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Resolved *dies* What do I do? -FINAL UPDATE! Received!-

Mar 15, 2006

    1. So, I bought a Dollzone boy white skin Xi a few weeks ago. Here is the auction:
      As of yesterday, I still had not recieved him. So, I dropped the seller an email asking about him. She emailed me back saying that she mailed him one the 6th of march, and that he was delivered on the 9th. Apparently he was signed for by a T. Vincent? I don't know a T. Vincent! I'm a C. Jones. My husband is a J. Jones...No Vincents!
      My question is...What in the name of the gods do I do? Obviously it went to the incorrect address, even though I made certain to give the seller the correct one. Someone has my doll! If they opened him up thats against the freaking law...Becuase I know for sure that it wasn't addressed to no T. Vincent.
      I'm at a loss...Do I demand a refund? My month for a paypal refund is up on the 23rd. Do I demand a replacement doll? *dies* Man this sucks...
    2. First, I would ask the seller to give you the address she sent the doll to. And, since it appears she received a confirmation of delivery, send you the number/link that corresponds to the confirmation. This will determine A) where your doll went and B) if it truly was delivered (not that we are questioning that, but it's always safe. Further, if your doll was delivered to the WRONG address, the seller is the one in error and should make attempts to contact the shipping service she used and/or the person who received the doll. However, if I were you, I would attempt to contact the person who received the doll as well.

      My first task would be to try to track down the doll that was delivered and claim it.

      If that does not work, you should work with the seller to determine how you would go about getting a replacement or refund. Assuming it was the seller's error that is.
    3. I deffinately used the right address when I sent payment. I selected my current address from the drop down menu, not only that but I wrote it over again in the little comment box paypal provides. I did that JUST to make sure she used it. The zip code she gave me suggests she sent to to my old address in Hagerstown. How, I don't know, since I clearly made sure to have it sent to my new address. I emailed her back asking what address she shipped to. If she emails me back and says its the apt. I used to live in...What do I do? Do I go over there and knock on the door? Do I call the Landlord and talk to him? ...Cripes, this is rediculous...
    4. I called the local PO here and they are investigating it. She said shes going to find out as much as they can until the seller gets back to me with the exact address they used. I hope this works out...u_u;;

    5. You don;t happen to live in a block of flats, do you? Sometimes at our flats, the postman will ring all the doorbells until he gets an answer, and drop off packages with other people in the building- sometimes even ones that need signing for! It’s really annoying because he shouldn’t do it, but is there any chance some-one else in your building might have your doll? :sweat
    6. I would use the refund as a last resort, but definitely use it if you have to.
    7. I used to, but not anymore. Now I live in one side of a duplex, so half a house. And our post man more often than not will insert the little pink slip into our mailbox instead of carrying a package to our door. Hes a lazy little buggar. I've caught him doing it twice.
    8. I might now how it was sent to the wrong address - have you updated eBay itself with the right address? When I send payments through eBay's system, it gives the seller the address I have listed as my main address. I have the option of giving them an address when it links through to Paypal, but the address eBay gives is given much more priority.
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    9. did you try looking in the phone book to see if there is a T. Vincent living around you?

      i wish you luck in getting your boy
    10. Unfortunatly, there are multiple places in eBay to update your address (at least last time I did it) as well as Paypal.
    11. Well, that is what happened. I never updated my eBay address...I just always used the Paypal address. I always assumed Paypal would be just fine. I didn't even know eBay sent sellers an address. So what do I do now? I'm going to call the Post Office again tomorrow on my way to work, but what if they can't get ahold of the person that signed for my package? Isn't that illeagle? Especially if he/she opened it? *GOD FORBID* Should I wait? I only have until the 23rd to get a refund. And am I even entitled to it now? Is this my fault? This is absolutely horrid...
    12. I would contact your old landlord and see if you can get some contact information for the tenant that is currently residing in your old place. That way you can get in touch with them, explain what happened in the mixup and maybe arrange for a pickup time or what not.

      You might find that they signed for the package without even seeing who it was for. I know that a lot of times the postman at my old house would hold the package and not even show it to me until I signed for it. Meaning I didn't know if it was for me or not. And if that is the case than Mr./Ms. Vincent may not have even known that it wasn't for them.
    13. Did you leave a forwarding address when you moved? If you did, your package may have been rerouted to your new address without actually being delivered to the old one. That does slow it down quite a bit.

      I had the same problem with my first Ebay order, as I hadn't updated the address.

      You should note that in most cases Paypal requires the order to be sent to the shipping address they have on file (usually the same as the billing address). This is to avoid fraud and protects you, so that someone doesn't charge to your account and have the goods sent to themselves.

      Also, not all Ebay sellers read the notes attached to Paypal, I've found.
    14. I did indeed leave a forwarding address...But it seems that the T. Vincent person still signed for my package...
    15. Well if a big package came to my door needing to be signed for, I'd probably sign for it anyway, cause I was confused O_o;; You should check the phone book and try to call them. Tell them the package is yours and if you're close enough, can stop by with ID to pick it up. Maybe they'll agree? I'm sure they wouldn't have a problem giving it to you if you can prove it's yours.
    16. I did the EXACT same thing when I moved to VA. I updated my Paypal address, but not my eBay address, and some things I had bought went to my old address. Luckily, my old address is my boyfriend's mom's house, so she just held the items for me.

      It seems you're taking all the right steps to get your package back, and I would have signed for something, too, if it had come to my door.

      "You might find that they signed for the package without even seeing who it was for. I know that a lot of times the postman at my old house would hold the package and not even show it to me until I signed for it."

      This has happened to me, too. They really ought to show the package before asking for a signature.
    17. Well in the end I should think it is the POs fault for letting somebody who is not you sign for something. So you should be able to file a claim with them and get your money back. After all there was extra money spend to make sure it got to the right person and then it didn't!
    18. Keep a close eye on your Paypal deadline and, if you don't have your doll, do file a claim just to get your foot in the door. I'm sorry, Seller, I know it's not your fault either, but the problem is that when dealing with the shipping SNAFUs, the sender is usually the one with all the power. Usually, the sender is the one who has to initiate the search, the sender is the one who has to file an insurance claim, and the sender is the one who gets the money back if the item just can't be retrieved and the insurance is paid out.

      In the meantime, keep in contact with your seller, and hopefully this can be worked out quickly.
    19. Im having the same problem.
      I checked the tracking site today, and it told me my delivery had been recieved at 9:10 this morning.
      One problem...I dont have it. Or a peice of card saying 'We tried but you wern't home...' or anything.

      Im freaking out...hopefully when I call my local dispatch office tomorrow Ill sort things out, but it kinda bites that I should have my dolls with me right now...
    20. Does it say on the tracking site that someone has signed for the package? It should show a digital signature if so! I thought it was strange when it said they had tried to deliver my package because I didn't get a card through the door either - turns out they were trying to deliver to my neighbour! :sweat

      I hope everything gets sorted out for you both! :atremblin