DoA Event Den of Angels 15th Anniversary

Jul 30, 2019

    1. @Mew-Lidia9 We'll have two more contests opening up on the 7th. After that, who knows? ;)
    2. Thanks :) I can't wait
    3. Happy anniversary! I look forward to seeing what transpires this month! :wiggle

      I have a little old 3 year trophy. I remember long ago, though, I wanted to sign up for DOA, but it was invite to join only, or email someone to gain access only, or something like that? So I longingly looked at the signup page instead. :lol:
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    4. Happy universary! Bytheway, I love the new colourful logo very much!<3

      The contests looks really interesting, especially the lace theme. I hope I'll have anough time to may finally convince me to buy better cammera.
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    5. :hug:Happy Anniversary, DoA:pcake:smallcake:bcake
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    6. Wow can’t believe I’ve been in the Hobby for 3 years!! Also that I still haven’t reached 200 posts in that 3 years lol! Happy anniversary dolly friends .. I mean I don’t really have dolly friends but you know what I mean
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    7. :smallcake A Happy Anniversary to my favorite dolly website, Den of Angels! :D :smallcake
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    8. Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to see what new things are going to happen this year in the doll community ^__^
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    9. Happy anniversary DoA! I look forward to a new year:XD:
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