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DF (Doll Family) discussion thread

Jul 18, 2010

    1. Dear All:
      I am the agent on DOA.
      Now Dollfamily has 2 product lines: Line A and Line H.
      Both the designers will do their best as possible as they can.
      Thank you for your continued love and support for us.:D:D
    2. what's the different between DF-H and DF-A?
      is it a new term?
    3. DF-H and DF-A has different doll artists^^
    4. the link for DF-A appears to be under construction... Are there going to be new dolls with the Line A?
    5. neonraver247, sure, there going to be new dolls with the Line A
    6. I want to get Shangna but I don't understand chinese. how can I buy her?
    7. I am DF's offical agent, you can order from me^^
    8. I have a DF-H LingFeng named HeeChul I love him so much, he is beautifull, poses very well, and is affordable. You can't beat it.
    9. :)I just order Doll Family H Nangong and im soo excited because he my first doll
    10. Is the 70cm body really 70cm or 75cm? I keep getting confusing information about it. One site will say 75cm and another will say 70cm. Or are these different bodies?
      I'd be grateful for any help. Thanks ^_^
    11. For the A-line Body 2, where can i Find clothes that fit them? =/
    12. I have Lingfeng with that body and the clothes I got in SD for that body are all too tight/small... T^T
    13. I am having an impossible time finding any sort of pic or sample of the tan skin. Does anyone know where I could find that? Thanks!
    14. I ordered Doll Family A Loong. I cannot wait to until he comes home. :)
    15. Hello is this thread still active? I'm interested in the new 65cm male body. I cannot find owner pictures in the DOA search... Does someone own this body? Can you recommend the 2 or 3 part torso?
    16. Try this thread instead - there are lots of photos and questions answered here:
      Doll Family 62cm and 70cm Discussion - part 2 | Den of Angels