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D612Project-The Little Prince / Dreaming sheperd

Oct 7, 2008

    1. Hello!

      We are happy to show up new limited version on the Little Prince BJdoll.
      The title is Dreaming Sheperd.

      You would remember the scene the little Prince meet the Pilot in the middle of Desert and say a word, " If you please... draw me a sheep!" and the pilot draw a sheep for him and correct, correct then the box cage for a sheep.

      We design new limited version of the Little Prince, we regard the dreaming sheperd for the Little Prince. I hope you enjoy sweet dream with him.

      This Dreaming Sheperd verion is limited version.

      Please visit www.mudoll.com for detail.

      Thank you.





    2. The Sweet Dream version is very cute.

      Will you be releasing some outfits for the Le Petite Prince in the near future?

      I have the regular version already, I would really love to have more outfits for him?

      Thank you
    3. Thanks Anavel!

      We are arranging some of outfit in this month, it would be included one of our special clothing set. I hope you would like it. Thank you!