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Desperately seeking Spacemuffin, now AKA Demitasse- FINAL OUTCOME - NEGATIVE FEEDBACK

Apr 7, 2006

    1. Spacemuffin -

      You said you received my payment for the MSD F-08 head on Tuesday, March 28. It's now April 7 and I haven't heard anything from you in three days.

      PLEASE PM me with the status of this transaction. I'm very worried and I really need to know what's going on.

      Thank you!
    2. I talk to Marci pretty frequently online, I will notify her as soon as I can and let her know you'd like an update. ^^
    3. I'd definitley appreciate it. She hasn't responded to a single contact attempt since Monday.

      Thank you very much. I just want to bring my guy home as soon as possible and I need her to communicate with me what her plans are.
    4. Hope you get this worked out.
    5. I just forwarded her the thread now <3 She says shes emailing you : D
    6. Marsh - I'm actually glad you posted this. x____x;; I think my PMs went wonky. I did get your email address, and I'm mailing you now.
    7. Hey Maaaaaaaaaaarci~~! :)
    8. I received an email from Marci tonight, exclaiming "arrrrgh" that she hadn't gotten any of my pms and "you didn't get it yet?" then saying she'd make some calls and figure out what was going on, implying in the sketchiest terms that it had been shipped .... maybe ... possibly. I'm dubious. She's offered nothing that makes me feel comforted. I don't understand this kind of behavior at all.

      Thanks everyone for your support. Hopefully Marci will pull herself together and this will all turn out fine.
    9. Hoping this is good news -- received the following email from Spacemuffin this afternoon:

      "I was finally able to get in contact with my middleman. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, shipping got delayed. It has been fixed, and the head should be arriving in a few days. "

      I've once again asked for a delivery confirmation number and the shipping location. I hope very much to receive that information and that the head arrives as promised. I'll definitely post here the instant the head arrives.

      For a notable side story, look here: http://community.livejournal.com/garagesalejapan/2351891.html
    10. I know Marsh personally. She is the sort of person who tries really hard to do nice things for her friends.

      Marsh started this thread because nearly 2 weeks had elapsed without hearing from a seller and she had sent her payment. The item had not arrived, and as of this evening, the head *STILL* has not shipped.

      How would you feel in Marsh's position?

      As for the Garagesales Japan thread, it *DOES* relate to Marsh since the post mentions someone (Marsh) who bought a head from Spacemuffin and still has not received it.

      Marsh was really excited about getting this head. I confess I hadn't asked her too many details other than if it was the one someone was selling on DOA. So I can't be 100% sure, but, did Marsh even know that SpaceMuffin was selling a head *NOT* in her possession at the time Spacemuffin posted the sale? I know I didn't know about it until I saw the garagesales japan post.

      I really hope Spacemuffin gets Marsh her head.

    11. Marsh may be getting biased information, but it's because spacemuffin wasn't communicating with her at all.
    12. Worst thins is waiting, Marsh waited already a reasonable time and had confirmation bout payment recevedshe is concern and need info coz of lack of communication with seller ad because if the circumstances involve the Trip, the trip was personal but the outcome involved so many Innocent people now who need info, please stop accusing Marsh of doing some thing wrong by posting here, it is her right.
      I hope this work out well Marsh
    13. OK, I'm very sorry this has become such a divisive, emotional thread. I had no intention of starting a flame war, nor will I participate in one. I don't know Marci personally. I couldn't possibly because once the transaction was in progress and Marci had received my money (a USPS money order, so basically if she doesn't send the head, I have no way of recouping my money) the communication from Marci became virtually non-existent.

      I was not informed that there was a middleman involved until yesterday, which is weeks after the sale was negotiated and in progress. It was then that Marci told me a third party would be shipping my head and that there had been miscommunication between her and this still unnamed third party, who, finally, I'm aware is shipping from Louisiana. I've asked repeatedly for her to be more candid with me and the amount of information I've received has been minimal.

      At no point have I accused Marci of scamming. I added the link to my post because, by the only accounts I've heard, there are several bad transactions in progress now and this is a feedback forum. I am not engaging in or encouraging a witch hunt.

      If Marci has more information to share, I'm sure all of us would be interested in hearing her reasons for being so slow in shipping or in honoring her commitments. At this point I am trying very hard to still have faith this sale is going to be completed. I bear no one any ill will. I just want what I've been asking for all along - honest, open communication and safe delivery of an item I paid for.
    14. Edit: Opening this thread up again. ^^;
    15. I'm not involved in this transaction, but you might find this information helpful somehow:

      If you saved the receipt from your money order (the part on the top that tears off) you can do an inquiry to see if it's been cashed. It costs something like $3 to file the inquiry form. USPS.com has more information that might be more useful for your specific situation: http://www.usps.com/money/sendingmoney/moneyorders/welcome.htm

    16. I second this- we've reclaimed lots of money orders this way.

      Also I'm not sure from where in Louisiana it's shipping, but keep in mind that we did just have Hurricane Katrina only 6 months back or so. I live in New Orleans and we only have 2 post office branches open and only 1 has been dealing with packages. Packages also have to be rerouted to Baton Rouge or Texas before they can be shipped elsewhere, so mail has been really slow and somewhat confusing. When I recently sent out a doll I sold, it was rerouted and really scared us for a few days since the P.O. didn't have a good explanation as to why- but it got there just fine. :) Good luck- hope this info is helpful.
    17. Thanks for the suggestions on the money order. I'll definitely follow up on that, but since Spacemuffin has had the money order in her possession for two weeks now, and since when we made the transaction she said she needed the money, I'm pretty sure it's been cashed. Still, it's a good thought.

      The latest update on the actual shipping is an email received yesterday afternoon:

      "I just got home and called. I do not have a tracking number yet, as she was apparently unable to make it by the post office today, but it will go out tomorrow with delivery confirmation. I'll be calling again then to confirm the number (I've asked that it be mailed to me as well) and will send it to you immediately."

      I'm really not sure if this means it will be shipped from Louisiana to her in South Carolina and then to me in Michigan or if it will be shipped directly to me. I wrote back for clarification and yet another request for delivery confirmation and insurance, and I DID include $9 for shipping in the original transaction, which should cover those, but also offered to pay more if necessary. I have not heard back from her as of yet, though this was only last evening and that's not an unreasonable timeframe.

      Still, I really wish Spacemuffin was being more specific with her communication. And I really fail to understand why more than two weeks have passed since she received her money and she is still in a state of confusion with her middleman about shipping.
    18. Sorry you are going through this. I hope you get your head soon.
    19. Late last night I received an email from Spacemuffin with a tracking number. Apparently the head I bought from her has finally been shipped, to me, with the insurance and tracking I requested, from Shreveport, LA.

      I'm guardedly optimistic. I'll definitely post again when my package arrives.

      Thank you to everyone who's supported me through all this. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.
    20. *cheers* at least the postal service is a little more of a known quanitity.

      Hope your head arrives soon!