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Do you draw your dolls?

Sep 3, 2016

    1. For those artists out here: do you draw your dolls (or their characters, as it were)? All of them? Only some? Do you try to make the drawing look juuuust like the doll, or does it vary? Post a picture if you've got one on-hand!

      Bonus round, did they start as drawn characters and were shelled into dolls? I've forbidden myself from doing so but I'd love to hear others' stories c:

      I don't have my boy quite yet, but I've already drawn him - he's a LUTS Avalanche. I've been trying to make him look like the real sculpt but it's proven a lot harder than I thought it would, heh.


      (i'm talented at posting in the wrong forums so sorry in advance if this is wrong, mods ;w; i *did* search for duplicates and didnt find any)
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    2. What beautiful drawings you have made!

      I wish I knew how to draw but my talents does not include drawing. Although I don't personally draw my doll I have had commissioned drawings of some of my dolls and characters before. These drawings are not specifically made over the doll sculpts as much as the characters they resemble. I have tried drawing my dolls but due to the terrible skill I am too embarrassed to even keep them..

      Here is one of the commissions I made for one of my dolls, it is the character known as Hui Yue, a Delf Winter Event 2011 (sorry for the massive size, don't know how to make it smaller ><) This commission was made by Anako-ART on DA.

    3. I sometimes do, especially as my dolls are mostly OCs (some pre-existed, some came after dolls) XD Not nearly as much as I should, though.

      I don't generally try to make my drawings look exactly like the doll, because most of the time the styles don't match.

      Actually, I mostly just draw Satoru .... (black-haired one in the drawing below, although the brunette is also shelled as a doll)


      You might be interested in this thread in the games section:

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    4. i did draw my doll once or twice ;-; its horrible i tried to make it look like the sculpt so it just came out in a weird style haha although i kinda like it it came out looking like a silent android or something?? ah idk im just rambling now.. he was never a drawn character though... i plan on making one of my oc's a doll tho so im excited ^-^
    5. I have also forbidden myself from shelling pre-existing characters (too many...). I imagine that I will. Mine lean towards realism, so I think that I would be more comfortable stylizing them.
    6. Your draw is awesome, I loved! Sometimes I draw my dolls, it looks like they are alive when I do it because I can see them with different expressions and poses
    7. I have drawn some of my dolls, but not often. I'm thinking of doing it more just because there are some things that can't be done with the dolls, like drastically changing their expression or certain kinds of clothes or poses! I try to catch a resemblance to the doll, but I don't slave over accuracy or anything. Here's a comparison:

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      I have also forbidden myself from making dolls of drawn characters, that's too dangerous! ;D So the dolls I've drawn all originated as dolls.
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    8. I couldn't draw a stick figure unless the stick figure I was trying draw was a scribble. Even then it would be a bad scribble.
    9. I don't draw very well, but I still draw my dolls. Usually they're weird chibis when I do. ^^; Christian is my favorite to draw, though.

      All my sketchpads are still in boxes, alas. So, I can't share any of my drawings. ;o;
    10. I suck at drawing, and rarely share them, but I love drawing all of my dolls. XunXun is my favorite to draw, cause I imagine he'd make a lot of facial expressions XD
    11. I have drawn all of my doll characters before with varying degrees of success. Most were characters created for their universe but I may shell some more long standing characters when my budget allows for more dolls.

      This is my monster-ish boy, a Dollzone Virgil named Raico. He usually has pants but I wanted to do a male torso the day I drew this.

    12. oh gosh i should have commented earlier! look out below :'D

      Aaa thanks ;w; i'm v pleased with these <3

      Oh gosh some of you are so brave ahahaa;;; for those of you who are on the same train and forbidden yourselves from shelling your OCs - stay strong my brethren.
      I really shouldn't because this is only half of my sons (you can click it for a larger version):
      The really tall one on the end is my doll though!

      omg, I love the composition on this!! they're both lovely too aa <3 The gold you've got in there looks so cool too.
      Trying not to match makes sense! I've tried to match my boy if only for the challenge; I've been working on my facial variation hehe.

      look at these cuties!! i looove this aaaa

      oh my gosh, i love your style so much!! she does indeed have so much life in the picture <3 she has a lot of life as a doll too, but her personality really shines through in the drawing <3

      omg loooook at himmm!

      The photo broke (i think because it was too large oops) but i went and found it on their deviantart! I love it <3

      Yessss! Drawing has that one little extra element of freedom to make them feel more alive. My boy isn't the biggest emoter, though, so he still looks pretty neutral in his pictures lol.

      That's okay! Not everyone can draw, and it takes a lot of practice before you get there (but it's never impossible!). Just do what Nico Robin does; us artists are always happy to help you render your characters ;D

      Aw bummer! I'm glad you're still happy to draw them even if you feel you aren't the best at it, though <3

      mm, that's a good point! I guess I do stylize my boy, but I never really considered that since I have such a defined style that I'm comfortable with.

      I actually did see this! honestly though my forum habits keep me very leery of posting on threads that haven't been touched for over a month... I know it's a bit more commonplace here but it always feels like I'll be interpreted as being rude :'D
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    13. I've got one drawing I did of Dahlia... I thought her up specifically to be my doll!
      Why is everyone so good at drawing??? Wow
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    14. Aaaaa, omg, look at her! That's super cuteee aaaa

      Admittedly I did something similar! Though I guess by accident; now I'm stuck lamenting that I'll probably have to find a seamstress to custom-make his jacket....
    15. Sometimes I draw my boys XD

      Henki Hantu:



      And I have drawing commission from my friend with my Mr. Jones <3

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    16. I can't draw worth a damn myself but I do happen to have access to a couple artist types who are happy to draw my OCs... for a prescribed fee of course - haha. I write it off as another costly aspect of an already expensive hobby. As much as I'd love to share all the work I've had done, very little of it is actually safe to post here.


      Your artwork is amazing! I also agree making dolls out of art is dangerous. I'm in the process of doing it now, against my better judgement, and the hours spent trying to find the "just right" of everything really could and should have been put to a more productive use.

      [​IMG]Makoto by Fluffy Tank Fairy, on Flickr

      Little Makoto here is quickly turning into the biggest time sink of any one of my dolls and possibly might become a bigger time sink than all of his sisters combined. Previously the dolls all came to me essentially complete, this is the first time I've started from scratch.
    17. omg, Henki is so cute! I love his little smirk <3

      Jones looks fantastic too, aaa

      uaaa look how cute he is! I must say, I'm glad I can draw my boy so i'm not tempted to buy commissions for him :'D
    18. I have drawn pictures of other people's dolls, just for fun. I wanted practice for drawing and I think getting a doll would really help me.
    19. @iVanniez
      Aa, that's cool! :D I agree, I think having a doll would definitely help you practice more.

      I must admit, I definitely plan to use my doll for pose reference. He may not be properly proportioned to a real human, nor will he be as flexible as one, but he fits my style decently - and he fits on a table much better than my roommate lolol.