Difficult transaction with Reisu - RESOLVED

Sep 27, 2009

    1. I want to start this off by saying. I am not angry, only frustrated and a bit disapointed.

      I started a layaway on the Ninodoll Mini Anna in early may, communications were great and the transaction was smooth paying the first 75$ up front
      I finished paying her off in early july (the 7th) Reisu informed me that she would be sent that saturday. confirming that i had payed for insurance, but no tracking.

      August 14th i PMed Reisu asking when she was sent, she said that her mother had sent her out around the 22nd. The doll had not Arrived yet after nearly a month and i was leaving for college and said that it was time for me to start asking about a refund. reisu complied saying she would have to wait for her mother to return on the 18th. soon after i asked for an update and she told me that the postal service was going to look for her and if they did not find her they would file the claim.

      About a week ago i PMed her asking for another update and recived word that the claim had not yet been filed. this alarmed me slightly as i had first asked for my refund over a month ago. I've sent her another PM asking for an update and have not recived a reply. I dont want to have to do this but the time has come that I need that money back, and i can no longer wait to do this. Comunication has not been a problem, but getting something acomplished has.
    2. Reisu was last on the forum this morning. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I just Recived a PM from her saying that the claim has been filed and she is waiting to hear back.
    4. Ooh, I don't really come on here any more so I only just saw this thread :sweat I just asked my mum, she said that you have to wait for a certain amount of time after the item is posted before they will let you put the claim in. I think something must have gotten confused between her telling me and me telling you. I'm really sorry about that *_* I hope everything's okay now she's there anyway. I'm sorry this has been so difficult.
    5. She arrived yesterday, i've been busy and only just got to posting this but she is here! this conflict is resolved, my girl is in perfect condition and i could not be happier