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DOD dolls in stock now!

Feb 19, 2006

    1. Lahoo, Camine, Shall and most DOC kids too!
    2. Isn't it great? I woke up, went to my computer immediately and ordered Camine! :D
    3. twing-key is in stock too..im surprized:)
    4. In stock again. I wonder who would sell out the fastest?
    5. ^__^ Saw that they were in stock. If I had the cash, I'd be sorely tempted to order Lahoo or a Tender Zen. o_o
    6. I wish I had the money for a Too and Bee-A, but I guess it's a good thing I don't since I want a 60cm boy doll most. If I bought the pair I'd never get my boy after that ^^;
    7. Oh, if I only had the money...Lahoo would be mine!
    8. Gaahhh..... I am still saving up for my Camine. To see him in stock is utter agony XD
    9. DOD's going a bit mad. there are like whut?! 13 Lahoos, 4 Camines and 9 Shalls! i'm wondering if they had increased tehir workers. o__o
    10. Wow, I wish I'd have the money to buy Camine now ^^;;; Well someday that handsome boi will be mine.
    11. If you want them-- lahoo, camine, and shall are in stock--
    12. Still in stock, wow. First time I see all three.
    13. :( i was just on the site and saw that they were in stock and camine said please buy me and i said i can't because i have no money. but like can i put one on layaway??? i mean how wrong would it be to just put the thing in a shopping cart and pay only $5 for it. there's a person in the back of my head telling me to do this... u__u