doll alternatives

Apr 29, 2019

    1. I was not able to find a post like this but if there is one (which is most likely) feel free to delete.

      hi, I found a video by Swandzz where she compares expensive dolls to cheaper ones but with the same aesthetic, like dollzone and doll leaves. I found that video very interesting and was wondering if anyone had some more similar dolls they wanted to share? (not talking about copied dolls, just dolls with the same overall look and aesthetic).
      I personally think dollpamm's shota Ricky has kind of the same aesthetic as the 5th motiv venitu, just, you know, 33 cm shorter and around 900$ cheaper (of what venitu often costs secondhand.
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    2. I'd compare Xaga doll and Huajing doll, in fact they have a sculptor that used to work for Xaga and you can really see the similarities! :XD:
      Then I'd say Dream Valley is something in-between Dollzone and Doll Chateau with their face aesthetic and really slim bodies

      Then it all comes down to "company A's sculpt is similar to company B's sculpt, company B's body is similar to company C's body" and so on (with A, B, C being just examples)

      I'm curious as to what others will say about this topic! :whee: It's nice to see a certain aesthetic among multiple companies, especially when something you're looking for has been discontinued and no longer available (or just out of the price range)
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    3. i agree! :D
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    4. Impldoll has a similar aesthetic and size to Iplehouse in their bigger dolls for about half the price. In my experience, both companies have good customer service and reasonable shipping times. Impldoll will also do custom colors/resin matching and IMO they pose a bit better than Iplehouse. I do like Iplehouse’s resin better though, it’s less shiny. Still, a good alternative on a budget!

      I also think maybe Asleep Eidolon for Volks? AE has a similar look as far as rounder faces, younger softer bodies, and big eyes in their larger dolls. In small dolls, AE are my favorite company, they’re just too cute!

      I’ve also heard people say ResinSoul in place of Fairyland/Minifee, but I personally don’t see it. Maybe Mei/Ya has a similar look through the face, and the girls are similar in size but it ends there for me. Minifee poses much better, but ResinSoul offers a huge range of colors and much more affordable pricing (and I think Lu’s long nail hands are the prettiest 1/4 hands I’ve ever seen!) It’s also possible to make a hybrid of the two. I once had a Mirwen head on a RS body and it was a decent match/fit, just needed a neck adapter.
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