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Resolved Does anyone know where Didi is? Unhappily Resolved

Feb 20, 2006

    1. I bought a DOD Non Tender Too from Didi. Paid 290 bucks for him, great deal. I paid and everything. She was in contact for a little while, but now I have not recieved any information on her.

      Last E-mail
      Sent : Friday, February 3, 2006 10:31 AM
      To : "Mai Kellar" <heart_4_anime_destiny@hotmail.com>
      Subject : Re: NOT SPAM!!!! DoC TOO!

      Yes I recived it yesterday, don't worry about it, I have Too in a box
      waiting to be send it. I'll go Monday morning to send it ^^
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Mai Kellar" <heart_4_anime_destiny@hotmail.com>
      To: <deedith2001@hotmail.com>
      Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 11:07 PM
      Subject: NOT SPAM!!!! DoC TOO!

      > I just didn't know if you recieved payment or not. Xx; My mom says I can't
      > order anything till I get him home. Please send him as soon as you can!

      Does anyone kbow where Didi is, because it's been a while. I know she lives in Spain, but I just want to get my doll that I paid $290 for. I worked my butt off and I just don't want to get ripped off.
    2. I'm so sorry you haven't received your boy yet! :(

      I wish you luck, and hope you get him really soon!!!
    3. what kind of shipping method did you use?
    4. if he was sent on that Monday (6th Feb) i'd wait a little while for him to come, as airmail from europe takes about a week or two to arrive to the usa, maybe he'll show up in this week?
    5. I will keep hoping for you that he shows up, but as she claimed she sent it EMS it should have been here by now.... I have already started a little something for your boy so you HAVE to get him now :P
    6. She used EMS shipping, but there was no tracking umber given to me. I just think its strange that you don't give someone a tracking on a almost 300 dollar item....maybe I'm just paranoid
    7. have you mailed her back and asked her for the tracking number? I don't think it is possible to get EMS without any form of tracking
    8. I thought there was no such thing as EMS from spain >.<
    9. If I'm not in mistaken Didi is a girl that I know. It's from Spain, and you can be sure that she don't want to steal you. ^^

      I think her family were stay in her house for some days, perhaps she don't have any time to see the mail account. I recommend to you to send to her a mail asking about the number of EMS. ^^
    10. i dont know if they have actual EMS in spain (we dont have it here in England) but we have "International signed for" which is LIKE EMS and takes about the same time/if not longer than airmail to arrive (between 1-2 weeks)
    11. I don't think that she is saying that she thinks she has been ripped off but is just wondering what is going on with her doll as she hasn't received him yet.
    12. I have mailed and PMed, my mom has mailed too. I just wanna know what's going down with my doll? My dad is just like "where's the doll we spent 290 on" Ya know....plus I ordered him a bit ago from her

      Edit: Turns out Didi's computer broke! Whew! I'm still glad I posted though. Sorries for all the troubles Didi! -major hug-
    13. Yeah ^^ I know Didi on livejournal and shes super nice! im glad you heard from her again
    14. It's been too long. I filed a claim yesterday, not to badmouth, but this is just retarded. If I could do it all over, I wouldn't
    15. *hugs* Glad to know you'll be getting him. When all is said and done, when you receive him, if you keep him or not, be sure to post a review on the marketplace. Don't insult Didi, but let buyers know that it took until you filed a Paypal claim for her to contact you for, what was it, the second time?, and tell you that he had now been shipped.

      I do understand that things happen, but today is 2 days short of a month. (Granted, a short month, but still a month.)

      <3 good luck, love, and let me know how things turn out!!