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Disappointing Communication with Mystical-Maz - RESOLVED

Jan 27, 2008

    1. Note: This is negative feedback towards Mystical-Maz's business practice communication only. I am quite surprised by all I had to deal with here, as Mystical-Maz had great feedback and even a particular comment that she was very responsive to the needs of her customers.

      Series of Events

      - I purchased MSD clothes I had on hold from Mystical-Maz. (Dec 13, 2007) I sent payment promptly, no issues. (Link to the thread. As of Jan 25th & when I posted this, the items I purchased are still on HOLD.)

      - I did not receive a confirmation of ship PM in/around the time that her thread stated she usually sends (around a week and a few days, past two Fridays when she had the chance to ship), and that was plenty of time IMO.

      - I PM'd her to ask if they were sent. (Dec 27, 2007)

      - I received the reply that she can't remember and explained about forgotten packages at her work, that she sends out a lot of them.

      - I became frustrated, disappointed as well. I replied, explained to her I should have been informed after it was shipped and that she should have kept track...

      - Argument escalated, she sent me refund before she could make sure the package was actually sent. (Dec. 27, 2007)

      - Next day, she found out mine wasn't one of the packages forgotten and she sent it for sure a week prior. In good faith, I sent her the refund back. (Dec. 28, 2007)

      - I waited for my package. Accepting it is lost in the mail.

      - Near a month later, no package. I PM'd her giving her an update. (Jan 24, 2008)

      - She replied saying she assumed the package had arrived, as she heard nothing from me, and that other packages she sent out to others around the same time had arrived. (Jan 25, 2008)

      - I replied first with a confimation it hasn't arrived, then with a request a day later in regards to if there was any way to use the receipt to check where the package went. (Wanting to exhaust all possible ways to find it.) (Jan 25, 2008)

      - She replied there's no way as there is no tracking number. (Jan 26, 2008)

      - I replied with a request for a copy of the receipt. (Jan 26, 2008)

      - No reply from Mystical-Maz. (Jan 27, 2008; ~11:00AM)

      Checked Profile for Mystical-Maz: Offline: Last Activity: Jan 27, 2008 10:57 AM

      - I write this negative feedback. (Jan 27, 2008; 11:38am)

      Checked Profile for Mystical-Maz: Offline: Last Activity: Jan 27, 2008 11:07 AM

      - I wait...


      I am still waiting for reply for the copy of the receipt, but felt that I couldn't hold off this negative feedback for others who may do business with Mystical-Maz.

      Realize I am only one disappointed customer out of many happy ones. :)
      So please don't let this deter you from buying from Mystical-Maz. This is just to inform that it has happened and may happen again. A link to this will be included as feedback in own thread as negative feedback.

      I will keep this thread updated with other communication between her and I.
    2. In regards to this and looking it over, I realize she may have actually meant "I thought it must have not arrived..." instead of my original thought she thought it actually had arrived. :| So hard to determine with how it's written.
    3. Sorry it has taken a nearly 24hrs to respond to the above, but there is a time difference as you are in Canada and I am in the UK, plus I took advise before making this response.

      "I am very sorry that you were disappointed in this transaction. The moment that you notified me that the package had not been received, I gave you a prompt repky and complete refund, even tho we did not know if the parcel was lost or just delayed.

      I did this as a courtesy gesture even tho you had opted yourself not to pay the extra insurance and I said at the time of refund, if and when the parcel arrived, please either refund the money or return the items, for which I would refund the cost of postage upon their return to myself.

      There is no tracking for non insured normal airmail, addresses are not on the normal receipt, just paid amounts, so cannot show proof on a receipt of an item being sent to your actual address, so there is no way of seeing either end what has happened to this parcel.

      However, since you paid for the items very close to the date of the UK Christmas delivery cutoff, it is normal for there to be a delay in international delivery. Canada, in particular, is notorious for package delays at its borders. For this I cannot help, the time quoted on my sales post was an estimate from Royal Mail and is a guide line, which with the Christmas post could be wrong.

      Since I did not hear from you between December 28 and January 24, I was not aware that you had not received your package. Since then, I have promptly responded to your messages, and offered and paid you a full refund.

      I have checked my paypal account and can see no payment to myself from you apart from the one originally paying for the items on the 13th of December. (I can show a screen shot with proof, deleting out surnames of other transactions for privacy reasons) I can also show a screen shot of my refund to you, which included any possible paypal fee's)

      Unfortunately, I am not at the computer 24/7, due to caring for my ill father and mother, so I was unable to respond to your PM of 1/26 asking for a copy of the receipt until now (1/28.) due to the fact I was checking DoA from another computer not in my house. I don't think that it's reasonable or fair to say that a delay of two days is "disappointing communication" worthy of a negative feedback.

      I also feel it is rather unfair to leave neg feedback without letting me know or giving me a chance to respond via pm to a message only sent 24hrs prior, communication works BOTH ways, by seller AND buyer.

      Again, I am very sorry that the package didn't arrive, and I am now out the items and the money, so I'm a bit hurt and mystified that you're leaving me negative feedback after waiting only one day for a response to your PM. There is not much more I can do as I have already refunded your money over 4 weeks ago."
    4. added information that has just come to light... with is importsnt and relevant to this transaction.

      Refund (ID No.4Gxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5P)
      In reference to:4Bxxxxxxxxxxxxx1T

      Original Transaction
      Date Type Status Details Amount
      27 Dec. 2007 Payment To KXXXXXn XXXXXXXX Refunded Details -$28.50 USD

      Related Transactions
      Date Type Status Details Amount
      27 Dec. 2007 Add Funds from a Bank Account Completed Details £14.75 GBP
      27 Dec. 2007 Currency Conversion Completed Details -£14.75 GBP
      27 Dec. 2007 Currency Conversion Completed Details $28.50 USD
      28 Dec. 2007 Refund Completed ... $28.50 USD
      28 Dec. 2007 Currency Conversion Completed Details -$28.50 USD
      28 Dec. 2007 Currency Conversion Completed Details £14.75 GBP
      28 Dec. 2007 Temporary Hold Placed Details -£14.75 GBP
      9 Jan. 2008 Temporary Hold Removed Details £14.75 GBP

      I can provide a screen shot of this for you Nightmoon, but popping info here for people to see, without names, which have been XXX out for privacy, as I believe this is an important relevant bit of information

      I apologies, it has come to light you did refund me back after making investigations, but because a hold was put on it till 9th January it did not show, I did not know this. Plus you never pm'd me stating you had infact refunded me...

      a quote from one of your pm's to me in December said

      ""Instead of sending the clothes back, I will send you back the money you refunded me if they are received... Thus making us both happy. That was the other option.**

      I will now refund you again.
    5. Refund has been issued.
    6. Further information regarding refund, relevant to this transaction,

      In a further communication via pm you did say you would refund the money back to me, this was amongst a long pm, so havent put it all here, it was in regards to how paypal works and fee's etc, which I believe is not important to this transaction,

      for which I replied ""I dont expect a refund unless package arrives"" and when I did not see a refund within 24hrs, I presumed you had done as I wished. This was on the 29th of December and I had no further pm's from you until a few days ago. So I had no confirmation from yourself you had refunded, my refund.

      Which is why the refund was missed, because it was held until the 9th January *see above*, but showed up further back in the history once complete, so it was missed and with alot of transactions this month, in going and outgoing I did not notice a balance difference.

      I hope all this info shows how this transaction went.

      as said I have now once again, fully refunded you for these items that you bought and that have been lost between myself in the UK and yourself in Canada.
    7. Sorry, I must have missed the "I don't expect it back until the package arrives." message. :| Oops.

      Will refund it back if the package arrives. Thank you.
    8. Nightmoon ~ Please pm a mod when or if your item arrives.