Publication DOLK TEAM Joins Ldollfestival (Look What Doll You Like)

Oct 18, 2016

    1. Hello Guys!!
      We are happy to announce that DOLK TEAM will participate of LdollFestival in France, this coming Oct. 29-30, 2016.
      We are planning to sell limited dolls and outfits of DollismPlusTokyo2016. (See the pictures)
      What are you interested in these items? You may request, just directly message us, and we will try our best to bring.
      Hope to See you There at table P15!!

      [LdollFestival official site] Ldoll Festival
      [DollismPlusTokyo2016 event limited dolls] 会場限定ドール | DollismPlusTokyo2016
      [DollismPlusTokyo2016 event limited outfits]イベント会場マップ | DollismPlusTokyo2016

      For more products to be choose please visit our Facebook!!
      Dolk/bjd Dolls - Timeline | Facebook
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