Distantmemory, Korean BJD

May 19, 2017

    1. I hope you get answers. I’d love to have at least one original DM body for my DM head’s!
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    2. Thank you @Katsume912 ^__^
      It's a gorgeous body. I hope you can get one!

      Yuri has a good little collection of clothes, but I feel like maybe he's a bit in between sizes on some things so I thought it would be nice to hear what other people have tried and found worked or didn't. Maybe I'm just missing a good size for him. Hehe.
      For me I usually go with shirts in sd17 size and pants in sd13 size, but the pants are a bit short. Nice and snug though, hehe.
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    3. I use 65cm sized clothing for my DM lads. :)
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    4. I replaced my boy's eyes and he became so cute))))
      Now it is 16mm with a small iris)

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    5. @MorfeevKot His eyes are gorgeous! Excellent photo of him-thanks for sharing!
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    6. Alright! This may be sacrilege but this week I sent my Jaeii off for modding. I'm excited and nervous to see how he comes out at the end. But I think he's in pretty good hands with Gabriel/Lightlybattered
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    7. Oooh, super curious to see how he turns out. And if you don't like it, at least Jaeiis aren't rare yet. I think yours might be the first Jaeii I see modded; super excited with you!! :)
    8. @Chriandra I'm curious as to how your Jaeii will look with modifications-I hope you share photos when he finally gets back home! Part of me wants to get another Jaeii in White skin but I have so many other dolls I want first!
    9. @Marceline @Katsume912

      Thanks! I've never sent a doll off for mods before so it's a bit nerve wracking but not because I'm worried that something will go wrong. I'm just hoping that it turns out the way I have envisioned.

      I know who he's based off of but I'm actually sending him off for mods to turn him into a different idol. I want my own little pocket Jung Yunho.

      Right now I'm just waiting for him to get delivered into gabriel's hands hehe
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    10. does anyone know if DM will continue selling BTS dolls? how long does she usually take to start selling again? I think the last thing I knew is that she was working on a Namjoon head
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    11. @Arletstar Hello-I spoke with someone at Nobility Doll via email in May this year and they said Esthy ran into problems when her dolls became famous. She now has some kind of restrictions.

      When I asked them about a new Distant Memory doll in June 2018 they said there would be another doll released at the beginning of 2019. Obviously this didn't happen. After witnessing what happened to the doll artist Author0509 after she came on BigHit's radar I don't blame her. I love going to Esthy's website and seeing how she displays her maknae line. I still hold hope she finishes the Namjoon head she started-he's my main bias!
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    12. I really do hope Esthy makes more dolls...Even Nobility Doll has made a Jin inspired doll called Genie, even after the supposed issues Esthy may have run into. And Author0509, has released versions of the group with unique, smiling/grinning/smirking expressions, luckily!! Lol. The artists really need to make sure they give their dolls unique names and don't publicly associate them with idols. I wish I knew more how things happened with Esthy, because she never identified her sculpts as members from what I know...I guess she just didn't change them enough...unlike iHavedoll and Author...
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    13. @marci12 I'm holding onto hope for more Esthy DM dolls as well-when I compare them to other sculpts I have they're really beautiful. I keep hoping someone will sculpt SD size Namjoon and Hobi.<3
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    14. I'd be happy with any additional sculpts from Esthy (non-idol inspired), I just love them. The sculpting is so beautiful. :chocoheart
      I have E-Yeon and he is one of my favorite dolls. I love how slouchy the DM body is too. Hehe.

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    15. All Esthy works are a masterpiece I think. (BTS and not BTS related) She is, indeed, one of my favorite BJD artists!.

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    16. Oh My GOODNESS! I haven't seen many photos of the E-Yeon sculpt and I've searched! I love that sculpt so much. <3
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    17. I recommend Alice Collection.
      I have two boys with Distant Memory body and bought many clothes for them there. The choice is quite huge.

      In general I'd say SD17 / 65cm clothes fit them well. They have unproblematic proportions.
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    18. @Illyria
      Esthy is one of my favorite doll artists too! :chocoheart
      There is something really delicate and sensitive in her sculpts. She was super nice when I ordered my E-Yeon from her too. :)

      Ah, he does seem to be hard to find! I try to keep an eye out for him too. I have a doll profile for Yuri if you'd like to see more of him. I'll try to post him in this thread more often. :)

      Thank you for the recommendation.
      Hehe, I like to spoil Yuri. :XD:
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    19. It is nice to see more Esthys sculpts :D
      I wish to see more pictures of Peroth too!

      I was offered a Sunho head, 1100 dollars + shipping + me paying pp fees.... It is way too much and paying F&F is way too risky since I wouldn't get my money back if something did happen :sweat
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    20. Yessss, you can't pay that much via f&f. Someone on IG asked if I knew how to buy a Sunho, and I could only point them to eBay and that one on there for $1500!!?