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DIM Chosel questions:

Jan 5, 2007

    1. I'm getting a DIM Chosel...but i have no clothes for her and i have no idea what she wears. I'm told she's a tiny...cause i believe she is under the 30cm mark, but i'm not a 100% sure.

      Can someone help me out? I'd like to plan some clothes for her. :)

      Does she fit into cutie delf? Narsha girl? Yo-sd?

      I'd appreciate any help so that i can at least know what to look for! :P Thanks

    2. I've got a Choseol, too and she's just a sweetie! Congrats! She's defintely a tiny, a little tall, but definitely that category.

      I've heard she can wear petite ai clothing, but the pants will be a little short. She's fine in petite ai dresses, too. Her waist is a little smaller than a Petite Ai, but not so much to be much of a concern.

      Mine is currently being extremely patient wearing a newish Ken shirt, and a pair of prototype muslin pants until I can kit her out properly. She's been in 45mm shoes, and they are a hair too short, but not too bad. It's that long toe of hers, I think.

      I've also heard she can wear groovy girl stuff,too.
    3. Thanks so much! She can wear ken clothes? Is she that small? Lol! I have no idea!!

      Does anyone know if she can wear cutie delf...or are those msd? theres a cute set for sale on luts that i will jump on if i can find a group order and it fits! :)
    4. Cutie Delfs are 26cm, so a bit smaller than Choseol at 30cm. DollnDoll sell a lovely dress for Petites http://dollndoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=405. Congrats on getting a Choseol, she's one of my dream dolls, but so hard to get now! Did you buy her on the secondary market?

      - Liz
    5. Chosel can wear Cutie Delf but she is thinner, she is only a little shorter than my petite ai's but much thinner than they are. She could wear yo sd but again they are fatter than she is. Because she is thin she can wear some of the stretchy Barbie skirts.
    6. Thats lovely! thanks for the link i'll have to check it out now. Yes i bought her from one of the members here. i have yet to recieve her but i cant wait. She just kept coming up and i thought she was the cutest thing ever. :3

      Ah so she's thin...she didnt look so thin in the pics...but i guess i'll be amazed by her size when i get her! thanks for the info! :)
    7. Can anyone else give me advice? :3 or just general comments about this little girl?
    8. I thought i bumped this today...guess not. :P
    9. Bumpish! My Chosel is in the mail! XD
    10. I had a Choseol and she couldn't wear YoSD clothes at all!
      I always managed to find "other" types of doll clothes for her... Bleuette clothes kinda fit sometimes...
      She's an in-between size, but so pretty!

    11. When I had one she could wear Groovy Girls clothes.
    12. Oooh yaaay! thanks guys for all the advice! XD
    13. I picked up a nude ballerinia Choseol new on Ebay for $175 from someone who has sold 3 of them recently.

      Any new ideas for things that fit Choseol?

    14. Congratulations! I had my eye on that one but I couldn't justify another doll so soon after my trip O/S :)

      Petite Ai stuff will apparently fit Choseol, I really like this dress from Dollndoll: http://dollndoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=405. However, I don't know about non-BJD clothes that will fit.

    15. Thanks alot! I'll be looking into clothes for her again! Since i've recieved her she's become one of my favorites! she is simply adorable!! :D
    16. Bumping this thread as I'm paying off a Choseol and can't wait to bring her home :fangirl:

      I've been told that Bitty Bethany and some Bleuette clothes fit, what about Ann Estelle?

      (If anyone can point me towards free knitting and crochet patterns, and basic sewing patterns for this sized doll that would be great!)

      I'm guessing that at 4cm, Choseol's feet can fit shoes of other tinies?

      And what about wigs? Will Cancan's 6" wigs be stretchy enough to fit? She has a very cute wig with buns in that size but not in the 6-7" range. Also does anybody have the Luts CDW-13 wig for their Choseol and would be able to provide a photo?
    17. Hmm... None of the ken stuff I owned would fit Choseol...

      Some vintage doll dresses will fit her.

      If the tiny's feet are 4cm or slightly large they should fit Choseol. I do know that Yo-SD shoes are much too big for her.

      Some baggy "My scene" items fit ok, but look ridiculous on her.

      DIM sells outfits made specifically for the Sweets dolls. You could get her clothes there.
      She certainly looks best in childish or vintage looking attire. IMO...
    18. The Ken shirts I have fit all my petite and most of my c.43cm range dolls. Short sleeves, as the long sleeves tend to be tighter and nearly never the right length.
      So, that's Choseol, Cutie Delf, Petite Ai, Serendipity Freyr (30cm), plus the Minis
      Too loose on Bobobie March, but ok if it's worn open, as an overshirt.

      But that's goes-on fits, not perfect, never-dress-in-anything-else fit, except for Freyr.

      I have been raiding Bleuette's wardrobe to get patterns: the Bleu Door has lots and lots of the patterns on the web in .pdf format. I expect I will have to tweak the patterns to fit my doll exactly; the same was true for Bleuette in her day.

      Ann in CT
    19. Anyone have pictures of this doll, I'm curious now :)
    20. Ingie, I'm still waiting for my girl to get out of Customs, but when she arrives you can be sure I'll be putting photos up :)

      Ann in CT, I've been looking for Bleuette patterns but can't find any free ones!

      I'm so looking forward to trying stuff on her though, I bought a pajamas set originally sold for the 11" Madeline doll which I'm hoping will fit her.