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Does the Delf Dreaming Vampire Shiwoo Head have pointy ears?

Mar 20, 2005

    1. I have been hunting the forums, but I can't seem to find the answer to my question. So I'll just ask! :grin:

      Luts sells an optional parts DELF HEAD 'SHIWOO DREAMING VAMPIRE'. I want to know if he has pointed ears or not. I can't seem to find a clear picture of his ears, but then again it is hard to see the ears on the elf dolls in most pictures anyway. :oops: So if any one has one, or has seen one, or knows anything, i would love to find out. I'd like to make a dark elf head for my Chiwoo, Vincent, and I was hoping for the pointed ears!

      Thanks! :grin:
    2. As far as I know, he doesn't have elf ears, otherwise he'd probably be labled as 'elf' on the luts site and we'd all be squealing and buying him up. ^^;
    3. Thank you. :oops:
    4. I would love to see pictures of him if anyone has any??
    5. I was told that he did not have elf ears. (mutters) need elf ears!
    6. Shiwoo Elf dreaming head looks lovely, too..

      I did face up for pre-owners orders, but she gave up him and he's gone to new home now.

      ^_^ He's really lovely. :cry: Sorry for him he's limited...
    7. Here's my Dreaming Vampire Shiwoo, √Čtienne:

      No elf ears on him :daisy

      With hair.

      Hee, he's such a sexpot.
    8. Thanks guys! :grin:
    9. The vampire Shiwoo of delf art actually HAD elf ears ^^