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Does repeatedly buying and selling dolls undermine the idea of Super Dollfie and BJD?

Jan 23, 2007

  1. Yes, it does ruin the idea of BJDs.

  2. No, it does not.

  3. I'm indifferent.

  4. Yes, it is bad only in the case of scalpers.

  5. No, it's alright in the case of personal sale.

  6. Yes and No.

  7. Other opinion. (Please post your thoughts).

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    1. Hello all,

      Please do not use this thread to attack others on their own personal views about this subject. Thank you for being considerate.

      [ Does repeatedly buying and selling dolls undermine the idea of Super Dollfie/BJDs? ]

      I have been thinking about this off and on for a while now, for different reasons. Lately it's been because I am selling some of my dolls to get my dream doll, SD Kurumi.
      These are some of my personal thoughts on the subject.
      I think that it can be both bad and good to sell dolls. For one, the idea of scalpers drives me nuts but even within them there is good and bad. The bad part is of course that they bought a doll just to re-sell it for personal gain, stealing the opportunity to buy it from someone who actually dearly wants to keep the doll. Yet still, many of us have bought LE dolls from scalpers on Yahoo!Japan and other places because we would not have had the opportunity to get them otherwise (like for instance, in the time before Volks was selling dolls internationally). So the good side would be that sometimes scalpers give you access to a doll (still somewhat evil though, ahahah).

      Definitely, I think that if you buy a doll and you don't manage to bond with it for one reason or another it is good to sell the doll to someone who will really love it completely. This also gives the seller the opportunity to get another doll that they will bond with. I know that even though I've felt guilty a few times when selling dolls I've owned, I feel so glad when someone sends me a message telling of how happy they are to recieve their dream doll.

      I would really love to hear even more thoughts on this subject, so please feel free to vote in the poll and post here^^
      Thank you kindly, and please remember that everyone has their own views and it's important to respect other members of the forum. :daisy
      Take care! :cake:

    2. I've gone through about 9 dolls in total to get the 4 I have now. I buy them, then end up selling them. Sometimes I make a profit, sometimes not. But it was always because I didn't bond, and I had just moved on. However, I do help others get dolls off Y!J.

      Occasionally, I have thought about buying some dolls off Y!J (ones that aren't as available in the American market) and offering them here on DoA. Give people a chance to buy their dream doll.

      I don't like scalpers, and I always start my dolls at the price I paid or lower. I don't think it undermines it at all. It's just a process, and, for some, a business. There's no harm in delivering someone their dream doll. The only harm I see is when they start the price far higher than they bought it for. It seems pointless to me. If it's really a sought-after doll, the bidding will up it that high anyway.

      (I once found a doll on eBay where I KNOW the seller previously bought it on Y!J for $600, and was selling it for $900. They claimed the fees ate up that $300. -_- )
    3. I know of a person who buys dolls off of Y!J and then sells them for like a $500-600 dollar profit on eBay. :shudder I personally don't like that but I understand selling a doll you don't bond with and giving an opportunity for some other person to have their dream doll with a loving home.
    4. I've bought and sold quite a few dolls in the years that I've been in the hobby, but it's always because of not bonding or the doll not turning out quite like I expected. ^^;; I sell my dolls for about what I paid or less.
    5. What "idea" are you referring to? We all enjoy the hobby in our own way, and even the companies who manufacture the dolls support that. For instance, you can register second hand Volks dolls on their database, so it seems that they don't mind them being resold.
    6. I think there's a big push in this hobby to consider collecting BJDs somehow more meaningful than collecting or customizing other toys/items, and it's one I don't really like or agree with. I don't think repeatedly buying and selling dolls is any better or worse than repeatedly buying and selling electronics or My Little Ponies or clothes. Everyone involved with BJDs is involved for their own reasons. If someone's involved to make a buck, that's their choice.

      I certainly don't condone scalpers, but I don't think there's anything wrong with people buying dolls and then selling them after a while. I know there are people on DOA who just like to get to have lots of different dolls, and the way they manage that (as the dolls are expensive and take up a lot of space) is to resell them after a while. If that's what they like, good on them.
    7. As Brennil said, to each their own, and we all have different ideas of what BJD's and Super Dollfies mean to us.

      Often liking pictures of a doll and meeting that doll in real life are two different things, and if someone finds the doll does not live up to their expectations, I don't see why they should be forced to keep it.

      Likewise so many new dolls are coming out all the time now, that people are "falling in love" over and over again with new dolls, and not everybody can afford to buy a new doll everytime that happens, so it may be a case of selling an older doll to replace with a newer doll.

      Some people treat BJD's more as collectables with a resale value, to them it is perhaps more an investment; while others buy specifically to customise, sometimes with the intention to resell, either because they know the concept they are customising isn't currently made as a production doll and will therefor be of interest to buyers, or perhaps they simply enjoy the journey and experience of customising the doll more than owning the finished doll.

      Of course it is nice to be able to sell a doll you have grown disenchanted with and make a profit, but I can see why most of us dislike the practises of scalpers who make a large profit and only purchase with that profit in mind.

      Then there are those who have a closer attachment to their dolls and no intention of ever selling.

      Are any of these BJD owners better than the others? Can you really judge someone elses feelings without truly being in that persons' shoes? I am not entirely sure which of these categories I am in myself, just as I am not certain I have covered all of them, possibly many of us overlap and waver between different states.
    8. Personally, I think re-sale is inevitable. There are so many instances where if you pass up the chance to get a doll, you won't have another chance unless you're willing to pay 2ndary market prices. :sweat
      So, I often buy dolls that I may or may not end up liking. Too many times, I waited and by the time I decided I wanted the dolls, they were unavailable (so I ended up paying double). I don't agree with scalping, but I don't think it's wrong to buy a doll because you might want it and then if you don't you re-sell it hopefully covering your costs.
      That being said, I don't just run out and buy every doll on the market, that would be insane! I have a pretty good idea of what I like, but if I'm going to gamble, I'd rather gamble that I do want it than that I won't fall in love with it later.
    9. Buying & selling goes on in every type of collectible so what makes it any different with BJDs? Some people buy primarily for investment or resale to make some money. Some buy to customise then resell. Some buy with the idea of never selling their dolls.

      Personally, I buy & resell as the mood suits me. My collection is always in flux, something new comes in, something old leaves. I have neither the space or money to keep it all. Right now the resins are all pretty much sticking around but other dolls are leaving & I did already trade one of the first BJDs I got for another I liked better.

      I don't see a problem with this at all. In fact if it weren't for people reselling their dolls I wouldn't have the collection I do. It's one thing to look at the pictures on a site & quite another to see real photos of the actual doll you're buying. It can make all the difference to me between buying a doll or not.
    10. It seems to me that the buying/selling BJDs secondhand gives people a chance to buy a dream doll they wouldn't have otherwise been able to, due to price or availability. This doesn't devalue the doll in question or the hobby.

      That said, I am a little sad when I've seen the same doll turn up again on the Marketplace (I haven't been here on DoA for *that* long!!). I wonder "will s/he ever find a final home??"
    11. My only thought on this is if you spend hundreds of dollars on something and what you get is not what you expected you should feel comfortable selling it in order to buy something that you can truly bond with and treasure forever.
    12. Whatever people choose to do with their dolls is their business, I just feel that people should really think before doing any of it. I don't think I personally could ever sell one of my dolls, because when I happen to not bond as well with a doll I just keep reinventing the character until I find one that I'm content with.
    13. I get so sad when I see some owners go through doll after doll, or see the same doll change owners repeatedly.

      I hate scalpers, period.

      I have a firm NO-SELL policy. Once a doll comes here, they are home forever. Something really truly terrible would have to happen before I'd sell. That's why I think VERY hard before I adopt anyone.
    14. Actually, I can buy that. I bought a doll off Y!JP recently, and it cost me $195 extra in shipping and fees. Add in PayPal fees and eBay's absurd fees on more expensive auctions, and $300 isn't too far off. There's probably a little padding in that, but not as much as you might think.
    15. I can understand selling dolls for your dream doll. The only reason I ever sold a doll was because I'd finally found what I was looking for in this hobby, and he just never really fit. The bad thing about this hobby is that you really never get to have a taste of them until they're home and paid for. I think trying to find the right doll, or the dream doll, can take a lot of selling and changing. I don't think it undermines anything.
    16. I agree...if dolls were alive and had feelings such as the ones we project on them, then I'd have a problem. But they're dolls...and they are only an object.
    17. It's nice that we live in a free market where people can buy and sell as they wish and it's a bonus when judgment isn't passed on them when they do. Any legal and non-fraudulent sale even if scalping was involved is fine by me.

      I myself have a hard time willing to sell any of my BJDs even when I don't bond with them. I try to see the beauty in each. I plan to keep all of them until death is pending. One day I might just have too many to give each one attention and have to sell a few. But I'm sure it will turn out that I'd be selling them for less than I paid.
    18. I often sell dolls and buy them as well, but that's because I'm picky >_>
      I have been wanting a second doll [well I've had more than 2 dolls hahahah] for a long time and when I see a doll that I really like I'll try to find as much as possible about him/her [pictures and stuff] before I buy them.

      But it often happens that when they arrive I'm disappointed so I end up selling them pretty soon after they arrived and I'll look for a new doll again.

      So I'm not against it.

    19. In your view--remember other people may feel differently about their dolls. One way isn't better than another, just different. I don't think simple reselling is a problem, and I have several 2nd hand dolls. When people start actually scalping that's more of an issue. I personally can't sell any of mine--they're more than dolls to me, but I don't judge others when they decide to part with a doll.
    20. I hope this won't come out as rude. Please forgive me if I phrase it badly.

      But, I don't get the "idea of Super Dollfie and BJD" to undermine. The idea of Super Dollfie was for a company with a predominately male market base to expand into a female market. However we may feel about our own dolls, and however nice the artists or companys' representatives may be, BJDs are a product, made for a profit. They wouldn't be making them for free.
      I'm afraid I just don't see an idea to undermine.