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Distantmemory, Korean BJD

May 19, 2017

    1. Here's a question for everyone with the Distant Memory body: What size clothes do you like best fit-wise for this body?

      Yuri says thanks so much! :chocoheart
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    2. I hope you get answers. I’d love to have at least one original DM body for my DM head’s!
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    3. Thank you @Katsume912 ^__^
      It's a gorgeous body. I hope you can get one!

      Yuri has a good little collection of clothes, but I feel like maybe he's a bit in between sizes on some things so I thought it would be nice to hear what other people have tried and found worked or didn't. Maybe I'm just missing a good size for him. Hehe.
      For me I usually go with shirts in sd17 size and pants in sd13 size, but the pants are a bit short. Nice and snug though, hehe.
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    4. I use 65cm sized clothing for my DM lads. :)