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Does it disturb anyone when owners call their childlike bjd 'sexy'?

Aug 14, 2009

    1. Seems like a lot of things people would do to Barbies and consider not indicitave of sexual deviances in the owners seem to go flying out the window when the price tag on the doll goes up, even though it's obvious anywhere you see a joint that it's a doll, and there's a lot more visible joints on a BJD than a Barbie! I worked in a photo lab once, and someone had a picture with a larger male action figure and a much smaller one, posed in a way that would, if they were BJDs, not even be allowed on Condoll. A Santa hat was involved, the guy said he was going to make Christmas cards out of them (we'd noticed the individual print because he'd asked for multiples). Did any of us working in there that saw it think the guy was a sexual deviant that liked to molest small children? No. Consider it "child pornography"? Nope. Think we should destroy the picture and/or report him to the cops? Certainly not. We all just thought it was pretty damn funny.

      The only person I've run into yet on any doll forums that I thought was seriously creepy and wouldn't want around any kids I had doesn't even dress his dolls in "mature" clothes or put them into sexual situations, at least that I've ever seen. Yet everyone that's seen much of him posting is squicked right out once they realize it's a guy. For people that are *really* into children, mature clothing would probably defeat the point. Fetishes for little girly clothes, and underwear, the younger looking the better...red flag central. Aka "you know it when you see it".

      Where real live people are concerned, I'm pretty conservative. I find it creepy when guys around my age (late 20s) drool over the Olsen twins, because we all grew up with them being most famous as toddlers and little kids and that image is still burned in my mind ("He thinks a *toddler* is hot?!? Eww!"). Harry Potter fanfic is something I avoid like the plague, because the kids started out 11, and too many people put them with too many people it wouldn't have been ok with for quite a number of years, even if they age them up for the story. I don't think the writers, or readers, are pedophiles, I just personally find it gross as hell. Just trying to give you some context, so you don't think that I'm the "absolutely ok with anything" type.
    2. YES:|

      children are NOT sexy. If its supposed to be a tiny sized ADULT doll, fine, but if its SUPPOSED to be some 5 year old kid and they are portraying it with outlandish breasts or even in some overly sexual situation or pose, its both sick and wrong.

      I hadn't seen any owner posts like that around here (but then again, I wouldn't ever seek out something like that) but I did have this kind of utterly disgusted reaction when I saw the Arte Tokio silicon dolls on The Junky Spot the other day. The poses they put that 40cm in were disgustingly provacative; she's clearly a child-mold.:x
    3. You are so right! I recieved a Roxydoll Becy which has the face of a Lucy but huge bazoombas!! I didn't know what to do with it...her, I traded her right away!!

    4. :barfI feel it's a bit creepy!
    5. I really REALLY hate to see dolls in bondage or in inappropriate poses. I despise it.
      Especially the delf boys, I see them a lot. :(
      It's definitely my least favorite aspect of this hobby.

      If I'm not mistaken, research shows that the part of the brain that finds things sexy is the same part that finds things cute.
      I've heard of at theory that pedophiles have an abnormality in that part of the brain.
      I don't think people who think cute dolls are sexy are pedophiles, but I do think they are quite similar.

      (This is all assuming they literally mean sexy of course. )

      However, there's still a difference from someone who finds Chiwoo sexy and someone who finds a doll like Sabik sexy.
      Since Sabik has more mature, adult like proportions it wouldn't be the same thing.
    6. OMG I SAW THAT! we talked about how creepy it was my roomates and i, and how it just a pedophiiles dream and such. when we look up more about it, things like the "real-doll" life sized sex doll kept popping up :|.....
    7. For me estimating age is subjective so it "sexy" . For example, a 16 year old girl can find a 15 year old "sexy", no problem. It gets odd when a middle aged+ starts finding the 15 year old "sexy" and they also see the 15 year old as 15 year old:sweat. In addition, many people seem to look younger than their true age (I see this with many asians), I myself am asian and when I look at other asians I tend to estimate their ages higher than my non-asian friends would (Its all subjective). People see me as 11-12 years old and I see them as 19-20 years old when we are both 16-17*_*. Plus, if you watch anime that's sure to skew your age guessing up. I don't think it's fair to call a owner a pervert for dressing them risque if the characters age is legal, just because you don't see them as adults doesn't mean you can bash others. Imo dollmore lusion dolls look 8-17. ^.^
    8. I would say yes, but then again, I was a little shocked and embarrassed when I got my DC Elizabeth...I couldn't put pants on her fast enough!
    9. Compared to the things I've seen and heard people say over the years calling a childlike toy sexy is the least disturbing thing I've ever heard someone call sexy.

      That said, it's a piece of plastic. I don't see it as any different than when people fantasize with their 2d characters and call them sexy. It might have one more dimension than a drawing but it's still very much in the realm of fantasy and what people do there is up to them, I don't judge.

      ...If real people were involved I'd probably call the cops.
    10. Oh wow yes. It's one thing if it's intended to be a young-looking teen or adult character using a child-doll body because that's all you could get at the scale you wanted. I totally get that--modding those dolls to look more "adult" isn't exactly easy! It's quite another if the character itself is meant to be a KID and you're calling it sexy. That just gives me bad vibes. (I'm still coming to terms with the fact that a lot of BJDs and their mass-produced ball-jointed counterparts have wee molded genitals--if I let myself think about it, it feels really weird to undress a wee one and there be "junk" there. Diapers and underpants for every doll! lol)
    11. Yes. It's really weird. It's like calling ariana grande "sexy" .
    12. When I run into a person that seems to be a little too keen to make baby-faced dolls sexy with clothes or poses, I just make a mental note and know I won't ever be more than an acquaintance to them. I know that we've all been exposed to a lot of Asian aesthetic through anime and games, and that traditional female beauty in Asian cultures often means a round face, but there's still this whiff of an unhealthy interest in children or women pretending to be childlike, which is almost as bad in my estimation. When I visited Japan as a long-haired, round-faced teen, I was told that I was considered very cute, but off-putting because I had a "aggressive" walk. Well, I had zero patience with any of that shrinking violet nonsense even back then. Anyway, to get back on topic, I think what we see in dolls, the oversized breasts, the molded vulvar cleft, the YOSDs in corsets, is a hangover from the male-dominated anime culture.
    13. Doesn't really bother me. I don't want to judge, and as long as they aren't doing anything evil, then they can say whatever they want.

      I wouldn't call anything very childish "sexy" myself, unless it meant "sexy" in another way (like how certain topics are hot/sexy without meaning it to be literal).

      I have some tiny cute elves who are immortal (as in being hundreds of years old)... I don't think of them as sexy at all, but hey, if that's how some OTHER person's world works, who am I to complain?
    14. Well, honestly, it depends a LOT of the owner and the doll. If the owner is 12 (and some owners are), I don't see how that'd be weird at all, even if the doll was very childlike? Meanwhile, someone who is 60 sexualizing a teenager-looking girl would be more let's say icky. But personally, I'll never judge unless it affects real living beings. A doll is an inanimate object with no real age. You can break it and make it gorey and insult it and it doesn't matter, it's your property. So yeah I might say "weird" but not feel disturbed by that alone.
    15. I'm totally neutral with it.. It's up to the person if he/she finds it sexy. And it might also come from Anime/Manga since characters often tend to be childlike in their faces, and then it's different if they got mature or more child like bodies... It's a "normal" thing in harem/romance animes... So yeah.. I don't mind, and I might even find more childlike dolls "sexier" than the more mature like iplehouse and soom Sd dolls... Ugh... I like teen dolls better... .w.'
    16. I have to say I find it pretty creepy, especially when they call them "daughters" and "sons" - that's not how you should treat your kids x.x'
    17. yes a little .. especially with some of volks msd and mini dolls
    18. For the most part, no, they're not real, they're just dolls. I do think it's a bit creepy when really young looking dolls are sexualized (by that I mean tinies that are obviously based on small children), but it doesn't overly offend me or anything. I think it's important to keep in mind that while you personally may think that MSDs are children, other owners do not see them as children, it's entirely subjective. I certainly don't think of mine as being kids. Remember, it's your hunk of resin to do with as you please.
    19. It honestly depends a lot on context for me. If the doll is a sculpt that could be perceived as both "childlike" and "adult" (for instance, stylized/"anime" type faces, or a body that could be either "immature" or "small busted"), and is being portrayed more in the "adult" perception, that's not a problem for me at all. MSDs are definitely a size that this would strongly affect (though there's SDs as well that could go either way, and probably even tinies); in my collection, all my MSDs are adults, and some of them do have a fairly "sexy" style at times. To someone who normally perceives MSDs as children, that might be disturbing, even though the majority have more mature bodies, because they're not used to seeing those sculpts as "adults."

      That said, if it's a very obviously childlike sculpt (Volks YOs, FairyLand LTFs, DollMore Mokashura, etc), that honestly can't be perceived visually any other way (regardless of the "age" of the character), that can certainly be disturbing. While I hate to be judgemental, I think I'd have a hard time approaching a situation like that without feeling a bit of revulsion.
    20. I honestly couldn't care less. Its a doll, a piece of expensive plastic ultimately. It's one thing if someone were calling an actual child 'sexy' or something, but what someone says about their doll, an object they own is really not my problem.