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Did you send your head to Xshinatox?

Jun 2, 2007

    1. A while ago quite a few of us sent our dolls' head to Xshinatox of Duciel Rouge for a faceup. Apparently the artist had some computer problems and kind of dropped off te face of the earth. I've tracked a telephone number that matches the address and I call it everyday. It's a machine but I leave messages everyday.
      This artist still has a few heads as far as I know, this includes my own BW Impressive Hound head , eyes and wig. I included postage and payment for work not yet done when I sent Enzeru to her. I have since written letters, both normal and registered in roder to retrieve my doll's head. I even said it would be alright if the work wasn't done when she sent him back. I have yet to get a response.
      If you are one of these whose head is still in this artist's posession, please respond to this thread so that we can find a way of retrieving them. Perhaps someone is local to her and may have a chance to simply knock on her door and find out her situation.
      Perhaps there is an amicable solution to this problem. I f not I am considering contacting the authorities to resolve things.

      UPDATE: I been checking regularly, and so far I see everyone has received their heads back. I'm assuming that you have a beautiful face up on that head. I want to say thank you to Krambear for standing up with me on this and helping me out as much as you have. I'd also like to thank the Mods for all they've done and the advice they gave. Finally I'd like to thank Xshinatox for returning the heads to us. Hopefully everyone is now as happy as I am to have their dolls whole again.
    2. She has my MSD Tsubaki head, a pair of eyes, and a wig.

      Like I said in my PM, I know she's had problems with her computer and she's only 14, so I want to give her the benefit of the doubt... but at this point I want my stuff back more.
    3. Oh dear! I sent her a head, but after she disappeared, I snail-mailed her a letter asking for it back and included money for postage. I got a refund and everything I'd sent her back in perfect condition, and a letter explaining that her computer had died and she'd taken on a part-time job to pay for its repair. I know a few other people had asked for their heads back, and one of them had a completed face-up when it was returned.

      I can't believe she hasn't responded to mail or phone calls though. :( I hope she's okay, and good luck to you both on getting your heads back!
    4. She has my Koodoll Tely and K-doll Kamyu. I sent her snail mail on two seperate occasions but no response.
    5. Not necessary anymore :3
    6. Same here and I've been calling everyday for nearly 3 weeks. I'm attempting snail mail one more time before taking another more drastic step. Although I don't know what that might be.

      Thanks for adding the link Krambear.:)
    7. Xshinatox said that her laptop totally broke on January 21st.. however her Ebay feedback thread (as linked in her sig) says she bought Ebay items on Jan 24th, 26th, 29th, Feb 12th, 14th, Mar 3rd, all the way up to Mar 28th. In addition, her deviant art account (as linked on her profile page) says:

      Hmm. Broken laptop, huh?

      Xshinatox's marketplace access has been removed and any sales threads will be locked.

      If she has four heads, then I think she has over $500 worth of your property. That's a felony. I believe that filing a report with the police might be your next step. (It wouldn't hurt to inform her of that on the answering machine, too -- knowing you're filing a police report might at least scare her a bit?)

      Good luck to all of you -- please let us know how things turn out. I really wish that there was more we as moderators could do for you. :(
    8. We appreciate what you've done so far. I hadn't had a chance to check her Deviant art again. It had said 7w+ when I checked this past Friday so maybe she found some kind of access or got her computer fixed. I'm hoping for the best. I too, tracked her ebay and thought it strange but I couldn't see what was sold.

      Yes, I was thinking of either filing a police report, or simply taking a trip to Seattle and just showing up at her door or possibly both. I was researching how to file a report with the Seattle authorities.

      Thanks for the good wishes. I think I speak for us all when I say we need them.
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    11. You have to be very careful about how you word things or else they will say 'civil matter.'

      You have to be very clear and short that this individual has over 500 dollars of expensive merchandise that belongs to you and others. They advertise over the internet and such but do not follow through with transactions. Do not use the word 'doll' or 'artwork service.' I know it sounds like you're being misleading but police have a lot to crank through and if they think you can settle it yourself, they're going to push it off to the way side. Now if you told the police that this person has 500 dollars of stolen stereo equipment, well they're right there with ya huh?

      I hope you are able to get this resolved. My advice is to just keep pushing the police and impress upon them how valuable the items are that have not been mailed to you and other customers.

      And no I have no transactions with this person, this post is only meant to give some -hopefully- helpful information.

      Good luck all!
    12. edit: TheSaint posted as I was still typing, so I ended up repeating a lot of what she was saying. :sweat She's exactly right though -- even saying "sculpture" can cause them not to take you seriously. Perhaps "assorted merchandise" would be better? /edit

      Man, I am so glad I got my head back when I did now. :...(

      Did you tell them they were doll heads? I know some people have had trouble trying to get their legal issues taken seriously, because no matter what you say to some people, the minute you say "doll", they ignore everything else. :(

      That said, different states have different laws regarding what amount of money constitutes a felony, so it may very well still be a civil matter. Is there a legal advice hotline in WA that could be contacted to work out the details of what action could be taken? I'm pretty sure you'd have to go according to WA laws, because that's the state that she's located in.

      (FWIW, I believe that since xshinatox is under 18, any contract you may have had with her is invalid, and she has no legal right to keep your dolls. I'm suggesting this more as something to look into, however, as I am certainly no legal expert. :sweat)

      Best of luck to everyone in getting your dolls back!
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    14. Were you aware that she was under 18 at the time you sent her your doll? I don't know if that makes a difference, but it might help. :eusa_pray

    15. No I certainly didn't know that but I found out when I didn't get my head back in a reasonable amount of time. I checked her home page and her age is posted there.
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    17. Made the mods could make this a sticky? One would think we might have a DoA member in the area who could maybe help.

      Just because a case might possibly be civil does not mean it's being swept away, I would still definitely look into what you need to do to file and try to get together with everyone else in this matter. Good luck!

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    19. Oh my goodness. I hadn't seen this until just now. I did actually get my head back from her, after sending a letter and postage. And mine was one that came back with a faceup. Believe me, I'm counting myself very lucky.

      I'm so sorry to hear that you guys have still not had any resolution here. To be honest, I had assumed that, by this point, surely she'd taken care of matters. It's been several months since my head was returned.

      I know there's a fairly large doll community in that area. I think perhaps seeing if a few of them would be willing to be eyes and ears would be helpful?
    20. Like mosaicwolf, I also got my head back with a face up. I received it on 2/15. I didn't send a letter requesting it back, at that point I had only pm'ed her several times. The face up is very well done and she even sanded his chipped ear smooth. She included a letter and was very apologetic, that's why I'm so surprised that she has kept other people's heads this long with no contact. I snailmailed her back with $20, since she hadn't asked for payment until it was finished. She didn't even ask for payment in her letter, just said that she really hoped I liked how he turned out since she hadn't been able to send approval pictures beforehand.

      I'm really sorry you all have to deal with this. It's just strange that she would send some back and not others. From my communications with her it seemed like she was trying to do everything she could to keep her reputation and make her customers happy... so, I don't know what her deal is :/ If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.