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Distantmemory, Korean BJD

May 19, 2017

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    1. Hi!
      Just wanted say I got my sunho head in about a week ago and he is currently off for a faceup! I think the last batch of sunho heads were supposed to be mailed out from June 6-9 (according to nobility doll). A few have even popped up on the market place here already. He really is even more gorgeous in person! So happy I snagged him right before pre-orders closed! :cheer
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    2. Congratulations! :thumbup
      I too got Sunho head! And I'm very happy! :dance Very love him! :kitty1
      Now head is on the make-up. :...(
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    3. I know how you feel, it was really painful shipping his head off for me as well! I actually also got the Hwayoung head off the marketplace just a little while ago too, so I was able to ship them together!!:D
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    4. Wow! You have Hwayoung! Cool! :drool Soon we will show our boys. :3nodding:

      Kyaaa! :o My kokoro! *died*
      Distantmemory uploaded new photos! :love


      Хостинг фото / загрузить изображение — FastPic
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    5. Oh my lord!!! They look gorgeous!! Esthy just kills it every time!! :D:D:D
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    6. You think she will release another doll soon?! My wallet isn't ready!! I've barely saved enough to get my floaters some decent bodies :nowords:
      I'm looking forward to more of her work though, I have to make sure I don't miss any other preorders :lol:
    7. I got Sunho head long time ago but I still couldn't find a body for him. Does anyone do a hybrid? I wanna know which company will fit this head. His normal skin is quite pale with pink under tone. It's quite too hard to find him a body.
    8. Well, his already been made for a long time. It's time to start selling.
      Jungkook on the left. :wiggle


      Look at my profile. :roll:
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    9. Since there arnt too many Esthy heads among owners in general, it's a little bit hard to be 100% sure of a good hybrid with various bodies, I would start with researching the bodies that match some previously released Esthy heads (like Peroth and E-yeon) there's a few threads regarding that right here on DoA! They have some great information! I have a body coming in soon that hopefully will work but I can't reccomend it until I've seen the results :)

      I had NO idea that was another doll head! I just assumed it was the previously made hwayoung head! Wow!!!! I am super stoked for it now! I wonder when she'd release it? Maybe in mid summer? I wish I could understand the Korean on her website :(
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    10. My Sunho is sitting on the body of the boy Luts65 senior delf. I like the this body! Skitons of head and body coincide as native. The proportions are good. :thumbup

      Ahaha. I think that in summer it will definitely sell.
      But I would not mind having one more Sunho's head. :sweat
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    11. I second that....for some reason I want to hoard several of the same heads (which I never understood before). And I told myself no more new dolls this year :roll::lol:
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    12. I also do not buy new dolls. On the contrary, I sell half of xD. I want to get someone from Distantmemory for the future. I want to Namjoon. :evilplot:
    13. @~Hiroki~ Thank you. I'll go check Luts body for sure. May I ask about the color matching? Both of them are similar or Luts is darker with pink undertone?

      @FindAlice Thank you for your suggestion. :) Hope you'll get a good result for doing a hybrid. I have E-yeon and Sunho head. Their resin color are slightly different. Suhno is more pinker than E-yeon. I have only Volks and Switch bodies in Normal Skin. I can say they are not match with the head. Based on the resin comparison among my floating heads. Distantmemory has the similarity with Switch (New NS) but it's a lot paler than Switch. I can't do a hybrid between Distantmemory's head and Switch body because the body has a very thick elastic cord and big s-hook. They can't go through the hole of the head. That's why I'm still looking for another alternative body. Maybe I'll a body from Distantmemory because of the problems I state above.
    14. I wrote above that the skitons 100% similarity. I can show photo my Sunho if it's necessary. :abambi:
    15. This is great information! I was hoping that the older heads were similar in color to the newer ones, because I used that as a baseline. I already purchased a body that was close to volks normal skin unfortunately, now I'm thinking it wont be a match at all according to your analysis. I'm not too picky on resin match, but its still a disappointment after all that research! I'll post on here when I can :)

      I might have to look into Luts bodies too if my plans don't work out, It great you already found a perfect match!
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    16. My Sunho is out for a face-up but before she left I compared her with several girl bodies I have on hand and it looked as if I could get a match. Luckily the head isn't as large as some boy heads, so the size itself, as long as the neck parts fit, shouldn't be a problem.
    17. Wow, that sounds amazing, I never thought about making sunho a girl. I can barely imagine what she would look like, I am totally looking forward to her! Would you be so kind as to share what bodies she has matched so far? Perhaps we can cross examine multiple companies and gather more information on these lovely heads.