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Distantmemory, Korean BJD

May 19, 2017

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    1. Esthy also made two heads between Peroth between and E-yeon, they were called Rad and Sigel. For some reason she has removed them from her portfolio : ( . I had a sigel I bought directly from her in 2013 but I recently sold him. Picture below of Sigel for those interested.

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    2. @Sillypeach Thank you very much for the information regarding the early two Distant Memory dolls.
      And Sigel, wow, he's beautiful with such lovely expression:love
      I think Esthy's face up as well as her photographs are wonderful adding more charm to the sculpt <3

      In meanwhile, I got a dispatch notification of my Sunho, can't wait. XD
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    3. Hi!
      Just wanted say I got my sunho head in about a week ago and he is currently off for a faceup! I think the last batch of sunho heads were supposed to be mailed out from June 6-9 (according to nobility doll). A few have even popped up on the market place here already. He really is even more gorgeous in person! So happy I snagged him right before pre-orders closed! :cheer
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    4. Congratulations! :thumbup
      I too got Sunho head! And I'm very happy! :dance Very love him! :kitty1
      Now head is on the make-up. :...(
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    5. I know how you feel, it was really painful shipping his head off for me as well! I actually also got the Hwayoung head off the marketplace just a little while ago too, so I was able to ship them together!!:D
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    6. Wow! You have Hwayoung! Cool! :drool Soon we will show our boys. :3nodding:

      Kyaaa! :o My kokoro! *died*
      Distantmemory uploaded new photos! :love


      Хостинг фото / загрузить изображение — FastPic
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    7. Oh my lord!!! They look gorgeous!! Esthy just kills it every time!! :D:D:D
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    8. You think she will release another doll soon?! My wallet isn't ready!! I've barely saved enough to get my floaters some decent bodies :nowords:
      I'm looking forward to more of her work though, I have to make sure I don't miss any other preorders :lol:
    9. I got Sunho head long time ago but I still couldn't find a body for him. Does anyone do a hybrid? I wanna know which company will fit this head. His normal skin is quite pale with pink under tone. It's quite too hard to find him a body.
    10. Well, his already been made for a long time. It's time to start selling.
      Jungkook on the left. :wiggle


      Look at my profile. :roll:
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    11. Since there arnt too many Esthy heads among owners in general, it's a little bit hard to be 100% sure of a good hybrid with various bodies, I would start with researching the bodies that match some previously released Esthy heads (like Peroth and E-yeon) there's a few threads regarding that right here on DoA! They have some great information! I have a body coming in soon that hopefully will work but I can't reccomend it until I've seen the results :)

      I had NO idea that was another doll head! I just assumed it was the previously made hwayoung head! Wow!!!! I am super stoked for it now! I wonder when she'd release it? Maybe in mid summer? I wish I could understand the Korean on her website :(
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    12. My Sunho is sitting on the body of the boy Luts65 senior delf. I like the this body! Skitons of head and body coincide as native. The proportions are good. :thumbup

      Ahaha. I think that in summer it will definitely sell.
      But I would not mind having one more Sunho's head. :sweat
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    13. I second that....for some reason I want to hoard several of the same heads (which I never understood before). And I told myself no more new dolls this year :roll::lol:
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    14. I also do not buy new dolls. On the contrary, I sell half of xD. I want to get someone from Distantmemory for the future. I want to Namjoon. :evilplot:
    15. @~Hiroki~ Thank you. I'll go check Luts body for sure. May I ask about the color matching? Both of them are similar or Luts is darker with pink undertone?

      @FindAlice Thank you for your suggestion. :) Hope you'll get a good result for doing a hybrid. I have E-yeon and Sunho head. Their resin color are slightly different. Suhno is more pinker than E-yeon. I have only Volks and Switch bodies in Normal Skin. I can say they are not match with the head. Based on the resin comparison among my floating heads. Distantmemory has the similarity with Switch (New NS) but it's a lot paler than Switch. I can't do a hybrid between Distantmemory's head and Switch body because the body has a very thick elastic cord and big s-hook. They can't go through the hole of the head. That's why I'm still looking for another alternative body. Maybe I'll a body from Distantmemory because of the problems I state above.
    16. I wrote above that the skitons 100% similarity. I can show photo my Sunho if it's necessary. :abambi:
    17. This is great information! I was hoping that the older heads were similar in color to the newer ones, because I used that as a baseline. I already purchased a body that was close to volks normal skin unfortunately, now I'm thinking it wont be a match at all according to your analysis. I'm not too picky on resin match, but its still a disappointment after all that research! I'll post on here when I can :)

      I might have to look into Luts bodies too if my plans don't work out, It great you already found a perfect match!
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