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Dissapointed by Mina.

May 17, 2007

    1. First of all, forgive the length, and any parts of the post that may be confusing. If you have any questions, let me know, and I will happily clarify. Also, Mods, if you feel the mention of activity on other forums concerning this transaction, I will omit it and leave the post as simply a complaint against the unmentioned damages.

      During a recent transaction with DoA user Mina, I am somewhat dissapointed by her failure to inform me fully of the condition of a head I recently purchased from her, as well as her behaviour.

      Detials: When I noticed a Kayan head up for sale on Ebay(The auction can be found here., I recognized the pictures as belonging to Mina. I PMed her to confirm that the auction was hers, as the low feedback number had me wary of scammers. She confirmed that it was hers. Since I didn't have the cash for him at the time, I offered a few trades, but no agreement was reached. She was pleasant throughout, and quick to communicate.

      When the head didn't sell on Ebay, Mina offered to sell him to me for $315, as opposed to the $325 in the auction. I asked if she could accept a short layaway while I worked out the final details of another sale which would enable me to pay her. She agreed, and after a few days, the sale went through, and I payed her.

      During this time I did not inquire as to the condition of the head. Since Mina had not mentioned any scratches or damage, I assumed that if there was something wrong, or if there was any information concerning the head, as a seller, she would have informed me.

      The head arrived Tuesday, and I was a little unnerved and extremely dissapointed to see that the head was scratched and knicked in several places. While I entered the sale knowing that K-doll Kayans are artist heads, and owning two other artist heads, that there would be some imperfections. I am happy to have the head, since it is dream doll, but I was less than enthustic that she had failed to mention the head's condition. I wasn't expecting it to be in like-new condition, but I wasn't expecting this, either.

      Following is a written description of the damages and 'mold imperfections':

      1. The head appears to have yellowed; not a whole lot, but enough to tell it isn't just a yellowish tint to the resin.

      2. There are numerous chips and scratches along the headcap, as well as the top of the head where the cap rests. Most notable of the ones are on the back of the head, and look pretty nasty despite not being very deep. They look almost like cracks, but they're definately scratches. There are also four chips/scratches on the back of the head, just below the headcap line where the aforementioned crack-looking scratches are. They're not huge, but they're not unnoticeable.

      3. There's a fair chip out of one side of where the S-hook goes through the bottom of the head. I doubt this will compromise it's ability to stay on a body, but it's fairly rough and will probably need to be sanded to keep it from stratching a body.


      Scratches and chips along the edge of the headcap:





    2. Damage to the 'Neck Socket':





      A pair of chips next to the 'crack-like' scratches.



      The 'crack-like' scratches:






      At this point, I wrote about my dissapointment in Mina's failure to warn me on inform me of the damages on another forum(It can be found here.) This thread was posted in the appropriate subforum on this board, with the intent to both express my dissapointment immediately following the head's arrival, and seek advice from other members who had experienced similar seller problems on how to proceed. I was civil, and mentioned how I had enjoyed speaking to her in the PMs. At no point did I demean, or attack her personally. At no point did I flip my lid and go on a crazy rampage, demanding refund or retribution. It was suggested that posting about my feelings before contacting Mina was not the wisest of choices, to which I agreed. While I was preparing a PM for Mina, a member of the forum who is a friend of Mina's linked her to the post. This resulted in the following PM:

      She also posted my thread on the other forum in her LJ, and belitted me in the comments, claiming that I had fabricated the damage and my concerns were, quote, "Stupid". I was appalled that she thought I had no right to complain about her omitted information on the basis that they are imperfect.

      K-Doll heads, especially Kian and Kayan, are rare, which means information concerning them is limited at best. I have researched K-doll heads, while not terribly extensively, enough to know that yes, they are artist's heads and therefore are bound to have a flaw or two; but not enough to know whether or not they come directly from the artist with scratches that resemble damage.

    3. I would like to note that, while it is an aside, as the conversation concerning my transaction continued on the seperate forum, I never spoke harshy of Mina, merely objectively and civily as an upset buyer. When asked what I was going to do next, I announced that I was simply going to ignore the PM, and get on with my life. After that comment, I received another PM from Mina. I will bold the portion of the PM I found most striking and disturbing:

      Having become rather exhausted with the ordeal by this point, I replied with the following PM:

      Her finally reply was:

      At no point did I accuse her of causing the damage herself. Accourding to her, the head was already scratched and chipped when she received it, which means the damage was there when she sent it to me, she knew it, and didn't see fit to tell me. Which, incidentally, was what I had been saying: The doll was damaged, an she sold it to me without disclosing it. It doesn't matter who damaged it--I did not purchase the head from them. I purchased it from her.

      And hopefully that is where this ends. My advice to those looking to buy from Mina in the future is to make sure to ask about the exact condition of the doll you are purchasing, as she will not disclose it on her own, especially if she does not hold herself responsible for any damage/irregularities/imperfections, and assumes some damages that do not bother her will not bother you. Contesting and voicing concerns has been an exercise in futility for me, but I cannot speak wholly for future transactions. Also, be sure to ask her for a tracking number, as I did not receive mine until after I requested it.

      Aside from the unmentioned damages and rudeness, Mina was a prompt communicator and fast shipper. Ask questions, and buy with caution.
    4. I'm not sure how you didn't expect me to be upset when you decided not to pm me about it but instead decided to post about it on a public forum.

      That aside, you cannot honestly say you didn't acuse me of the damage when you said that I beveled the eyes, expoxied the inside, and sanded the head. I cannot explain enough to you that none of the things you took pictures of are damages. The head came to me that way and therefor, I sent it to you the same way. Because you felt misinformed I have offered you a refund at least 3 times and you have declined each time.
    5. I have apologized and admitted I am wrong for going elsewhere for advice before consulting you. I was upset, so I turned to people I trusted for feedback and advice with how to approach you on the matter. I have admitted I was wrong. Repeatively. Now, I will do so again, for good measure: I should have contacted you before I posted about my feelings towards the head's condition on a public forum that wasn't DoA, which I have every right to do as a disgruntled buyer retaining the right to free speech. I have accepted responsibility for my actions and apologized, but none of that changes the fact that you have sold me a damaged head without without disclosing it's condition. Even if you did think these were only imperfections, or that since you had no responsibility forthem that it didn't matter that they were there, I am dissapointed in you as a buyer. I'm not attacking you as a person, as you have me. I am objectively voicing my dissatisfaction as a buyer, nothing more.

      I feel it is right that, given your attitude toward the damage and open admittance to having omitted them based on your feeling that I 'wouldn't be bothered', I am warning other buyers to ask you, in the hopes that their prompting will cause you to think twice before breezing over damage--be it caused by you or anyone else--or imperfections in the future.

      Moving on:

      I did not accuse you of causing the damage. I merely said that you sold me a head that was damaged without telling me that it was and reguardless of who caused the damage, you sold me a head that was damaged without telling me that it was. You have confirmed this yourself:

      Clearly you aknowledge that the scratches were there, and that you were aware of them when you sent them to me, and that you did not inform me.

      You will notice that I edited the post to show that the eyewells and weird bit I thought to be epoxy were normal after being contacted by another K-doll owner to explained this was normal.

      I have declined your refund because I do not want a refund. I do not have a problem with the head. I have a problem with you, as a seller, for neglecting to inform me, your buyer, fully of the condition of the head. Just because you didn't think I wouldn't be bothered doesn't make the damages any less existant.

      So, one more time, for good measure: At no point did I accuse you, personally, of causing the damages. At no point did I say 'Mina made these scratches. Mina made these chips.' You may have caused them, you may have not. Here is what I am saying about you, for hopefully what need be the last time:

      'Mina sold me a doll that had scratches. Mina sold me a doll that has chips. Mina didn't tell me before accepting my payment. Mina feels that I didn't need to know about the scratches and chips. Be sure to ask Mina for details before you buy from her. Also, I went looking for help from other people before consulting Mina, which wasn't the best idea, but I'm not much more informed. Mina accused me of fabricating the damage and then admitted it was there. So, when you buy from Mina, make sure to ask about everything you can think of concerning the condition of the doll. Mina has been rude and insulting, which I, the buyer, who paid Mina $315 for an item, find highly unprofessional and immature, especially when I went out of the way to ensure I did not say a negative word about Mina personally, nor anything that could even be possibly misconstrued as damaging to her personal reputation in the context of the thread on another forum(I, on the other hand, was accused of having stupid concerns and lying.). I am dissapointed in Mina for her rudeness despite my having treated her name and reputation with respect the entire time. Use caution.'

      So, reguardless of that post, and reguardless of anyone's feelings, the fact remains that you, Mina, sold me a damaged/imperfect/chipped/scratched head, without informing me of it's condition. Reguardless of what that head endured under your care--had the head even been enveloped entirely in three layers of bubble wrap and six inches of foam padding--you admitted that the scratches, imperfections, and chips were there. You admitted that you sold it to me in this condition (After having stated I made them up.), and you admitted that you didn't tell me about them, as you expected me to know about them or simply not care.

      You have proven and admitted my complaint to be valid. At this point, aside from any lingering sore feelings on your end, there is nothing left to discuss. This thread exists as a testament to my dissapointment with you as a seller, and to help future buyers be more informed--as I was not--letting them form their own judgements from there.

      Again, I sincerely hope mature as a seller, and I wish you the best; but as of right now, I am washing my hands of this entire ordeal.
    6. If you two have anything further to say to each other about this matter, please be so kind as to take it to PM. I think the issue at hand has been pretty extensively detailed at this point.

      Thank you. :daisy