditional Delfs. She would be one of their new models designed after CP split to form Fairyland. All of those Delf sculpts went with them and some became F60s, instead.
      I’m guessing the doll shown might be Nina by the shape of her eyes but I’m not as familiar with the new sculpts. The type 3 body is basically the type 1 body but with different resin.
    5. I think the SmartDolls and the Delfs are pretty similar in size, actually. SmartDolls have thinner waists but wide hips. When I get home from work I can try and do a size comparison for you if you like.
    6. The measurements I can find indicate that Delf girls have slightly wider hips than Smart Dolls, and Smart Dolls have wider hips than Dollfie Dream. (Heh, I remember when I used to have my DES back in the day and a Volks oldskin F-08/Delf hybrid that SD clothes would swim on them a little. XD)

      I don't have a SmartDoll but they can generally share clothing with Dollfie Dream outside of bust size weirdness. I tried the pants that came with my Dollfie Icon that are super tight on her on Adriana and they just slid right on and buttoned up without issue and she was able to sit in them without the snap popping. (They actually fit her better than my Icon rofl Trista *can't* sit worth a darn in them. XD) The reviews on those pants seem to indicate that they don't run tight so it might just work since SmD is closer to Delf than DD.
    7. That'd be great @Stormlight! Thank you!

      @Ian-KunX oh i see, well, maybe they will fit then! I might try and see!
    8. Gah! Okay, better late than never, but here is a comparison between a Delf and a SmartDoll. As you can see, the SmartDoll is taller and her waist is tiny compared to the Delf, but their hips are actually about the same size. SmartDoll’s might actually be a little bit wider. So, I think jeans will fit a Delf girl, although be a bit longer in the leg. POSSIBLY a little loose at the hips.

      I don’t have any non-stretch jeans but I do have jean shorts and a pair of white non-stretch capris I can try on Ember then, just to be sure.

      (Edit: sorry for the messy background. I was vacuuming earlier so everything was kind of shoved around and disorganized).

      [​IMG]Comparison - SmartDoll & CP/Luts Delf by Thyme Willowbrook, on Flickr

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    9. @Stormlight thank you! This is really helpful for buying clothes. I've noticed a lot of etsy shops selling smartdoll clothing and always wondered how the sizing compared
    10. I changed Ryuichi's clothes into ones more appropriate for early summer, and took a few quick outdoor pics of him. He's looking pretty serious right now, probably because its been a while since I've taken pics of him. I hope he's not too mad at me for focusing on clothes making for some of the newer Delf I have. :sweat:XD: He's so spoiled! But then again, he is a rock star....;)

      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      Oh wow, that sock-shirt he's had forever! A friend of mine gave it to him when I was new in the hobby. :) This incarnation of him I've had since 2013...has it really been that long?


    11. OMGosh, he is SO dang adorable like that! Love that outfit!
    12. Thank you @Stormlight! That comparison is great! I think i know which jeans I'm gonna get now!

      Aw @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 he is so cute! I love his plaid pants!

      I have some great news! I'm finally moving home and I'll be with my dolls by the end of August! I'm hoping to really dive back into dolls again and sew and faceup Snow!

      Here's sweetie Feather for a hot Saturday!

      [​IMG]Valentine3 by Emily, on Flickr
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    13. Hot here too, she looks quite cool for the weather! But she always looks refreshing! LOL
    14. Feather is adorable as usual, @SacredMonsoon. :D And congrats on being able to move home and be with your dolls! I bet that feels pretty great, knowing that you can take all kinds of new pics with them! :3nodding:

      Welp, its been raining for the last two days, which is great because I think we were in a bit of a drought for quite some time. The trees are looking pretty happy being able to drink for the first time in about a month. :whee: Its now cool and damp, and my cats are taking turns watching the rain fall. Its all very cute! :kitty2

      I finally finished Noriko's LBD! I wish I was better at making darts for it, but all in all, I think I did a pretty good job nonetheless. The idea was that it was supposed to look reminiscent of singer Bjork's infamous swan dress. :whee:

      Noriko's LBD - Completed!
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      Looks like it stopped raining, yay! I'm hoping to be able to update a pic I took a long time ago of all of my Crew before the new ones come home. Or, if nothing else, to at least get all of my Delf Crew on the stairs of the deck and get a few shots of them all together. ;)


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    15. Oh my goodness I completely disappeared again didn't I? The world got kind of crazy and working from home became a bit of an adjustment. I didn't even look at DoA really for awhile but I missed it so I'm back. I have so many posts to catch up on!

      Even though I wasn't on DoA my dolls have actually been getting a lot of love recently. A lot of my crew have been taking turns posing in front of my castle wall decor. Rae included!

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    16. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 her dress looks great! Very unique and edgy! Group shots are my favourite thing, can't wait to see!

      @malvinas Rae is one of my faves! I love seeing her and your dollies! :)

      Here's a pic of Feather that makes me so excited to see her again! 2 more months!

      [​IMG]Serene by Emily, on Flickr
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    17. @SacredMonsoon I'm so excited for you! As usual Feather looks beautiful!
    18. Congrats on be able to reunite with your girls again @SacredMonsoon ! I can't wait to see more pics of Feather :3nodding:

      @malvinas Rae is so pretty. I've got to ask, who did her face up? It really suits her :)

      Well, I am now the proud owner of a Woosoo Sleeping Vampire. He arrived yesterday! His clothes, eyes and wig haven't arrived yet (should be in the next few days) but here he is in all his bald and naked glory...:XD:

      (This photo makes him look so yellow, he's much paler than this and looks great for his age.)
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    19. Congrats @Magical Rin ! He looks amazing! I love CP's old vampires :D

      On the topic of vampires the DES vampire head I bought arrived at the proxy's warehouse! Time to figure out shipping*_*
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