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Do all of the CustomHouse Ai Uniques have OOAK headmolds?

Nov 2, 2004

    1. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if all of the Unique/cosplay/Event Ai have unique head molds? A lot of the more unusual ones look different, but I can't tell with some of them, specifically some of the costume play ones. I'm really bad at picking out face molds with different face ups unless I'm really familiar with them. I want to know if any of the faces I'm adoring on the costume play page are the same faces that I'm ambivalent about on the "The Ai" page due to their relatively basic faceups and un-exciting photography.
    2. Hi,

      The only unique heads I know of are the "Priest"....Karin's Unique, the "Something Romatic", and the 4 Sanshin spirits.....the first dolls, made by the CH people.

      The rest of the dolls in those groups are special in that the faceups are very uniquely done. I know the ones I have have very dramatic faceups.
    3. Also there are two facemolds, the Jun and Ceebee, who are used only for Unique/Merchen/Event etc. dolls which aren't avalible as just basic Ai's.
      They are used multiple times but only as special edition dolls. :daisy

      If there's anything you want help identifying just post a link here. :chibi
    4. They also use a few other headmolds for their limiteds, but these dont tend to be used as much as Jun or Ceebee. Like, Han, Rock and Cyn.
      I think Han has only been used five times and they were all limited to around 10 at a time. I know young Han was limited to just 5 sooo.....

    5. My Event Ai, Jung, is limited (so far) to the two you can see on the website.....the one in black leathers, and the one in the black turtleneck and jeans.