Desperately Seeking Vopisca - Has anyone been in contact with her?

Nov 26, 2009

    1. Hiya All,

      Vopisca (Heather) is a participant in my #3 Fairyland Group Order - she has not been on the forums since October and her stuff has arrived - I have PM'ed her several times, e-mailed repeatedly and have also sent a registered letter to the address she provided me with but I cannot get in touch with her.

      She is in Pensacola, Florida as far as I am aware and if ANYONE in that area knows her or has been in touch with her please let me know, I am worried for her well-being - she has always replied to my e-mails in the past.

      She does not owe me any money whatsoever - this is purely a contact issue and any help would be appreciated in locating her!!!
    2. Vopisca was last on the forum 30OCT. She is now Being Paged. Good luck!
    3. Thanks Zagzagael - I'm getting really worried :(
    4. Good-news I have heard from Heather - nothing sinister thankfully!! She is safe and well!!