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Desperately seeking Zevchan (Bad transaction)

Feb 1, 2006

    1. Hello , I am sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this so feel free to move it.
      I had bought from Zevchan a DDII Mirai:
      I paid by Western Union in the 20th of Jan, she said she will ship when she get the payment…I didn’t get any email from her since that date, she didn’t replay to any of my emails and pms asking what keeping her… any body knows Zevchan who can help with any info, maybe she had good reason for this delay …
      If you can contact her plz do, I don’t want to mess judge any body...
      Thank you
    2. i know zevchan- i read her journal- she seems to be having a hard time. Also, if you are living outside the USA it could take weeks for a package to arrive. Zev is very trustworthy and has always come through for me. Give her a little more time.
    3. Thank you Dechanique, I always heard good word about her, that why i asked if some one who knows her to provide me with any info to understand the delay, I didnt think badly of her. actually I gave her my adress in the USA to send to.
      what is her Journal link?
      hope evrything will be better for her.
    4. She asked me a long while ago not to give out her information- including her journal. Plus it is friends locked. At any rate, i'm sure she will pull through :)
    5. ahhh ok..
      thanx any way ^_^
    6. Any news? its 23 days now
    7. i IMed her and pointed her to this thread.
    8. thank you dechanique
    9. I am upset, The whole time i thought Zevchan had some trubl keeping her from replaying to my email, keeping her from the enternet as whole, but she updated her site in the 12th of this month, that is 2 days ago...she updated her wesite but didnt bother to replay to my emails...
    10. Look. Zev's been on this site for *ages*, and so have you, so you should know. She's traded with other people before, and she's, from what I've heard and understood, a very trust-worthy person. It may have been twenty-one days, but twenty-one days is *not* a long time at all. Considering it takes many items to ship accross a country up to two weeks, that's fourteen days, and knowing that Zev has been having some trouble, give her time. Give her more. Be patient. She'll pull through for you.

      Also. If somebody updates a site, they can do it from OFFLINE as well. They don't always need to be online to update, depending on the software. And chances are if she's updating her site, she'll be getting around to her e-mails soon, too. E-mail her again, but don't push it too much, because if somebody's going through a hard time, stress can cause them to buckle and just not do anything, and lots of e-mails can cause stress. Have a little faith. I *swear* it'll work out for you.
    11. I'm just putting in my 2c as well - Zev has been super great for me, she very kindlyg got me my SDC Arashi for me, plus she's a really lovely person herself. She might take a little bit to get back to you, or to ship your doll (which, really, tends to be the norm in this hobby), but you'll get your doll eventually, I'm sure!
    12. Splynterhayde, Loki, Thank you for reasuring me here about Zev, truly i was happy for Michi whin i saw her update in her site that means she is better now, i was expecting the email that why i got disapointed whin i got nothing. I will wait...
      Be well Mich Chan ^.^
    13. 2 moths one weekand few days had passed, still no email or pm or shipment from Zevchan, any news in apreciated, if any one would advice me to wait please tell me for how long? >_<'
    14. I will see if I can get in touch with her today or tonight for you.
    15. Oh Thank you so much Sat , wish her well from me, some one said she wasnt well months ago, hope she is better, thanx again
    16. I know she is rather busy lately and hasn't had time for a lot of things....
    17. Honestly there is no reason not to reply to someone's email for 2+ months or have someone contact them just to give them an update.
    18. I have met Zev and she seemed awesome but really..."busy" doesn't seem to excuse not sending someone an update about a doll............
    19. I have known Zev for years and it isn't like her to ignore something like this. I did talk to her for a few minutes before she had to run again and she said she would log on and find out what is going on, but I haven't spoken to her since.
    20. Not that it's important, but you can't offline update something that is online. If you can find it on the web, it's being hosted somewhere, if you are updating something, you have to communicate with the host.

      Doesn't matter what software you have any more than having different software will give you internet without having a phone line, cable, dsl or wireless means to get onto the net.