CP Delf Discussion Part 11

Aug 19, 2019

    1. She is so cute!
    2. Thanks so much!
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    3. I can't wait to see Feather in her new dress! What's the countdown time now, @SacredMonsoon?

      I was lucky enough to find the rarest of the rare recently! :celebrate:cheer:dance:XD::love For literally years I have needed a beauty green boy body for Sternauge, my DES head, and then to find a pair of archer hands for Hraban, the other head that shares the body....:thumbup:XD: Its like everything had fallen into place!

      Hraban's new hands

      I'm temporarily relegated to using my phone, so I'm hoping that this link works out. It should be Hraban's head :o:lol:next to his new archer hands.

      And, I'm working on a merman tail for Sternauge, who currently is using Hraban's body.

    4. A little less than a month, I believe @Ryuichi Sakuma 13!! Before september 1st, for sure! The dress came to my mum's house so she's gonna wash it and then it'll be all ready for Feather! :dance

      Thats awesome news for you too! I cant wait to see the tail, I looooove mermaids (and mermen) so it sounds so cool!!
    5. That reminds me, @SacredMonsoon, were you able to get Snow (name? :?) a new body? I remember you mentioning something along that line. And if so, what body were you thinking about getting? I have to admit, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing her on a body of her own!

      Sternauge's tail is coming along slowly. Its a prototype, so I'm thinking out how to create it before I use fancier (more expensive!:chomp:) fabric to make him a better tail.


    6. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 I do have plans for Snow to get a body! I want a zaoll body for her, and since its fairly well priced, I think we might get it for Christmas! Its a bit up in the air at the moment due to moving funds and new houses and stuff, but I too am looking forward to her getting a body and a faceup!
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    7. Wow, very lucky find, @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 , congratulations!

      @SacredMonsoon If you won't order until Christmas, that should give you a little leeway to save up a bit every week/month?? I hope you can do it :D
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    8. I hope you can save as well, @SacredMonsoon, it'll be cool to see the two of them together in pics! :3nodding:

      Seems like its time for the "summer slowdown" of this thread, so I'm going to ramble a bit. I just ordered Noriko an outfit and some sandals that DDE had in stock, along with other off topic stuff, and I can't wait for them to arrive! Its only been an hour, but still! :lol::XD:

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    9. Yes, I'm hoping so @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 @IngieBee! Its more that with moving and lots of expenses because of it might not allow for saving for a bit. But i'm going to try my best to get her the body and then a faceup. :3nodding:
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    10. I’ve ended up ordering a couple of outfits too, to cheer up the summer slow down. And a body for my nanuri 06 floating head! I’m super excited about that! It’ll be nice to have a boy with my three girls. It’ll be a couple of months before it ships, but it’s still exciting.
    11. Congrats @sammysoblue! Its always great to get more dolly stuff! I know im enjoying buying more again lol
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    12. Heya all! I've missed this thread so much. But I foolishly sold off my Delf heads a few years ago and regretted it ever since. Buuuuut, I just picked up a sleeping Soo Head and I'm so happy to be able to join in on the thread again. ^^ Now I just gotta get her a body... but you know.... details.
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    13. Well I had WTB post for a WS delf Soony and I got a response! Unfortunately the money I had set aside had to go for unexpected car repairs before I got the response but luckily I am getting a large check in a couple of weeks and the seller is willing to wait for that! I can't wait! Been wanting Soony for many years now and everytime I have money I see no Soonys for sale and when I see one I have no money and it sells very quickly. There were quite a few WTB posts wanting delf Soony but I notice buyers only willing to pay what Soony sold for or less. Soony is my grail so I value her a lot more than that especially since she was discontinued years ago. The seller had no intention of selling her Soony before seeing myWTB post, but when she saw my generous offer she decided to help make my dream for Soony come true!

      I know there are Fairyland versions of some of the old Delfs but even the SD sized ones of Fairyland's versions look very different to me. What does everyone else think of the Fairyland versions of Delf girls?:bump
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    14. Ohh! Was that one on Instagram? I had seen her for like some crazy amazing price, but I forced myself to ignore her. I just bought a second (very dirty) El! :XD: Welcome back!!
    15. Yea, my best friend saw her the moment she was put up and helped me get her asap! She's going to need a lot of work, the first thing on her agenda is going to be an oxy bath. Then the debate between modding her myself and sending her out. I recently did an OE mod on another older doll I had and it turned out great.... but with Soo being so rare, I'm not sure I'm able to tackle that one on my own.
    16. AlmySidaKay, Is the oxybath just for removing dirt or does that help with deyellowing?
    17. She's beautiful, and very rare! You're lucky to have her! I'm not sure that it will take the yellow out. A bunch of my boys were really yellow and I've had to sand them, and even still there are places that you can see the yellow poking out if you look pretty hard. My El is the biggest one that makes me giggle, I bought him thinking that he was a really banana yellow NS El. But when I started sanding him, he's WS! :sweat She's gorgeous anyway, congrats!! :D
    18. I've had some decent success at deyellowing other dolls of the same age via oxybath, just gotta leave them in there for a few days.

      Also, does anyone know where the most recent Soony who was a dreaming head in WS? I think, was on eBay. Just curious who had been bidding against me. And who won her haha
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    19. Good luck with saving for Snow, @SacredMonsoon, sounds like a great plan. :3nodding:

      Congrats on the body, @sammysoblue, show us pics of your floating head! You too, @AlmySidaKay! Show us your floating head! :XD:

      Me being able to get Noriko an outfit and shoes I had been eyeing for a while now was very fortuitous! :celebrate

      Yeah, I know how that feels, @blackdahlia. It seems like whenever you have the money, you can't find your grail, and when you're broke or need your saved money to pay on a big bill, there your grail is. bleah.:...(

      Congrats on being able to find your Soony! I also want one, but I'd settle for just the head since I want to make mine into a boy. I'm not really looking right now, but if one comes up and I find the money....;)

      I have a couple of older CP dolls that were re-made by Fairyland, but they're MSDs. Maybe because I got them soon after the CP team moved to FL, they seem to look pretty much like classic Delf. At least my Shiwoo does. I'm not sure about my Breakaway MSD, since he's my only one. My newest, a LittleFee Shiwoo boy that I got on July 17th, has the classic Shiwoo "sweet but slightly mischievous smile."

      Congrats on the "very dirty El," @Angelesk! I've always wanted an El, but my partner has one, so I live vicariously through theirs. :whee:

      I've heard of giving dolls an oxybath in order to de-yellow them, but tbh, many of my Crew are supposed to be Japanese, so I don't mind it so much. But it is something to consider. The oxybath doesn't weaken the resin in any way? That is my biggest fear. :shudder

      My partner, their brother and I had a family get-together meetup today, and I took this pic of Ryuichi (L) and Manfred (R) sitting under the hibiscus tree deep in conversation.

      Family get-together meetup
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

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    20. Thanks @Ryuichi Sakuma 13! Your boys look like they're having a nice outside conversation! :hug:

      Congrats on the new purchases @AlmySidaKay and @blackdahlia! :celebrateThose delfs are so pretty! I love admiring old sculpts since I don't see myself buying anymore for a looong time lol

      Here's a colorful edit of Feather, the day is coming soon! She's such a cutie :XD:

      [​IMG]Colors by Emily, on Flickr
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