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Distantmemory, Korean BJD

May 19, 2017

    1. I'm sorry for replying very late x_x I got his wig from Taobao!

      Thanks a lot!! I love this boy so much!
    2. I love his eyes!! :D Are they 12 or 14mm? I actually had a bunch of 16mm eyes from Mako Eyes, but they seem to be a little too big for Distant Memory eyes... :doh I suppose 14 - 12 would be better?

      P.S.: I also love the pink suit :chibi :pcupcake :aheartbea
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    3. @cudnaruza hehe Thank you<3 He is wearing 12mm small iris eyes that I made for him to wear.
    4. He looks great! how do you like the jointed fingers? I'm still undecided if I'd like them or not ^^
    5. @Vrg2 I definetely prefer them instead of the regular hands. But comparing the Jointed hands from DM to the ones I have from Sadol, I find DM jointed hands are a little weaker on grasping certain objects and holding it in position(ex. 1/3 size props such as cups etc.) Other than that, I think they are great.
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    6. Sharing another photo of my boys, Kai & Hayate~
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    7. omg these sweethearts!!! I love it!
    8. They are very cute )
      And it looks as if they have been torn away from an important conversation.
    9. Idk whether to buy sunho eyes with 3mm iris or 4mm. Any thoughts?
    10. I just realized I have not shared by DMs yet <3 so here they are.
      Jaeii (Cheongug) is a full DM and the other (Jigu) is an ihavedoll Tune + DM body hybrid (works pretty well btw)

      #730 DeanDynamite, May 29, 2019
      Last edited: May 29, 2019
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    11. It's a very subjective decision... But in my opinion bigger iris works better for them. I don't know how it is for Sunho but for Jaeii 6mm are suggested.
    12. They are so beautiful * _______ *
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    13. Also share a photo) Recently remembered them.
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    14. I wonder if any of you have re-stringed a DM doll?
      I want to do it, but there seems to be a big amount of thick wire inside and I dont want to un-string the body and not be able to bring it back in position...

      I'm looking for some kind of advice or tutorial especially for DM bodies (I know how to restring in general but with the wire inside DM is special)...
    15. @DeanDynamite You can unstring him and put the wire back in as you string the body back again. Many people use wiring to help dolls to pose and hold those poses better.
      Just place the wires back where they were so you shouldn't have any problems ^^
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    16. They are very handsome! Love how they are matching colors in the last photo :)

      What a beautiful boy and beautiful shots ^^ He must be enjoying his time!
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    17. Yes! He had a lot of fun with his friends)
    18. I am a bit in fear to do that... But I guess I have to try... It feels like some wires inside are causing trouble.
    19. They are lovely dolls, I always enjoy seeing new dolls.:love
      Lol, I did have to laugh however, when I went to Nobilitydoll’s website to check them out and found myself looking at a page full of little ball jointed hamster dolls!:lol:
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    20. Here's a question for everyone with the Distant Memory body: What size clothes do you like best fit-wise for this body?

      Yuri says thanks so much! :chocoheart
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