DoA Event Den of Angels 15th Anniversary

Jul 30, 2019

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      This year Den of Angels is turning 15!

      Every year, we like to take our Anniversary month to celebrate the BJD hobby – all of our members, and the dolls, artists, and artisans that are so important to us!

      Our theme this year is "The Delicate Things".
      This year we would like to pay special attention to how tiny and detailed things can be in the BJD hobby. Many dolls are made with incredibly intricate details and designs, and accessories for dolls need to be very small! So, our contests this year will be centered around delicate, or even fragile topics!

      This year the Triathlon is returning!
      Couture – Too Much Lace
      Faceups – Crystal Faceups
      Photography – Vintage Photographs Challenge

      Please make sure to review the following Rules and Eligibility thread:
      Rules and Prize Eligibility

      :thumbup Trophies!

      You may get a trophy message celebrating your time on DoA or other accomplishments. Trophy points don't really mean anything, and we're not sure if we'll be keeping the trophies past our anniversary celebrations. We just thought it would be a fun thing to try out, so enjoy them while they last!

      :hug: Chat!
      As always, our chatroom will be open all month. Feel free to stop in and make new friends! (You can always turn off the chat if you don't feel like joining in.)

      Keep an eye out for our Just for Fun threads, and our popular Newbie gifting event will be returning this year as well! We hope that everyone enjoys the festivities this year!
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    2. I'm very very very excited for this :D Can't wait to see what the Triathlon had in store for us :dance Happy Anniversary!
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    3. Happy anniversary DoA! I love the celebrations and I can't wait to see all the entries. Hopefully I'll be able to join in a contest or two myself.
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    4. Wow! Excited for this! :chibi
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    5. Happy Anniversary DOA! So glad to see Triathlon return! Must support! :dance
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    6. Happy Anniversary DOA! I got a trophy! Lucky 13 Wow.. time flies!
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    7. Happy Anniversary Den of Angels! Thank you for all of the wonderful years of dolly goodness. Here's to many more! :hug:
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    8. Thank for my trophy for 9 years of membership! Wow, time flies. I am also looking forward to the contests. Sadly, Imhave not time participating, as my knight keeps me busy.

      Comgrats to DoA for 15 years! Onwards to another 30 years.
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    9. Happy anniversary, DoA! My favorite time of year! :sumomo:
      I love the beautiful new rainbow logo.
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    10. Happy Anniversary DoA! 15yrs going strong!
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    11. Oh wow 15 years! Congrats! Have some cake! :smallcake

      I'm a newbie so I didn't expect all these contests, this is exciting. A bit bummed that this happens on the only month when I go on vacation and don't have an internet connexion. I'll have to try and find a wifi hotspot somewhere to keep in the loop.

      Good luck to everyone who enters the contests :3nodding:
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    12. Happy Anniversary DoA! :D I love the anniversary banner <3 It's sooo pretty!
      The contests this year are sounding fun so far! I'm going to try and have a go at entering one or two; I've always intended to enter these contests in the past, but procrastinated way too much to actually do anything lol
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    13. Happy anniversary, DoA! Looking forward to entering the couture contest and possibly the photography contest. ^_^
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    14. Happy Anniversary DoA :hug:
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    15. 15 already...time moves so fast! Happy Anniversary DoA and to everyone here!
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    16. Thank you DOA for doing this every year. I can truly say the events have changed me as an artist! Lucky 13 for me indeed!
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    17. 14 years trophy! As old as my oldest bjd! Lol
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    18. Yay! 14 years trophy! Happy Birthday, Den of Angels :D
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    19. how is it that i always forget august is doa's anniversary? lol thanks for the trophy!
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    20. Happy Anniversary and thank you for the trophy, I have lots of lace so curious about that contest.
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