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Doll Chateau/Dollzone Hybrid?

Feb 2, 2017

    1. Hey guys, (hope I posted this in the right area)
      I did a quick google/DoA search and couldn't seem to find anything. Has anyone got a DC K head on a DZ 42cm B45-012 body? The neck for the DZ body is half a cm bigger and I was wondering how well it'll match up. As well as an 8cm height difference (though maybe only 6/7 without extra joints).
      2. Has anyone done a Dollzone/Dollzone thing where you take a head from the 26.5 bodies and put on a 29cm? There's quite a large difference in the neck/head size, but I wonder if it couldn't be stabilized..
      Thanks for any help (or pictures)!
    2. I've done DC Agatha &Alberta heads in B45-008 for testing - Agatha's neckhole is definitely too small without any modding, and it's bit too small in proportions, too. Alberta head fit better in bot ways.

      So, I'd recommend to look older DC heads, if you are afraid of modding - since the neck of b45-012 is 0,5cm slimmer than b45-008's older heads should fit without modding. (And older heads are those which have been in K-01 to K-06 bodies - those bodies have necks of 6 to 6,5cm. Any head fit to newer bodies, K-07 and up, require enlargement of the neckhole.)
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    3. Thanks for the response and testing! The one I was thinking on switching over is an Isabel, so that would be a K-11. I'll have a look in to other bodies from other companies for her then. Her body aesthetic is beautiful, but it's soo difficult to find clothes for her that match what I have in my head.