Desperately looking for KimaLucifer - RESOLVED

Dec 18, 2009

    1. Hello everyone,

      I am really desperate at the moment and I hope someone can help me. I am looking for KimaLucifer. I commissioned her to obtain Williams from Kobe Cruise for me. We were agreed on everything and I always paid on time (travel expenses, hotel, cruise fee, commission and the doll). KimaLucifer had someone helping her get several dolls from the cruise. She told me on October 30th she would meet this person in November and then get my doll and send it on to me. Unfortunately, she never contacted me since then, although I wrote pms to her.

      Does anyone know how I can reach KimaLucifer? I really would like to get my Williams which I paid lots of money for (which was hard earned money). Please help!
      Thank You all!
    2. KimaLucifer was last on the forum 11-01-2009 and is now being Paged. Please update the thread with any resolution. Best of luck!!
    3. I'm another one who was in on the order, and I have not heard from her yet either, though I did try her Paypal email address. I know of one other person in the order, and I'll direct her to this thread too.
    4. Another 6 days have passed by and still nothing from KimaLucifer, no pm, no email, nothing.

      I'll be away from tomorrow until next Tuesday evening. Any messages will be read starting Wednesday next.
      Thanks and have a merry Christmas in spite of the trouble and worries for our boys.
    5. Still nothing from KimaLucifer. We tried AIL and email on top of pm's in doa. No answer to any of our messages.
    6. KimaLucifer sent an email today. She has the 3 dolls on hand (photos were attached) and she will send them out as soon as the shipping fee is paid.

      I just did so. It seems all will end well after all!
    7. I was in a separate FCS order with Kima Lucifer... I have heard nothing from her regarding my wig and I have tried to contact her several times here on DoA, but I don't have her email address. Could someone let me know what it is so I can email her about my missing FCS wig?
    8. Hello Weslie,

      here is KimaLucifer's email address:

      She is responding quickly at the moment. I hope Your transaction can be solved as well as ours.

      Good luck to You!
    9. Thanks, I emailed her on the 14th, the day you gave me the address... Still no word back.
    10. Good news!!!

      I have received my Williams from KimaLucifer today. I requested a tracking number, which was never given, but he has arrived safely. The transaction is resolved on my end. I wish the rest of you the best of luck! I hope you will see your dolls soon, Astrid and Sara!
    11. I received mine today as well. She had given me the tracking number last week. He's in perfect condition, so it is resolved for me as well. Good luck to everyone!
    12. I received an email on Monday this week saying that she sent out my Williams on that day. If everything goes well, he will be at the customs office next week where I will have to ransom him. I keep my fingers crossed.

      Congrats to You Sara and Konriu for Your new boys!
    13. I received my Williams in excellent condition today. Problem resolved for all of us!