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Do you ever have trouble vizualising wigs you see online on your doll?

Jul 31, 2010

    1. Lately I've been shopping around for a new wig, but I just can't seem to effectively imagine the wig on my screen on my doll.

      Do you ever have this problem? what do you do about it?
    2. Yes, sometimes. But what really helps is to draw it out. Also, I don't know why but imagining the doll bald first helps me for some reason XD Maybe you could print pictures of the wig out and cut it out and place it over a picture of your doll, or even put it overlapping your doll's forehead if you have the doll. Hope this helps and made some sense!:sweat:)
    3. I do, so I sometimes edit the hair onto the face in photoshop. It isn't perfect, but it helps.
    4. YES. And it drives me nuts, lemme tell you. I have a collection of clothes that "don't work" and next to them is a similar collection of wigs.

      Personally, I find mismatch risk to be bigger the more "extreme" the hair is, in whatever quality: length, color, curls, ponytails, etc. The "normal" lengths straight or slightly curled hair is pretty easy to picture and generally work well enough anyway. The vanilla of wigs, if you will.

      As for what I do about it... I don't. Not deliberately anyway. :sweat

      My wig library is now large enough to give me a sort-of demo for the styles I tend to be interested in anyways. That's probably how it will be for me moving forward. So I guess I throw money at the problem? :kitty2
    5. Yes -- especially when you take into account differences in styling as well as camera angles. I've ended up with a couple wigs that looked quite a bit different than I thought they would : P Wigs are often trial and error for me -- sometimes it takes a couple before I find the right one.
    6. Me too, faceups also. It really helps. But the mistake I made with the wig I just bought was that the model was an SD and I was buying the MSD size, and I.. didn't think that whole thing through. *A*;; It fit great, but the fur looked so much longer and fluffier than in the picture. OTL
    7. In the past I have drawn hair styles on bits of paper, cut them out, and held them up to the screen to show my friends what I am talking about when I describe hairstyles.
    8. Yep, even with photoshopping the wig onto a picture of my own dolls, the actual result can be very different...and undesirable ^^; I think it's because all dolls have different head-to-face proportions and head shapes; even if the head is the same circumference as the doll in the picture, the wig may conversely look ridiculous on them. Which has happened to me more often than not with fibre wigs hahaha.
    9. All the time.
      Especially when they have a wig but they only show 9-10 size and you have no idea how good it will size down. :<
    10. Yes absolutely. And it takes so long to get them I've usually forgotten what the concept was by the time it arrives. That is the beauty of having a bunch of dolls in different sizes. Surely it will fit somebody. And if it is just wretched, that is the beauty of having a large wig box.
      Ha ha navci, how many times do I find myself thinking "Wow it looks great on that Four Sisters girl, but how's it going to look on my Puki?"
    11. all the time

      but I quit trying to do that because the wigs never look like how they looked on promo pictures LOL LOL I have learned that the hard way (looking at my box of 60 rejected wigs)
    12. Yes, this certainly happens to me, too. Even if I imagine how it will look, or try other methods to get an idea of how it might work, reality can be very different. The actual fibers of the wig, the quality, the scaling down of size, etc. can all lead to very different looks in real life.
    13. It seems like most of them looks a bit different in person but i guess it all depends on styling that shown in promos. Wigs usually arrive pretty much unstyled lol. At least ones from leekeworld to me.. But i still like them^^
    14. Heck yeah! It's really annoying especially when there's a wig that could fit a doll of yours while the display picture is of a totally different style of doll that's got about the same head size. I wish some sites would have alternate images of dolls wearing the same style of wig to show you how it looks on different dolls.
    15. I end up seeing them wrong in my head, or the wig just isnt what I thought it'd be. Its odd.
      I got a wig from when I went to Japan, when I found the Outlet store for soom. And ended up getting a wig that just wasnt the size I needed, but it said MSD right on it. I think Kotori's just got a big head =P
    16. ive done much reseach to find my perfect wig, as it trying to make an OC of mine. I also find it hard to work out scale.
      I have a MSD sized doll, and want to get a mohair wig and not sure if teh photos show it on SD or not.
      SO yes
    17. i'm terrible at visualization xD so i usually just buy it and see how it looks when it ges here. OR sometimes i photoshop :3
    18. I bought 2 wigs from CanCan before and visualized that they would look awesome on my BJD, I was shocked to find they didn't look as good on my BJD as I had expected so now they are on my 2 boy Pullips =)
    19. Urgh, this SO much with Leeke! DX Most other companies show a separate model for each size and colour, but when they don't it's always frustrating trying to guess how something will scale down.
    20. Yes. I buy the wig anyway, and hope it works out.