Difference between Angell Studio dolls with same name?

Nov 23, 2017

    1. Hello!

      I’ve noticed Angell Studio has the same doll listed on their site with different face ups but the same name. Is there any difference in the sculpt between these? Or is it just the face up?

      For example,



      Rouran girl/Cynthia

      Side note, my Cynthia is coming home tomorrow!! I ordered the first one on the list via MOC.
    2. I'm pretty sure that it's just different faceups and overall set/themes that these sculpts come in (please feel free to correct me).

      Also congratulations on your Cynthia! I'm still going over the faceup of my HuaRong with AngellStudio. I'm hoping they'll redo her eyebrows for her.
    3. No difference in the sculpt :)

      Sometimes the multiple listing will have different bodies/body parts, skin color, or as you said,different faceups
      Ie. the Rouran Cynthia has Flat feet and the other two have heel legs

      Edit. Oh and congratz :D Cynthia was my first AS doll and I love her to bits~!
    4. I thought so! If they were different sculpts, the difference would be so minimal that no one would notice! And thank you so much! Here’s hoping your HuaRong gets the eyebrows you want :dance
      Ah! I didn’t even notice Rouran Cynthia had flat feet! Makes sense :3nodding: and thank you so much! She’s truly such a gorgeous girl. Glad you’re enjoying your lovely Cynthia! :chibi
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