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Do you feel comfortable dealing with DoA's younger members?

Apr 1, 2007

    1. I was breezing through the "How old are you?" thread and it comes to attention that a fair chunk of DoA's population are rather young. Members seem range from 12 to 60+

      There is another thread pertaining to your thoughts on younger people collecting dolls here, but what I would like to know is if you more "experienced" DoA members feel comfortable dealing (i.e. buying and selling) with someone considerably younger than you?

      I don't want this topic to offend anyone in the slightest way. I am very interested to hear your response. :daisy
    2. I'm not that experienced DOA members here thou I've been here for more then a year. I'm not that old nor young as well... but if to me, I guess I've happy dealing with people whom more well experience senior here as they are more trust worthy and they more matured on dealing. That's just my point of view but if real life I basically got no problem dealing with young and old as long as they are trust worthy!
    3. That's the same for me. I don't have a problem dealing with young members as long as they can approach the situation in a mature manner and respect the fact we are handling a generous sum of money (if buying a doll, for example). If the person is reputable, well known in the community - even better!

      Though I do know that some people have been wary of young members, particularly those who are still in their teens.
    4. WEll as long as the person is trust worthy no matter they are popular or not it doesn't matter. But sometimes we do really need to be caution as we don't know they are trust worthy or not thou they act trust worthy... and I know this is really hard to differenciate them over the internet cause we don't who are they or they know us. *_*

      So you do have the point being popular at the community will be much more trust worthy I guess. Or may be they had good feedbacks and they did some business here before. We won't know whether they are cheating or not as they don't have any profile. :|
    5. I'm never really aware of the ages of other members unless they state their age in the post. As for people who say silly and immature things in their posts, this sort of behavior is not limited by chronological age. I tend to take people at their word unless I know something to the contrary. I think young persons are just as reliable as older ones.
    6. Well I have not really been here that long, a little over a year..but I feel I contribute alot as far as joining in discussions and commenting, and I have built up a reputation as a buyer/seller..one that I like to keep .. I am older in my Mid 40's..and I found that when I have dealt with younger members- age wise not whether they are new to the forum or not, some tend to not be as commited to giving good customer service...not all only some...
      I have had problems buying a coveted and expensive doll{s} or items from younger members and have the them take as long as three weeks to ship when they said it would go out the next day..their excuse was that they couldn't get to the PO because they don't drive..but then go on to say that they had to go to meetups, conventions and so on...I mean really..if you can make it to a meetup or go to a convention..you can certainly make it to the PO to ship out an item.
      If I say I am going to ship something out on a certain day, I try my hardest to do it, if for some reason I can't I at least let the person know and make it a priority the following day.
    7. Age has little to do with it. There are reliabile young people just as there are unreliable older people.

      The only thing I take into consideration is if I'm buying something, that they can get to the PO to send it off. And if there's going to be a wait, that I know about it beforehand.
    8. Unless someone says how old they are in the post, I don't know their age anyway. All I care about when it comes to buying in the marketplace is how reliable the person is, and age isn't always an indicator for that : )
    9. My advice is to use the feedback forum. Age isn't always an idicater of how reliable a person is.

      I've been in the hobby since I was 17, and I'm now 19. I've seen a few bad transactions, but you'd be suprised to find that the majority of them have been with older members.
    10. I usually don't have any clue what age person I'm buying from, unless it's Catdancer who tells me this ;) (*hugs Catdancer*)

      This is very comfortable for me, for the most part. I work with people half my age or younger, as well as 10-20 years older than me, in my job. Every day. So yes, there are both responsible and untrustrworthy people at all aspects of chronology. The trick is to be open and honest and aware.

      I actually have more of a problem with younger people in my other hobby, where it is sometimes an issue if you're not up on every SINGLE bit of current culture. Trust me, those of us who have full-time jobs and kids just don't care that much ... after a certain point you realize culture will change momentarily no matter how hard you try to keep up. Doesn't make us older folks stupid, just uninterested in spending limited energies that way.

      Fortunately, I have not run across that here. People have been quite pleasant about explaining a reference I'm not familiar with if I ask. And a beautiful doll is a beautiful doll no matter what age you are :)
    11. I'm not saying I don't trust younger members, I have had great transactions on here with members, younger and older...I only know the ones I had a few problems were younger because they mentioned their age or hinted at it..but the problems have been few and far between...only a couple.
      I like to see a feedback thread too and that helps alot whether they are in their teens or using a walker...LOL {couldn't resist that one!}
    13. I don't care how old someone is, I just care about their level of maturity. More often than not I think younger members tend to be more conservative in their posting because they feel like there's already a block against them (I know I feel like that sometimes, especially when I see threads discussing age).

      Aww, I'm sorry this has happened to you, but do you really think it's because these people are young, or because they are immature? It occurs to me that you could be 30 and still be as immature as the people in your examples. I've run group orders with people who know I'm in my teens, and a lot of them took their sweet time to pay me, which I really did not appreciate. Was it because they were inconsiderate, or because they think they can pull that stuff on someone who's younger? Who knows. But I'm pretty sure they'd never do that to a stranger on DoA.

      It's been said before, but feedback's always the most important sign for me. I don't care if the person is 40, handles their mortgage payments responsibly, pays their credit card bills early, and finds time to drive their kids to soccer every Saturday. If they have bad feedback, nothing else matters.
    14. Hey you! no Old Person Jokes!! ;)

      *hobbles away...*

      I agree about the feedback thread. 100%. I use it on ebay, I use it on Yahoo Japan to the extent I'm able, and I am meticulous about leaving feedback here for the same reason. I've been really fortunate with almost all of my online transactions in the past 7 years, some from very young people indeed. :)


      Oh! Kuro! I'm so sorry you've felt that. I tend to participate in age-related discussions not because of distrust of younger people (I was one myself at one time...) but beause it absolutely FREAKS me OUT that I'm on the verge of turning 50!! O_o I mean, it just doesn't seem possible in any way. And it's even worse because I play dolls with my kids and we watch the same anime. I feel like I'm going through puberty in reverse. X|

      I don't know if I'm the only one having that fabulous mid-life crisis thing going on, but that's why I'm always drawn to the age-related threads.
    15. I have sold gowns to 2 young members here. Both were friendly and polite. They payed super fast. I think the key is to have lots of communication.
    16. Oh, no worries! I only feel like that when I see people saying things against younger members. I really respect what you said in your replies. What I don't respect, and what I take offense to, is people jumping to conclusions about younger members after one or two bad transactions with specific members, or people who think maturity and age are always related.
    17. I've had a few transactions that were problematic... and later found out that the member was under 16. In one case, I don't think there was a correlation between the age of the seller and the fact that the item was not as described. But in the other, an item arrived a date late (despite that I shipped it when I said I would), and I got an email from the buyer's mom asking where it was and if I was scamming her daughter. I had another where someone bought a head from me on ebay, then I got an email from her mom saying that her young daughter hadn't understood that the auction was JUST for the head (despite the large, bold THIS AUCTION IS FOR HEAD ONLY in the description)... and could I please just include a body? :sweat I think we all know the answer to that!

      I don't ask people how old they are,though, and I'm not adverse to having Marketplace dealings with younger members. That said, I do prefer to deal with people who are mature and have their own paypal account and transportation, regardless of age.
    18. I may not be one of the younger members here (hi there Baakay and Catdancer!), I can honestly say that the age of the members makes no difference to me. When I'm dealing in the marketplace I don't even consider it a factor - I'm more interestred in their overall maturity and reliability. I've had very good experience both selling to and buying from some of the "kids" here and have not had any problems.
    19. armeleia, the head auction...

      er am i in the middle of this spectrum? I'm 18 just to be clear and really i dunno, i've been on DoA actively for 2 months only but i understand what u mean. Hey i still have loads to learn.

      But i find with younger collectors, some not all, it seems more like a game. I've met loads that are responsible youngsters that are nice, mature and sensible. Whereas there are ppl who are older and not mature at all.

      One thing i guess i hate about the age of buyers really is parents. It's a huge amount of money but having ur parent chase up on the order is a bit... i dunno the mothers can be a bit over protective. If they handle the finance and stuff then i'm fine with younger members.

      In truth i have more annoyance towards the ppl going "Oh i really want a BJD but they're so expensive! Where can i buy a cheap one?" if they asked "How to save up for a BJD" i'll be less annoyed. Yea i was new myself and asked questions but really the ppl who want a BJD, don't work for it and whine, regardless of age, gets on my nerves.