Distantmemory, Korean BJD - Part 2

May 25, 2020

    1. Also to throw in for consideration, she doesn’t speak English, so I think it’s fair that she prioritized emails she could actually read w/o trying to distangle google translate And could ship domestically quickly and cheaply and w/ good communication. Harder to troubleshoot expensive product loss messages in other countries banking systems and different language. Relevant because for future orders, putting a order in korean might genuinely be helpful to get uh read.
    2. She did have a quite good and readable english form and she got alot of help from friends regarding the english and orders possibly made on english:3nodding:
      If she was uncomfortable with english and international buyers, it would have been okay thing to state and say that this time around, only Koreans or orders made insidd Asia are accepted. I believe many would have been okay with that and understand.

      I do understand that this is common hassle and is seen with many other individual artists who only work alone without any dealers or help from casters. The amount of interest and rush of buyers is scary thing to happen and can't be controlled in any way. Some do lotteries just for the sake of their own mental health in order to have more control over the sales. I personally think Esthy wasn't prepared enough for this. She got a lot of help from Nobility doll the last times, but now she needs to handle everything by herself and the amount of work is overwhelming.
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    3. That makes all kinds of sense. We would all like to know in advance that the sale was Asia only, but if she had no sense of the number of orders that would come rushing in, she really couldn't say that in advance. She probably could only make that decision in the spur of the moment, knowing what she was capable of doing and not capable of doing. This is not an easy decision. I work for myself so I know this firsthand. I know it doesn't seem fair, but being so sought after and not having help must be harder on her than on us.
    4. That makes all sense. And it may be something added too. I received my Hwayoung last week and I've checked the address. The doll is sent from DAEGU. Many of you may know that Daegu suffered terribly from corona in the end of February and March, due to that religious sect. All the town was in lockdown. I'm guessing that she may have suffered from the lockdown too.
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    5. Hey guys, I've been out of the loops for several years. How is Distant Memory doing and are Esthy Peroths accessible anymore? Judging from the discussion here, it looks like DM has closed off selling overseas?
    6. I don't think so T_T. The only 2nd batch she opened was for the Hwayoung this year. But I have seen lasts months some on the second hand market, so you may have some opportunities to catch him!
    7. Where is it possible to find a second hand one?

      I have only seen cheap recasts being sold. I have always wanted the blonde Sunho doll.