DoA Event Den of Angels Celebrates our 13th Anniversary

Aug 3, 2017

    1. :clover This month, we are celebrating our 13th year here at Den of Angels.

      You've probably seen our Welcome graphic on the front page, with the thread here.

      The contests, list of prizes, games for fun, and other information and events are in the News/Community Celebrations forum here.

      I hope you all will check it out and have some fun, whether you participate or not, whether you feel lucky or not! :clover

      Ask questions in this thread or Ask the Moderators.
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    2. Awesome! I can already feel that this year's celebrations are going to be good :wiggle
      Hopefully, I can get a chance to participate this year because it'll be my first time. I'm already excited for it~!
      Thank you for doing these fun events every year :D
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