Dikadoll Kid Discussion part 1

Jul 24, 2010

    1. Hi everyone, I searched and couldn't find a thread for these guys, but I came across DKdoll one day and saw that I really like their MSD's. I searched here for a thread but there wasn't one. So if anyone has one, I'd love to see! I did a search on Flickr and they're hard to find their too. I took a look to see if they were off-topic or banned or something but from what I can tell they aren't. So yeah, if there actually is a thread like this or there's a reason for there not to be one, Mods please delete or lock this.


      Also to anyone who owns one, what are they like? How's their posing and stuff? What fits, what size eyes, wig, clothes. The usual stuff. :)

      ........Mod Notes......

      This is a discussion for Dikadoll Kid mini dolls.

      Company website: http://www.dkdoll.com/abouten.asp

      Comparison Photos
      Bluefairy Tiny Fairy Sarang, Luts Kid Delf Cherry, Dika Doll Kid Bonnie

      Dikadoll resin match with other companies:

      Dikadoll Blanca head with Fairyland Minifee body

      Dikadoll Kid Database:

      Dikadoll Mini Discussion part 1:
    2. Hey, I just did a review of Dika Kids if you are interested. Also, if I can help you with any pic requests or other questions, I'll do my best!

    3. I am trying to find a Normal Skin body that matches well with the Dikadoll Normal Yellow Skin, but am having quite a bit of trouble. At this point, my girl is on a Resinsoul slim 43cm body and looks rather odd. Could someone help me out?
    4. i love Dika doll elf, anyone know if any color go well with Fairyland body?

      i would like put the head of dika doll with fairyland body.

      thank you, i would like know really ^^
    5. Oh yes. I want to see more pics~
      LingRi and LingYue are the same sculpt, aren't they?
    6. yup, and I'm glad they did that since I didn't like the boy sculpts before but wanted the boy body. hopefully they do this for the other minis :)
    7. For what it's worth, both the European dealers i know of -do- sell heads seperately. ^.^
    8. I'm thinking about getting a whole LingYue (boy? the Dika site says that's the girl though...) from MOC but it depends on how much I'm spending for X-mas. Also trying to figure out what color to get. IS it proven that the recent WS is yellow white (Ivory?) not papar white? I need yellow white not paper. Xd

      Great investigation skills. I wish my parents were enablers for this hobby. XD
    9. ellejayvee: Rena is my second favorite Dikadoll mold! I almost bought her as my first doll, too. Was Rena a doll you were hinting at that you wanted?

      candy_coated: It'd be fun to have more than one LingYue/Ri wandering around DoA!:D By the looks of all the pictures on MoC, the white skin does appear more yellow. Also, if you look at SarahRachael's Dikadoll Review, you can kind of see the yellow tint in the Dika white skin.
    10. Thank you very much! I had a feeling Dika pink was too pink for matching with FL NS but not too bad it seems with some blushing. Xd
      Now gotta figure out if yellow is closer to FL NS. :]
    11. :3 bump?

      I ordered a Rena head before the new year (someday I might get it lol) and now that the Sleeping Rena has been released I'm 100% certain I'll be getting that one as an alternate head/body for the OE version. I so love sleeping/dreaming dolls!! And Rena is so cute!!

      How's the DK body?? Pose well? How's it look in comparison to other MSDs? I'm just trying to get a feel for size.... :3

      OH and as far as resin matching goes, I ordered the Pure White, so I can compare it to CP/FL WS if anyone is interested.
    12. better late than never? er, sorry I never came back to get the answers to my ?s...^^;

      candy_coated ~ Thanks for the infos and photo! Modding seems like a good plan, I especially hate non-slouchers...
      I only got a head, so I'm in the process of getting a body for mine. I was going to go with DK but...he seems pretty big there. I wonder if a smaller body would work. I want something significantly smaller than a Resinsoul boy. Maybe a girl body would work better.

      Does anyone have DK and an RS?? How's the size diff??
    13. Hi guys! I just wanted to post my Dikadoll Rena in White SKin. She's supercute. I haven't done her faceup yet but I will post pics soon. Her name is Lael.


      Risa: Is your Rena Normal Yellow? I really like her coloring.
    14. That picture in the Database, I had tons more from that photoshoot but my laptop recently killed itself so... :[
      I have his box opening and when I finished his face-up here
      link link
      I'll post more pictures once I figure out what to do with my laptop ;A;
    15. [​IMG]
      recent picture of Nanashi, my Lingyue. He's kinda eye and hair swapping. Xd
    16. Hi all ~

      I searched the DOA measurement data and couldn't find any for Dikadoll. Went to their web site but couldn't find what I need.

      I have a commission for one of their mini boys, Lingyue, a 1/4 kid doll.

      I need to know the length from the shoulder seam down the front to just below his knees. This is for a hospital gown and shorts.

      I would also like to confirm the measurements I got from their website, as sometimes they're incorrect.

      Chest 17cm
      Waist 14.5cm
      Hips 19cm

      Can someone please tell me if these measurements are correct?

      Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!
    17. Hello, just joined in! (both to this thread and DoA!) My wife got me into the BJDs hobby just recently and handed me one of her dolls...a DikaDoll Lingri! After a character change she became Mizuki! Here's a pic and if you wish to learn more about her just check out my story on the DA link in my signature!


      Thanks! ^_^