Distantmemory, Korean BJD

May 19, 2017

    1. I'd personally recommend 14mm small iris. I find 12mm very small.
    2. He’s gorgeous! Does anyone know where I can buy 14 or 12mm small iris eyes???
    3. @Smol_Chim
      You can order SOULinaBOX's eyes in 12 or 14mm small iris.
      Some of the Enchanted Doll eyes come in "narrow" iris size.
      Or Beetles Glass Eyes have some too. ^__^

      I don't usually post in this thread (hehe, my E-yeon is off the BTS trend, though I enjoy following along and seeing everyone's dolls :chocoheart), but I do sincerely hope that Esthy continues to make dolls in the future. I love her sculpting style so much, it would be really sad to loose! :(
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    4. I Think Mako eyes has generally smaller iris than some companies :O Not sure though!
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    5. @Smol_Chim There are two makers I've found on the etsy site. Chocolate Handmade -love the 12mm regular iris eyes I got for Sunho. I just ordered two more sets over three weeks ago and realized they hadn't arrived. Went to check their status and noticed the shop has stopped accepting orders at this time until they complete and ship the orders they already have. Acrylic but I really like them.
      The other I just ordered from is also on etsy: SOULinaBOXdolls they will create custom orders, color/size / small or regular iris. Good luck!
    6. citruskull also makes beautiful eyes, as a commission as well!
      One of her specialties is to make 14mm low dome eyes with 12mm or smaller irises. So those could work as well for Distant Memory boys.
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    7. oh my he’s so handsome! May I ask where you got his wig and in what size?
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    8. Hello everyone!

      After almost half a year of waiting - the make up artist I commissioned has finally sent me a few pictures of my (almost) finished boy!
      I'm so excited! It was definitely worth the wait ... :...( Mind that eyes/wig are hers, she had just styled the head for pictures to send. :chibi I still don't have him by the way ...:pout:

      But I should have him by June, so probably by the end of August I should be able to present him in his full glory! His name is Villiam, by the way! :aheartbea



      More here v v v


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    9. He looks amazing!:D
      Who did his faceup? Does she have a instagram or Flickr account?
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    10. Hello dear & Thank you!! I'm so happy what they did what my references/idea for the face up!! :atremblin
      Oh!! Yes absolutely! It's actually on the photos (that's why I didn't include a link, haha) Goyo/Zanya! They're a South Korean artist :aheartbea

    11. He's so unique looking! I love it:love
      His faceupstyle looks similar to my Tune's faceup. I have yet to found The artist who did his face ^^;
    12. Oh dear, I do have a pretty vague feeling it might be either her or ROU :abambi:
      But you could just message them and ask? If you look at their homepage, they have English info too!
    13. Finally a photo (avatar pic) of my Distant Memory Jaeii with his new wig. I just got a Soul Doll SeoJin head and I must say it while I'm excited to have it, it also makes me appreciate Esthy's beautiful head sculpts! <3
    14. Wow! He looks amazing! :D

      I owned a Jaeii Head as well however I did my own face up. I’m looking for some face-up artists for commission tho.
    15. So are the Mattell BTS dolls the only BTS dolls you can buy now besides buying on the 2nd hand market? My daughter is in love with RapMonster and I wanted to get her a bjd of him. Did Distant Memory ever release the RM doll?
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    16. Sorry I'm new, does Author0509 actually sell?

      omg my heart, he is perfect!
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    17. Sadly Author0509 cannot sell her BTS dolls due to copyright issues with BigHit. She posted a long post on Instagram about it.:(

      Esthy’s Doll would be fine I hope since she named them differently even thou theirs sculpts look like BTS members.
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    18. At the moment, yes. You can find Distant Memory Jaeii heads second hand though, but the price is high and you need to get him body separately. Rm head was never released.
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    19. Hi guys!^^
      Just wanted to drop in and share a photo of my Jaeii wearing his new suit that I got for him recently.

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