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Dae Jang Geum character dolls at YesAsia.com

May 29, 2006

    1. I found these while Googling.
      Dae Jang Geum The King's Cook Dressed Doll Limited Edition
      Dae Jang Geum The King's Personal Physician Dressed Doll Limited Edition

      YesAsia describes the first one as as:
      "The Dae Jang Geum Doll has been personified and revived as the principal charactor of the drama Dae Jang Geum. She is the 16 BJFD(Ball Jointed Fashion Doll) and the first Edition in the name of Jigamaree. She has both varied pose of BJD and beauty of Fashion Doll.
      Now, she comes to you~!"

      Here's another site:
      Sorry if this has been posted under another title, I looked and couldn't find anything.

      Edit: The blue cook is limited to 100, the red physician is limited to 250. Jigamaree is the manufacturer. They have a flash info page that takes forever to load, but is worth it for the lovely images.
    2. She will be a BJD?! 
      My husband and I love "Dae Jang Geum" story and watch on TV every week.
      Others will not be released? :blush
    3. O_O I didn't recognize the name at first but...wow. Anyone knows if she's going to be a BJD that you can change the eyes for and wig and all that? But I guess that wouldn't be necessary for a character made into BJD...
    4. well if you read lower down the site they say she's a BJFD ball jointed fashion doll ^^ oh and they do mention that she's made out of high quality french resin and is 40cm tall, so she's a mini i guess :)
    5. It also seems like she has two headcaps? ^-^ One with the 'default' hair look, and then also a seperate one for wearing wigs. If you can take the headcap off you may well be able to change the eyes also ^-^
      She's rather special, I think
    6. Doesn't being a "fashion" doll make her not eligible for inclusion?

    7. I think it depends..... these ones appear to fit all the rest of the criteria as far as I can tell, provided the eyes are changeable (which they seem to be), which means they should be eligable... we really need a mod opinion to be sure, though... :)

      I think they look awsome...
    8. I didn't know it was a TV show. That explains a lot. I thought "drama" might have been a traditonal stage play or something.

      These knocked my socks off ever since they showed them on one of the fashion doll boards a couple of months ago. I liked the red one but then when they showed the blue one I REALLY started to want one.

      I think it's two heads they come with. They also have two pairs of feet, high-heeled and flat. I'm pretty sure their eyes can be switched since they say they are 6mm.
    9. The mods are talking about it. We're sort of looking for more pictures of the body and headcap. If anyone can provide links to additional photos or information, it would be helpful. :)
    10. Well it depends....it must fit 7 of the 8 criteria, but one of the 7 *must* be criteria #8. I'm not so sure she fits #8. But I think we need more info and pictures at this point.
    11. I just noticed these dolls on mfd.net and they definitely look like BJDs to me. She is french resin, strung, has changeable eyes and hair, and is around 16". She kinda reminds me of a 43cm Narae type girl. Here are a bunch of links I found.

      Dae Jang Geum

      http://www.mfd.net/index.cfm?DSP=Section&ChapterId=4&SectionID=182 (scroll to bottom to see a naked pic)



      http://www.mfd.net/index.cfm?DSP=Section&ChapterId=4&SectionID=186 (she fits in some Tyler/Gene clothes and in the bottom pic they changed her eyes to blue)
    12. She wears 6mm sized eyes (!!!!)
      I thought 12mm was tiny....