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DIM Ace with girl body

Apr 25, 2009

    1. I want to buy a DIM Ace, but I want to transform him in girl.
      According to you, what girl body is the better ?

      [sorry if a similar thread exist. I searched but I didn't found it. And sorry to my bad english...]
    2. ace is a 47.5 doll... he is tall with a BIG head oo ... I really think his head on a girl's body would be a problem 'cause its too big for any other MSD body I know except his own (even considering male bodies I do think his head would be TOO big)... maybe his head can be compared with a small SD one..I mean... those 50/55cm SD...but I really don't know ><
    3. Maybe you can put him om a zaoll body (52cm) ? Souldoll (55cm) or a glorydoll body (56 cm) Those are all smaller sd girls.

      I'm planning to put a msd head on a sd body to.. I already tried it out and it works fine proportions wise, only need to mod the neck.
    4. you should search someone who own an Ace here at DOA *just search DIM Ace and you'll find some XP) and ask the owner a pic comparing his head with a SD one.
      I really think his head would mach a small SD body oo/... the ploblem will be the resin color, I think DIM is a dificul match TT
    5. I think the most difficult thing about having an ace head on a girl body.. is finding one that'll fit right cause of the face plate. I have a friend who has a DIM Jullis.. I can see how his head looks on my MSD girl's body for you if you'd like.
    6. >>offtopic<<
      you can use eyeputty to hold the faceplate on it's place so it won't fall so easely... same for headcap i-i/
      >>offtopic end<<
    7. dim ace on a girl dim body does not work. his head is far too big and does not sit right. weirdsparkle had a dim ace and wanted him as a girl but its didnt work out. try searching through her posts, she may have some pictures.