CP Delf Discussion Part 12

Aug 27, 2020

    1. Here’s my darling BA trio! Breakaway was the first doll I wanted to get, but because I only entered the hobby in 2006, I missed my chance to get one first-hand (so I got an El as my first doll), but eventually managed to get my hands on the various 2005 sculpts. And when the 2008 one was released, I leapt at the chance!! Split with a friend and kept the OE head.

      [​IMG]Three of a kind by kiradyn, on Flickr

      They’ve been my darlings ever since. >u<

      I also have an El (my firstie!!), Elf Yder, dreamy Elf Chiwoo, ‘06 Nanuri, and a Miyu! :whee::whee::whee:

      The CP Delfs were really my entryway into the hobby, so they hold a special place in my heart!!!

      Omg I LOVE Yder!!! (Used to have one!) Congrats on your purchase! Looking forward to your pics! >u<

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    2. Congratulations on your purchase!
    3. I am loving seeing everyone's favorite pictures of their dolls!

      For years this was my favorite picture of Inanna. The picture is from 2009 and with her old faceup, but this picture for so long was my absolute favorite of her. I think my photography has improved since then, and I love her current faceup much more than this one, but this picture still holds a special place in my heart.

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    4. Wow there's lots going on here today! Loving all the pics :love And big congrats @Majenta for your incoming Yder. I saw your wtb and was hoping you would find him! That was super quick!

      I had a new arrival of the CP Delf variety today. He's a white skin 08 Breakaway :D I'm thinking I'm going to call him Ethan. He came with a face up but it's damaged, which I'm secretly kind of glad about because I was probably going to wipe it anyway. At least now I don't have to feel guilty about it.

      I also got the vampire head with him. I would love to eventually have his eyes opened. But for now I'm going to leave him safe in the box, because I have too much other doll stuff going on and I am easily overwhelmed :sweat

      These are just some quick pics from the box opening. He still needs a new face up, and a wig, and better eyes. And maybe his own wardrobe too. These delfs are so demanding! xD
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    5. Dang! He looks immaculate for being 12 years old and white skin! He doesn’t look like he’s yellowed much at all. Beautiful boy!

      I feel guilty for not posting pics of my poor Lore. He was my very first doll, a Delf Moon. I have him on an F70 body. He’s also white skin. I need to get his faceup redone eventually. It’s still in pretty good condition but it’s as old as he is. lol

      [​IMG]Lore by Thyme Willowbrook, on Flickr
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    6. Thanks everyone! I can’t wait to get home home and spoil him!

      Loving all these gorgeous Breakaways, Soonys and Moons! I forgot how lovely the sleeping Breakaway head is ❤️
    7. Oh, it's picture day! They're all so amazing!
      @kiradyn_rhiode your trio are gorgeous! Love their wigs!
      @malvinas I love both faceups on Inanna and I think you need to find another head to switch out, one for a natural look, the other for going out :D But I do prefer the new one, just because I love a well painted darker faceup! I can't do these!
      @Hyzenthlay Congratulations on Breakaway's arrival, he's cute, but don't feel bad about changing his face, it's what the BJD hobby is all about! Can't wait to see what you do with him!
      @Stormlight If you don't want to change his look, I think Lore looks great as is! I especially love the skin texturing!
    8. Congrats @Majenta! Yders are so cute!! And thank you! :hug:

      @Hyzenthlay congrats! Hes so nicely aged and he looks so new! Ethan will be so nice in your style!

      I love seeing all your favourites! It was a hope of mine to see everyones favourites! I love delfs so much, they make me smile! :D

      It'll be less than a month til i get home! I'm so excited to cuddle Feather again :whee:
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    9. What a wonderful group of BAs - I have a special place in my head for BAs - I have a set too, but they're all Fairyland releases. Is it interesting most of mine are in threes too?

      Congratulations on your new boy - he looks lovely!

      I can't easily put my hands on a single favourite shot, but here's a picture of one of my lovely girls - my Elf Vamp.
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    10. Yay!
    11. New thread already! That's awesome! Here's lil elf ears to celebrate!

      [​IMG]Elf ears by Emily, on Flickr
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    12. Might be my favorite of your Lishes :love
    13. Happy I finally caught up with where the conversation moved to. Like others I hadn't been getting alerts & was wondering what was up. Seeing all the recent photos posted, it was fun to read through & catch up. <3
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    14. i can finally join the delf club with the arrival of my soony yesterday! it's really bittersweet because i thought i was getting an unmodded open eyed head and instead received a modded sleeping head who has had her teeth removed for some reason????? :(the seller didn't know apparently but it's still really disappointing. so i'm still on the lookout for the perfect unmodded soony so i can finally really bring my grail home. this girl can stick around in the meantime while i look. i have a type 1 delf body arriving soon, she's currently on the old b&g body she came to me with atm.

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    15. Oh, that's disappointing, @nanaminore . I hope you'll at least give her a faceup so she can shine. All dolls need love :D
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    16. She is charming in her own way.
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    17. nananimore I'm sorry she isn't what you were expecting. But she is fabulously sweet. The eye mod was nicely done. Good luck with the hunt!
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    18. *dances* I just paid the last of my layaway (as long as the conversion of money is correct) for a Bloody Valentine Breakaway. He's the sleeping head, but that means hes got the teefs. I have wanted a vampire Breakaway since before Feeple ones came out, but the timing was never right. This specific boy slipped through my fingers before I was able to snag him up. XD

      Everyone's dolls looks so fantastic. :_: I love being apart of this, even if its been awhile.
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    19. @nanaminore Oh no I'm so sorry she isn't what you were expecting! Her eye mods look quite good though at least. Maybe you'll be able to turn her into something you'll love just the same, even if she isn't exactly what you thought.
    20. Congratulations @TopHatDown that's awesome!! Pictures please :D