CP Delf Discussion Part 11

Aug 19, 2019

    1. Oh my goodness @Matte! She's gorgeous! I love miyus and shes just adorable! :D:hug:
    2. Thank you! I feel so lucky getting her. Must of been fate. I will be sure to share more pics when her clothes arrive.

      Which sculpts does everyone have? I would of loved to get an IF but I know they are super hard to find.
    3. It's awesome getting a grail, my girl is my grail too! Can't wait to see more of Juliette @Matte!

      My girl is a Lishe, her name is Feather, and I love her to bits! :D

      [​IMG]Sunlit by Emily, on Flickr
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    4. @Matte She is gorgeous!! Congrats on your grail girl!! :love Please share more pictures!!

      I currently have 2 standard Els and one Dreaming El. One Standard Shiwoo and one Modded Vampire Shiwoo and a Floating head Dark Elf Soo. :D
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    5. She's lovely! I love how mature the scupt is as a delf.
    6. Thank you. Oh-my-gosh. You have quite the crew. Shiwoo was always my favorite delf boy. So cheeky. I look forward to seeing pictures.
    7. Matte, your Miyu is lovely! Nice to see all the loved Delfs being shared here. :)

      My Delf collection began with really really wanting a 2005 Juri & a couple of friends who were shifting to other dolls about the time I discovered bjds. My friends surprised me with gifts of a couple old dolls & sold me a couple others.
      First I was given a modded Vampire Elf Y'der. Flirty Pearl with the Pepstar faceup, lavender eyes & the infamous greenish beauty white resin was the second Delf to join me. Then more Juri's began to find me (& it was hard to say no!!). Later an Angel Elf Soo, Shiwoo,El, & an Elf Lishe joined the elven clan known as the Undershelf Delfs (As their great hall is under my doll table). ;D
      A Fairyland Jury, Soony & some Little fee kids with pointed ears, Maskcat vampire Lisette, plus a Minimee one of a kind elf are the rest of the clan.
      I love the sculpt style of the old Delf's & there's no way I would have been able to collect even one of them when they were first released so having their company now really amazes me. :)
      My summer quarantine chore has been getting new clothes made for the guys so that everyone will be dressed in medieval style for a bit. They don't change clothes as often now that it isn't just one or two dolls to play with...
      Here's the current arrangement. Y'der & El weren't back in place yet for this photo.
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    8. :D
      I love their coordinated style. I'm sure it makes it easier to make clothing for them. I'm still figuring my girls style.
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    9. Kairi has a great faceup & wig for their style. Nice photo! :)
    10. He's so cute @Stormlight! I love seeing everyone's dolls!

      Feather was feeling the fluffy cuteness today!

      [​IMG]Fluff by Emily, on Flickr
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    11. She looks adorable in that hat!
    12. Thank you! Her sheep hat is one of my favourite pieces! :3nodding:
    13. Feather sporting the bunny hat and teal shirt :XD:

      [​IMG] by Emily, on Flickr​
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    14. {GRIN!!!} Feather's a real hat-girl, isn't she.

    15. Sewing for my Delfs this summer has me falling in love with them again. (Except for the part where they fold at the waist just as I fit a pattern...)
      Phinias & Theadora (Shiwoo & Angel Elf Soo)

      Y'der (modded vampire elf Y'der)
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    16. Yes she definitely is! I have over ten hats for her as it is! :XD:
    17. @cthulhu your dolls are beautiful! I love your soo especially!
    18. @cthulhu is that Soo in the chair on the left? I love her! She looks like Mortisha Addams there :D What a beautiful collection!

      Feather is gorgeous as always, but I never tire of seeing her @SacredMonsoon

      Sending my love and admiration to Kairi @Stormlight :D

      I really need to practice my photography. I'm really bad at it, LOL. Hopefully soon, mytable is full of my sewing right now :doh
    19. Aw thanks @IngieBee :hug:i hope to see more of your cuties!

      It's only about a month til i get to move and see Feather! I'm hoping to buy her a few more things too! :D